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ESTERA™ We are excited to introduce a brand new women’s line of health supplements-Estera ™. Products made by women, “For Women, for Life.”

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1 ESTERA™ We are excited to introduce a brand new women’s line of health supplements-Estera ™. Products made by women, “For Women, for Life.”

2 ESTERA™ Eine neue Reihe von Nahrungsergänzungs-produkten, die sowohl das gesundheitliche Wohlbefinden als auch die Lebensqualität der Frau verbessern. Estera is a line of nutritional and complementary healthcare products formulated to increase women’s health and quality of life during the major phases of life: the childbearing, perimenopause, and postmenopause years. Estera is “for women, for life.” Another unique aspect of Estera is that it has been formulated by women, for women, and will be distributed by a powerful women distributor force.

3 ESTERA™ Hormonbalance Östrogenmetaboliten Phasenspezifische Symptome
Estera ™ is different than other traditional dietary supplements for women on the market today. It is the first line of women’s health products that targets the different phases in a woman’s life and contains ingredients not only to help with each unique phase she will experience but to protect her health throughout her lifetime. Each of the products we will introduce today will focus on the key aspects of women’s health; balancing hormones, protecting against potentially harmful estrogen metabolites and focusing on the unique symptoms that occur in particular phases.

Sojaisoflavone Granatapfel Brokkolipulver Lignane aus Leinsamen Phytoöstrogene fördern eine gesunde Hormonbalance. Enzymaktivatoren helfen dem Körper bei der Verarbeitung von Östrogenmetaboliten. What makes Estera ™ stand out? Estera products contain a patent-pending blend of phytonutrients and enzyme inducers that will help to balance women’s changing hormone levels and protect against metabolites. We’ll discuss these in more depth.

5 ESTERA™ Hormonbalance Östrogenmetaboliten Phasenspezifische Symptome
First, let’s discuss hormone balance.

6 Das gesundheitliche Wohlbefinden der Frau – eine Frage der Balance
When women’s health is discussed the first thing that probably comes to everyone’s mind is our erratically changing hormone levels. There’s no way around it, women are complicated, but it’s not our fault! The good news is there is help to manage these hormones better.

7 PHYTOÖSTROGENE Aus Pflanzen extrahierte Verbindungen mit hormonähnlichen Eigenschaften, die zweierlei Nutzen haben: Binden sich an Östrogenrezeptoren Können sanfte östrogenähnliche Wirkung haben (1/1.000) Plant compounds comprise one part of the patent-pending blend in Estera ™ . These plant compounds have 2 beneficial properties to them. Firstly, these particular phytonutrients exhibit “competitive inhibition”. What does that mean? The chemical structure of phytoestrogens is similar enough to that of estrogen so that they can bind to the estrogen receptor on cells, yet different enough so that they only perform very weak estrogen effects (1/1,000 of estradiol). Estrogen receptors are proteins that are located on cells in various tissues; these receptors have specific shapes and when bound to specific compounds will exert very specific effects. These estrogenic-like effects are desirable for bones, and possibly for heart and brain, but in the postmenopause years, estrogenic effects on the uterus, endometrium, and breast appear to increase risk in those tissues. By plant compounds binding to these receptors before estrogen can, or in other words “compete” for cell receptors, you may be able to protect yourself from the effects of increased exposure to estrogen in your later years which is associated with higher risks of certain serious health conditions. Secondly, these plant compounds mimic estrogen effects in the body but to a smaller degree. Estrogen is one of the key sex hormones in a woman’s body. It virtually affects almost everything in a woman’s body, from the way she looks and feels to how healthy her bones and heart are. When our estrogen levels become unstable, our body can go through unpleasant changes. Supplementing with these particular types of plant compounds helps to maintain stable estrogen levels and offer health protection to our bodies.

8 PHYTOÖSTROGENE Estera™ enthält zwei unterschiedliche Quellen pflanzlicher Verbindungen: Sojaisoflavone Granatapfel The Estera ™ product line contains two sources of plant compounds; soy isoflavones and pomegranate. Sojaisoflavone

9 SOJAISOFLAVONE Wirkungsvollste, aktive pflanzliche Verbindung
In Soja enthalten; jedoch enthalten nicht alle Sojaprodukte Isoflavone Soy Isoflavones are a specific type of plant compound found in soy. Isoflavones comprise the most widely used plant compound for menopause. As mentioned, the particular isoflavones are found in soy, BUT it is important to realize that not all soy contains the particular isoflavone.

