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2 IP Office: Evolutionär und Revolutionär ……. und Award-Gewinner
Hybrid TDM Converged "CRM Excellence" Award Of course we all aware of the emergence of IP solutions. These appear in two ways: Either through enhancements to traditional PBXs which can describe as evolutionary solutions (the blue portion of the chart). Additionally new revolutionary pure IP solutions are set for rapid growth (green section of the chart). The key takeaway is that Avaya offers both solution (and to be successful any vendor or business partner must service both segments of the market). February 2004 Ranked Avaya’s SMB IP-PBX #1 overall Presented Avaya with Market Leadership Award for Total Asia Pacific iCRM January 2004 Best In Test, April 2004

3 Unternehmensweite Kommunikation
Zentrale Filiale @ Anbindung von Mobil/- Heimarbeitsplätzen Integration der Mitarbeiter der Filialen an zentrale Applikationen Arbeiten an jeden beliebigen Ort mit Internet-Anschluß Planung von Kapazitätserweiterungen Umzug/- Modernisierung Verbesserung der Kundenbeziehung Kostenvorteile generieren Motive für den Einsatz von VoIP Unternehmensweite Kommunikation Home Office Mobile Office

4 IP Office – eine konvergente Lösung
Der schwere Weg… Der einfache Weg… PBX H.323 Gateway H.323 Gatekeeper Daten Hub / Switch WAN Remote Access Server DHCP Server Firewall Router Internetzugang ISDN/ PSTN PBX Data Switch Remote Access Server Data Network H.323 Gatekeeper DHCP Server Often so called next generation products are only a voice solution which happens to deliver IP Telephony. The trunks are voice-only trunks. If you want to add a hub, H.323 Gateway, H.323 Gatekeeper, router, firewall, DHCP server, Internet access, Remote Access Server, or Data WAN connectivity you may need up to 8 separate devices. This potentially also means up 8 different management interfaces. These components are included as standard on IP Office with one management interface. All this reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Firewall Internet Single point of administration Ein Partner für alle Lösungen Router

5 Ist eine Sprach Kommunikationslösung
Volle Telefonfunktionalität ISDN (S0, S2M) und analoge Netzzugänge bis zu 360 Teilnehmer IP Telefonie, Anrufliste, analoge und digitale Telefone Voice Mail und automatische Vermittlung sehr flexible Anrufgruppen Automatische Anrufverteilung (ACD) Alternative Anrufverteilung VoIP & Q.Sig networking Meet-me (auf Anforderung) und dial-in Konferenz (bis zu 2 x 64 Teilnehmer) IP Office offers full voice functionality with a comprehensive list of features and benefits for the small or mid-size business, including: Full PBX features — Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Conference Calling, Voice Messaging, Advanced Call Distribution and more. Full Key System features — Busy Lamp Fields that notify attendants and fellow workers of each employee’s phone status; Flexible Paging that allows attendants and employees to intercom the entire office or select groups; and Soft Interfaces that reflect the particular features of the incoming caller’s system, plus more.  A variety of network trunk interfaces, including E1, T1, ISDN PRI & BRI, analog loop start (and analog ground start in the US)— for comprehensive network connectivity.  Support for a range of extensions, from 2 to 256 — sophisticated voice performance for the new and growing businesses.  A variety of telephones including analog, digital (Avaya INDeX/Definity/Merlin Magix terminals), and IP hard and soft phones (wired and wireless) — the appropriate desktop or device phone for every need. Advanced Call Distribution (ACD) — incoming calls are directed to the best available person or messaging service, according to the company’s unique criteria (Ring modes available: Collective/Group, Sequential/Hunt, Rotary or Longest Wait/Most idle) Alternate Call Routing — ensures reliable handling of calls by selecting from analog, digital or VoIP trunks. Q-Sig & H.323 VoIP Networking — standards-based multi-site networking to interoperate with other PBX systems (TDM or IP-enabled) Voic ISDN/ PSTN

6 Ist eine Daten Kommunikationslösung
ISP Internet Access Internet Analog Modem ISDN TA ISDN Router ISDN/ PSTN Handy GSM Remote Access Server ISDN Wählverbin- dung, Festverbin- dung oder DSL Network Server hosting website For offices with basic data networking needs, IP Office can provide a complete data communications and networking solution: Internet Access: Firewall-protected, leased line or ISDN dial-up connectivity via PRI/T1 or WAN port. High-speed (N x 64k) dialed access or even 2Mb direct leased line connections for high usage and Web site hosting, integral security, and efficient access to information and a larger business presence via the Web. Internet access is also available via an external xDSL modem/router (we would recommend an xDSL modem/router connecting via the WAN port to IP Office or alternatively an xDSL router connected via the LAN to the IP412 to use its LAN-to-LAN firewall function). Routing: Internet or Branch to Branch based routing. Security: NAT (Network Address Translation), CLI dial-back for remote access and integral firewall to protect your internal network. DHCP server: for IP address sharing for locally attached PCs. Remote Access Server: optional two channel, V.90 modem for access to local LAN servers via modems, terminal adapters, routers, or WAP-enabled mobile phones: individual firewall security, access control per user, and standards-based security enable remote workers and remote access to IP Office system management. LAN Hub: connects up to 8 PC’s to each other and to Router and/or Remote Access service. (2-port LAN switch on IP412) LDAP client support: for standards-based directory support. Complimentary to the Avaya Cajun™ family of network switches, and VPNet portfolio—for powerful and secure converged networks. Remote access to the IT network: IP Office can be used to support remote workers using 56k V.90 Modems (requires Modem2 card), Terminal Adapters or Personal routers. In situations where the remote user is spending a high proportion of time on line a personal router should always be used in preference to a TA or Modem. This will allow the line to be dropped when not in use. Each remote access session uses a data channel on IP Office. Security is offered via the built-in firewall, CHAP/PAP, CLI call-back and a time-profile by user. Time profile: Different profiles can be configured on a user by user basis controlling hours of access (e.g. 24h/24 or only working hours) and what they have access to ( , SNMP,…). CLI call back allows a remote users call be returned based on the received calling line identity (telephone number) either pre or post authentication. The CLI call-back feature not only provides security but also allows for a centralized bill (as opposed to multiple bills for every remote user) therefore saving costs. CHAP: Challenged Handshake Authentication Protocol PAP: Password Authentication Protocol WAN Remote Office Router Remote Office

7 Ist ein Internet Access System
ISDN Web Server 64k - 2Mb Festverbindung oder DSL Wählverbindung 10/100M Ethernet Internet ISP Sichere Einwahl über Wählverbindung Mehrere Nutzer über eine Verbindung (NAT) Kanalbündelung bei erhöhten Bandbreitenbedarf (ML-PPP) Internet Zugang über Festverbindungen (Frame Relay oder PPP) bis zu 2Mb (nützlich bei eigenen Web Seiten) Zugangsbegrenzung zur Kostenkontrolle Dial-up: IP Office can connect both 10 and 100M Ethernet networks to an Internet Service Provider (ISP) over dial-up circuits at speed of up to N x 64 Kbps (where N is the number of B channels assigned to Internet access). Leased lines: IP Office also supports direct connection to the ISP over Leased Line circuits (Frame Relay or Point-to-Point Protocol: PPP). This is useful where Leased Line Access is cheaper, speeds of up to 2Mbit/s are required or where a customer want to physically locate mission critical Web sites on their premises. xDSL: Internet access is also available via an external xDSL modem/router. We would recommend an xDSL modem/router connecting via the WAN port to IP Office or alternatively an xDSL router connected via the LAN to the IP412 to use its LAN-to-LAN firewall functionality. If the xDSL modem/router is connected to IP Office via the LAN then an external firewall is required (unless the IP412 LAN-to-LAN firewall is being used). NAT (Network Address Translation): Allows multiple users to share the same IP address when web browsing. It also makes IP addressing easier by not restricting you to an assigned number range. Furthermore through NAT support, IP Office also offers security by hiding your private IP addresses. Integral firewall: can control the type of traffic allowed in or out of the network and who can receive it. For instance, network management traffic can be restricted in both directions or a mission critical server can be shielded from the outside world. Service Quotas allow a customer to define the total time that a service is available and thereby keep the telephony expense within budget.