Nahrungs- und Nahrungsergänzungsmittel mit Soja Geringer Anteil an Isoflavonen Enthaltene Isoflavonmengen variieren Beispiel: 40/40=16 % Estera™ Enthält einen auf 64 % standardisierten Sojaisoflavon-Extrakt mit einem Genistein-Anteil von 40 % Not all soy is equal. Consuming food and/or supplements with soy is a great start to improving your health, however, most soy foods contain only a small percentage of isoflavones, some are extracts that contain varying levels of these plant compounds, or isoflavones. Isoflavones are found naturally in people’s diets in soy products. However, the level of isoflavones in soy products varies based on harvesting, manufacturing, and preparation methods. Soy products currently on the market are often not standardized, or are only standardized to 40% isoflavones or less. Furthermore, the levels of other beneficial nutrients can vary dramatically in these standardized isoflavone extracts What kind of soy are you taking? Let’s break it down.Typically a high soy isoflavone extract contains 40% isoflavones. Of that 40%, another major phytonutrient is 40% of that soy isoflavone extract.In other words, it is only 16% of the original soy extract! To provide a consistent intake of important phytonutrients and isoflavones in a daily diet, Pharmanex provides a proprietary standardized 40% phytonutrient, 64% isoflavone extract. This is the highest potency soy extract available on the market that still maintains a natural isoflavone ratio of important plant compounds.

11 Verbesserung der Knochenmineraldichte (KMD) nach 12 Monaten
ISOFLAVONE Verbesserung der Knochenmineraldichte (KMD) nach 12 Monaten Isoflavone treatment has been shown to reduce the rate of bone resorption and increase the rate of bone formation in epidemiological studies. One randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled study published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research in 2002 found that particular soy isoflavone supplementation (54 mg/day) was as effective as Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) in preventing menopause-related bone loss. After 12 months, the percent change in femoral neck Bone Mass Density (BMD) for placebo, soy isoflavones, and HRT was -0.65, 3.5, and 2.4, respectively. For the same time period, percent change in Ward’s triangle BMD for placebo, soy isoflavones, and HRT was -0.36, 4, and 3, respectively (p<0.01). Both isoflavones and HRT significantly increased bone mass density in the femoral neck and ward’s triangle (area of the femur). Morabito. J Bone Mineral Research *HormonErsatzTherapie

12 GRANATAPFEL Eines der ältesten Arzneimittel Hohe ORAC-Werte
Enthält Flavonoide 2,5 % Ellagsäure Enthält Phytoöstrogen-Verbindungen Pomegranate is one of the oldest medicines and is said to have flourished in the Garden of Eden. FYI-. Pomegranates were known as the “fruit of the dead” in ancient Greek mythology, and pomegranate adorned the vestments of the high priest in ancient Hebrew tradition. For the ancient Chinese, pomegranate seeds symbolized longevity and immortality, while the Persians believed the seeds conferred invincibility on the battlefield, and the Babylonians regard the seeds as an agent of resurrection. Pomegranate is composed of a rich variety of antioxidant flavonoids, including the anthocyanins ellagic acid. Our pomegranate extract is standardized to 2.5% ellagic acid. Research indicates that ellagic acid is an inhibitor of free radical damage caused by foreign chemicals. The flavanoids in pomegranate are excellent antioxidants and can help fight free radicals. Emerging scientific evidence has identified pomegranate to have particular plant compounds, a structurally similar compound to estrone, a metabolic derivative of estradiol.

13 ESTERA™ Hormonbalance Östrogenmetaboliten Phasenspezifische Symptome
The next point we want to introduce to you is, Estrogen Metabolites.