8  IP Office als Firewall Integriert in IP Office
vorkonfiguriert und einfach zu nutzen durch Windows Management interface Sicherheit im Netzwerk durch herausfiltern von Anwendungen (z. Bsp.: SNMP Verkehr, SMTP & POP für oder HTTP für web) IP Office unterstützt Zugangsbeschränkungen zur Nutzungs- und Kostenkontrolle Web Access E Mail Firewall: It is a security mechanism that protects a server, a subnet or an entire end-user location from unauthorized access. IP Office offers a built-in firewall that filters out unauthorized access via protocol type Easy-to-use: The IP Office firewall comes pre-configured for most protocols but can easily be customized through its Windows GUI interface Service quotas: Additionally IP Office offers service quotas which defines how long a service is available. These quotas are refreshed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Once the Internet access quota is up, Internet access is no longer available (Note: a proxy server is still required for restricting access to ‘’undesirable’’ websites). SNMP Internet

9 Die IP Office Familie IP412 Office IP406v2 Office
IP Office Small Office Edition

10 Die IP Office Familie bis 28 analoge, digitale und IP-Nebenstellen
bis 12 Amtsleitungen Integriertes Voic und Auto Attendant 802.11b Wireless Access Point IP412 Office IP406v2 Office IP Office Small Office Edition

11 Die IP Office Familie bis 190 analoge und digitale Nebenstellen
bis 90 Amtsleitungen IP-fähig durch Erweiterungs- modul Integrierter WAN-Port Konferenzbrücke für bis zu Teilnehmer, Messaging, Contact Center, etc. IP412 Office IP406v2 Office IP Office Small Office Edition

12 Die IP Office Familie bis 360 analoge und digitale Nebenstellen
bis 120 Amtsleitungen IP-fähig durch Erweiterungs- modul Integrierter WAN-Port Konferenzbrücke für bis zu 2 x 64 Teilnehmer IP412 Office IP406v2 Office IP Office Small Office Edition

13 IP400 Interne Netzzugänge
Interne Netzzugänge werden in der Basiseinheit eingebaut. Folgende Baugruppen sind verfügbar: IP400 Office Quad BRI (4 * So) IP400 Office PRI E1 (1 * S2M) IP400 Office Dual PRI E1 (2 * S2M) IP400 Office Quad Analogue Trunk (4 * HKZ) We mentioned on the previous slide the ability to add additional components to the IP Office factory configurations. Let’s discuss these components. - The BRI trunk card provides four Basic Rate ISDN S/T-Bus interfaces (eight trunks). - The PRI is available as either T1, E1, or E1R2MFC depending on the market. - The IP400 Office Quad Analogue Trunk (LS) Card provides four analogue trunk two wire interfaces (loop start). (Instructor: Check the product description for availability as it changes with each software release.)

14 IP400 Erweiterungsmodule
für Analoge Netzzugänge 16 Zugänge davon 2 mit Notstromspeisung für Digitale Telefone 16 oder 30 Anschlüsse Serie 54xx für Analoge Endgeräte 8, 16 oder 30 Anschlüsse Analoge Telefone / Gruppe 4 Fax / Modem / Schnurlostelefone für ISDN Endgeräte 8 x S0 ISDN Telefone / Fax / Video Expansion Modules are available to provide additional capacity for the IP Office base systems. These modules include those that support analogue, digital, and/or ISDN phones. (Read slide.) IP406v2: bis zu 6 Erweiterungsmodule IP412: bis zu 12 Erweiterungsmodule