14 ÖSTROGENMETABOLITEN Östrogene werden in der Leber metabolisiert, wo sie in verschiedene Nebenprodukte, Metaboliten genannt, umgewandelt werden. Many of you may not be as familiar with estrogen metabolites as you are with the term phytoestrogen. This however is a very important concept that until recently hasn’t been addressed when discussing women’s health products. Pharmanex is one of the first to address this issue in women’s health supplements. First, what is an estrogen metabolite. Estrogen like many other things is metabolized in the liver. The process of metabolism causes metabolites. A metabolite is any product of metabolism, including waste products. Thus when estrogen is metabolized, it simply produces a by product called estrogen metabolites.

15 ÖSTROGENMETABOLITEN Estrogen metabolites are created from the breakdown of estrogens naturally produced by the body, as well as the estrogen found in prescription medications, foods, and the environment. This is a diagrams of the chemical structure of estrogen metabolites.

16 ÖSTROGENMETABOLITEN Einige Östrogenmetaboliten wie
2-Hydroxyestron sind neutral Andere wie 16-Alphahydroxyestron bleiben aktiv und potentiell schädlich The two main ways estrogen is metabolized in the liver produce two completely different metabolites . Some estrogen metabolites like 2 hydroxyestrone are neutral. However a potentially harmful metabolite called– 16-alphahydroxyestrones can also be produced. Estrogen is vital for many body functions, however, long term exposure to estrogen has been shown to be potentially harmful. These 16 alphahydroxyestrones remain active, thus increasing a woman’s exposure to estrogen throughout her lifetime.

17 ÖSTROGENMETABOLITEN Rauchen, Fettleibigkeit, eine fettreiche Ernährung und wenig Bewegung führen zu erhöhten Mengen an 16-Alpha-Metaboliten. Eine fettarme Ernährung, viel Obst und Gemüse sowie Sport können zu einer erhöhten Produktion von Hydroxyestron beitragen. Reseachers have found that women who smoke, are obese, have high fat diets and sedentary lifestyles have increased ratios of 16 alphahydroxyestrone metabolites to the neutral 2 hydroxyestrone metabolites. Likewise, those who consume a low fat diet with a high intake of fruit and vegetables and those who exercise have a a better ratio of 2 hydroxyestrone metabolites.

18 ÖSTROGENMETABOLITEN Wer bereits früh etwas für die gesunde Östrogenumwandlung tut, kann dazu beitragen, die Mengen schädlicher Östrogenmetaboliten zu reduzieren, denen man im Leben ausgesetzt ist. Women with a variety of cancers (cervical, colon, breast, lung and larynx) have a higher ratio of 16-alphahydroxyestrones, while those with an increased ratio of 2-hydroxyestrones have been shown to have a decreased occurrence of these diseases. These diseases often show up when women are in the postmenopause years. Efforts to metabolize estrogen in a healthy way in earlier years may reduce the level of lifetime estrogen exposure, but for those who have not taken these steps earlier need to increase their preventative measures.

19 ENZYMAKTIVATOREN Verbindungen, die die Stoffumwandlung in der Leber so beeinflussen, dass unerwünschte Stoffwechselprodukte minimiert werden Tragen dazu bei, dass bei der Östrogenumwandlung vermehrt Hydroxyestron-Metaboliten produziert werden Enzyme inducers help to promote the 2-hydroxyestrone/16-alphahydroxyestrone liver enzyme ratio in favor of the 2-hydroxy enzyme system. This causes the liver to convert estrogen into 2-hydroxy metabolites instead of the more harmful 16-alpha metabolites. Consumption of enzyme inducers helps to decrease the risks associated with the harmful estrogen metabolites, by shifting the metabolism toward the neutral metabolites, as well as decreasing the estrogen activity of these metabolites.

20 ENZYMAKTIVATOREN Brokkoli-Extrakt Lignane aus Leinsamen
Kohlgemüse: Brokkoli, Weißkohl, Grünkohl, Rosenkohl Lignane aus Leinsamen Ballaststoffanteil des Leinsamens 20 % Lignane The Estera line contains 2 different enzyme inducers, certain types of Broccoli extract are produced by the body from naturally occurring glucosinolates in a wide variety of foods, especially cruciferous vegetables (Brassica family), such as broccoli, cabbage, bok choy, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts. Flaxseed consists of the dried, ripe seed of the Linum usitatissimum L. Lignans are a major component of the fiber portion of flaxseed that have only recently been made available in the market as a standardized extract. Flaxseed lignans act as enzyme inducers to promote favorable metabolism of estrogen metabolites by reducing the 16-alpha/2-hydroxy estrogen metabolite ratio. . Studies have shown that dietary and supplemental flaxseed lignans increase urinary 2-hydroxyestrone, but not 16-hydroxyestrone. Estera is standardized to contain 20% lignans.