15 IP Office – Skalierbarkeit
Analoge Nebenstellen Digitale Nebenstellen IP Nebenstellen Nebenstellen Gesamt Digitale Amtsleitungen Analoge Amtsleitungen LAN Hub Ports Voice Compression Channels Small Office Edition 8 16 28 4 BRI 8 Kanäle 4 4-port Switch IP406v2 Office 182 188 190 3 PRI 90 Kanäle 104 Layer 2 Switch 30 IP412 Office 360 4 PRI 120 Kanäle 200 60 Notes: Maximum figures use all Expansion modules/internal cards slots Max alog trunks uses 2 x analog 4 LS cards in the base unit and Analog Trunk 16 expansion modules. Adding Analog Trunk 16 expansion module subtracts from the number of other expansion modules which can be configured reducing the number of digital and analog end-points used, but will not affect the number of IP endpoints. The VCM-5 offers 5 voice compression channels on the IP401 The VCM-20 is now available on the IP403 The VCM-30 module will be available during 2003

16 Tisch- und Wand-Telefone
Digitale Serie 54xx 5620 5610 5601 5602 EU24 IP- Serie 56xx 5402 5410 5420 EU24 6400 Series terminals include: (Read slide.) The Avaya™ 6400 Series Digital Voice Telephones deliver the right combination of business communication functionality. For example, you can personalize your phone by programming the buttons on your telephone simply by choosing from a selection of convenient features. T3 Telefone mit Release 3.1 Flexibilität durch ein breites Spektrum an digitalen und IP Telefonen

17 PC-Telefon (IP Softphone)
Kommunikation mit der IP Office über LAN Benötigt kein separates Telefon Sprechen über USB Hand- / Headset umfangreicher Satz an Systemleistungsmerkmalen (z. Bsp. Partner, Rufumleitung, Anrufliste, ...) IP Office also supports Softphones. The IP Softphone and computer telephony interface (CTI) Softphone offer voice access using a headset connected to a PC with control from the keyboard. Avaya has provided Softphones for quite a while and has experienced increased sales in Softphones. Softphone sales have increased from 23,000 units to well over 50,000 in less than a years time due largely to the increased functionality provided by the Softphones. Before we move on to discuss IP Office Software, let’s go through a couple of exercises to test your knowledge of IP Office hardware.

18 Zentrale Administration
Voic IP Office Manager ISDN/ PSTN ISDN S0/S2M, HKZ oder WAN Remote Konfiguration Remote Aktivierung von Lizenzschlüsseln Remote Diagnose Remote Back-up und Restore Remote Laden von neuer Software SNMP Unterstützung Overview of Manager Manager is a Windows application for viewing and editing the configuration file of IP Office Control Units. The Control Unit holds the configuration as files in the Control Unit's flash memory. Thus the files are not lost when power is removed from the system. Whenever the system is rebooted, the file is loaded from flash memory into the systems RAM memory. Using Manager you can extract and then view and alter the configuration file in the system's RAM memory. Having received a configuration file you can archive it on the PC or modify it using Manager. When you are finished with the new configuration, you can use Manager to send the configuration back to the Control Unit's flash memory and then reboot the Control Unit to activate the changes. In this configuration, you are running Manager on a local machine, connecting to an IP Office system across the PSTN or WAN and extracting a copy of the configuration file from the IP Office. The copied file can then be edited and saved locally before being sent back across the network and back into the remote IP Office system. Voic Pro LAN

19 IP Office: Lösungsplattform
2 to 360 Extension PBX Internet Access Router, RIP-2 Protocol support ISDN & Analog Trunks LAN Hub/Switch Remote Access Server Firewall H.323 Gateway & Gatekeeper Core Software Voic Computer Telephony Unified Messaging Operator Positions Auto Attendant Contact Center Suite IP Telephony LAN Based Applications Conferencing Suite Let’s first start with the platform. The platform is a modular plug-and-play set of modules where modules support different functionality. For example a module may support LAN connections, trunk signalling, digital or analog terminal connections, WAN connectivity and so on. Customers can simply choose what they need, buy the required stack and plug it all in. All that is required after that is to put in the power cord and the system is ready to run! The core software includes built-in features (from left of slide) but most importantly for CRM the solution includes a set of ready to run applications (right hand side). VPN support

20 Ist eine Applikations Plattform
Phone Manager lite Conferencing Center Phone Manager pro Voic pro Soft Console Call Center


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