21 ÖSTROGENMETABOLITEN Urinausscheidung von Östrogenmetaboliten vor und nach der Verabreichung eines Brokkoli-Extraktes (95 % CI). Michnovicz 1997 Broccoli extract induces enzyme activity in the liver, shifting the metabolism ratio of estrogens towards an increase in 2-hydroxy metabolites and a decrease in 16-alpha metabolites. Results of a study published in the Journal of Nutrition in 1997 found that after only one week, the urinary concentration of 2-hydroxyestrone increased by an average of 91% whereas that of urinary 16-alpha-hydroxyestrone levels decreased by 45%.

22 LIGNANE AUS LEINSAMEN Beobachtungsstudien zeigen, dass sich der Verzehr von Nahrungsmitteln, die reich an Lignanen sind, positiv auswirken kann auf die Gesundheit von: - Brust - Darm - Prostata - Herz Observational studies suggest that people who eat more lignan-containing foods have a lower incidence of breast and perhaps colon cancer. Some preliminary research indicates that flaxseed lignans may also fight cancer in other ways, perhaps by acting as antioxidants. Pre-clinical and preliminary human studies suggest that flaxseed and its lignans may also reduce risk of cardiovascular disease by reducing total and LDL cholesterol, and reducing LDL oxidation, more research needs to be conducted. Adlercreutz 1997, Dänemark 2001

23 TÄGLICHER VERZEHR Studien zeigen, dass der tägliche Verzehr von mindestens 6 Portionen Kohlgemüse positive Auswirkungen auf das gesundheitliche Wohlbefinden hat. Essen SIE jeden Tag mindestens 6 Portionen Kohl? We all know that eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables is important. Studies indicate that consuming 6 or more servings of cruciferous vegetables provides health benefits. When was the last time you consumed 6 or more servings?

24 ESTERA™ Hormonbalance Östrogenmetaboliten Phasenspezifische Symptome
Thirdly, Estera focuses on symptoms specific to each phase in a woman’s life.

Zusätzliche Inhaltsstoffe zur Linderung phasenspezifischer Symptome Nachtkerzenöl & Borretschsamenöl Vitamin B6 Each phase in a woman’s life involves different symptoms and can be addressed by different ingredients. We have formulated estera to help relieve common symptoms experienced by women during different times. We’ll discuss each of these ingredients in more detail as we talk about each product individually.

26 ESTERA™ Balance-Formel für Frauen
Für eine gesunde Hormonbalance Unterstützt einen gesunden Östrogenstoffwechsel Hilft bei der Linderung verbreiteter PMS-Symptome Ester Phase 1- Women’s balance has been formulated according to the needs of women in their childbearing years. The premenopause period - more commonly referred to as the childbearing years of a woman begin at the onset of menstruation. Women in their childbearing years are most commonly affected by PMS or Premenstrual Syndrome. Additionally, while menopause seems far away for women in their childbearing years, it is important to take steps to prevent serious health conditions that may arise in post menopause due to aging and lack of estrogen, such as heart disease and bone health. As discussed previously, it is important to take steps to reduce a woman’s overall exposure to estrogen. Estera phase 1 contains Broccoli extract and flaxseed lignans, the enzyme inducers that help to shift estrogen metabolism to a higher ratio of neutral metabolites.

70 bis 90 % aller Frauen im gebärfähigen Alter leiden an PMS-Symptomen1 Zu den häufigsten Symptomen gehören: Wassereinlagerung, Reizbarkeit, Depressionen, Spannungsgefühle in der Brust, Völlegefühl und Gewichtszunahme Women in the childbearing years suffer primarily from PMS. The constant fluctuation in hormones, especially estrogen and progesterone during the menstrual cycle creates the condition known as Premenstural Syndrome or PMS. PMS generally begins in the 20’s and can increase with age. According to the Mayo Clinic, as many as 70 to 90% of menstruating women experience some sort of PMS symptoms. These symptoms can range from mild to severe during their menstrual cycle and can last anywhere from a few hours to 12 or more days. The fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone approximately 7 to 10 days before the menstrual period can lead to fluid retention and temporary weight gain, edema, breast tenderness and bloating. PMS is also characterized by nervousness, irritability, and depression, among other symptoms. Estera Phase 1 contains ingredients to specifically target and reduce these unpleasant symptoms. 1Mayo Clinic

Borretschsamenöl (Borago officinalis) Standardisiert auf % GLS Nachtkerzenöl (Oenothera biennis) Standardisiert auf 8-14 % GLS Enthalten GLS (Gammalinolsäure) Vorstufe von Prostaglandinen Borage see oil and primrose oil are both ingredients that contain GLA-gamma linoleic acid. Both borage seed oil and evening primrose oil are standardized to contain GLA. GLA is derived from linoleic acid (LA), also known as an omega-6 fatty acid, and is a precursor to prostaglandins. which are hormone-like substances that may affect blood thickness, skin and joint health, cholesterol levels, dilation and constriction of blood vessels, and inflammation. It is believed that inflammation is the root cause of many PMS symptoms and research indicates that GLA may be an effective treatment for depression, irritability, breast pain and tenderness, and fluid retention associated with premenstrual syndrome.

29 VITAMIN B6 Wasserlösliches Vitamin Beeinflusst zahlreiche Funktionen
Steroid-Cofaktor Lindert PMS-Symptome und Übelkeit Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) is a water-soluble vitamin that must be obtained from the diet. Food sources naturally high in vitamin B6 are beans, legumes, nuts, whole grains, meats, fish, potatoes, and bananas. Vitamin B6 has numerous roles in the body and is responsible for such things as protein metabolism, hemoglobin, white blood cell and niacin synthesis. Vitamin B6 is also known to be a cofactor in steroid formation. Additional evidence indicates that the use of vitamin B6 may help relieve symptoms associated with Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). In 11 women with PMS, there was laboratory evidence of significant deficiencies of magnesium and vitamin B6; a multivitamin/multimineral supplement was shown to improve symptoms of premenstrual tension

30 ESTERA™ Maintenance-Formel für Frauen
Für eine gesunde Hormonbalance Fördert einen gesunden Östrogenstoffwechsel Fördert das gesundheitliche Wohlbefinden während der Postmenopause Postmenopausal women are faced with three primary areas of concern: (1) understanding the long-term health impact of normal hormone fluctuations, (2) incorporating diet and lifestyle choices to help the liver eliminate undesirable metabolites, and (3) addressing common symptoms associated with the postmenopausal years While the symptoms that most women experience in perimenopause leading up to menopause present some of the more uncomfortable symptoms, the health effects due to the lack of estrogen in postmenopause present some of the most serious health conditions such as cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis.

31 LANGZEITSCHUTZ Unterstützt: Herz-Kreislauf-System Muskeln Hautgewebe
Gesunde Knochen Kognitive Funktionen Gesunde Lipidprofile Estera Phase III is formulated with higher amounts of phytoestrogens to support cardiovascular health, muscle, skin tissue, healthy bones, and cognitive function, and helps maintain healthy lipid profiles in postmenopausal women.

32 Nahrungs-ergänzungs-basis
ERGÄNZUNGSPRODUKTE Vor den Wechseljahren Perimenopause Postmenopause Nahrungs-ergänzungs-basis LifePak® MarineOmega™ Pharmanex Solutions Estera™ Balance Estera™ Maintenance Ergänzungs-produkte OptiCal500 CordyMax Cs-4® BioGinkgo 27/7 Lifestyle Cortitrol™ Tēgreen 97 Like all Pharmanex products, Estera is formulated to be taken with other Pharmanex products to help support healthy lifestyles. Here is a graph to help you determine which products will work best for you. Our LifePak products in combination with Marine Omega provide the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. For those who are looking to help reduce excess weight, perhaps due to menopause, the TRA line is a perfect addition to your dietary supplement regimen.


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