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Note to Presenter: Present to customers and prospects to provide an overview of how EMC NetWorker takes advantage of deduplication through its integration with EMC Avamar and support for EMC Data Domain. Today we’ll discuss the transition of backup and recovery architectures from tape to disk, and how NetWorker integrates with Avamar and Data Domain to accelerate this transition, allowing you to meet your most demanding data protection challenges and transform your backup operations. Funktionen und Optionen

2 Backup und Recovery im Härtetest
ENORMES DATENWACHSTUM Verfünffachung in vier Jahren Wie können Sie… …dafür sorgen, dass alle Daten gesichert werden und wiederherstellbar sind… …und zwar für die virtuelle und physische Infrastruktur… …und dabei die Kosten kontrollieren und die Effizienz steigern? 2.502 Exabyte 2.500 2.000 1.500 1.000 500 Exabyte 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 486 Exabyte Why is backup and recovery—particularly the use of tape—under stress and in need of transformation? First, there’s unprecedented data growth that existing infrastructure and the usual approaches can’t handle adequately. Note to Presenter: Click now in Slide Show mode for animation. Second, there’s the shift from physical to virtual server infrastructure, which raises new challenges and requires different approaches for backup and recovery. This leads to a fundamental—and critical—question: How can you ensure that all of your data is protected and recoverable for both your physical and virtual infrastructure while controlling costs and becoming more efficient? What if you could deploy a solution today that would allow you to meet those objectives? Quelle: „As the Economy Contracts, the Digital Universe Expands“, IDC-White Paper (gefördert von EMC), Mai 2009 DER WANDEL ZUR VIRTUALISIERUNG Virtuell Physisch Wandel zur Cloud

3 Backup- und Recovery-Architekturen – Übergang vom Band zur Festplatte
Anwendungs-Backup- Clients Backup-/Medien- Manager Backup- Speicher vor Ort Disaster-Recovery- Speicher Backup-/Recovery- Architektur Herkömmlich (bandzentriert) Home DB NetWorker Data Domain Avamar Disk Library Backup-Software Band Backup-Software VTL VTL/Band Note to Presenter: View in Slide Show mode for animation. Backup is an evolving art, and deduplication is driving its current evolution. There are well-established products and players in the market today. There are also transformational products and players in the market. The columns at the top of this graphic show the different parts of the backup topology (Note to Presenter: Click now in Slide Show mode for animation.); the rows illustrate how the EMC products fall into these spaces. NetWorker and EMC Disk Library were both designed some time ago and are leaders in their respective markets, but assume a design that incorporates a significant amount of tape management and copying. In many cases, customers who have significant reliance on tape will be best suited to using those products first when redesigning their backup. In other cases, and more transformationally, EMC Data Domain and Avamar are designed around a more disk-centric approach to backup. With the advantage of deduplication, disk is going to become much more widely used as a backup target. Note as well that EMC Data Protection Advisor is the industry leader in data protection management—providing monitoring, analysis, and reporting across multi-vendor, multi-location environments. Analyst firm Gartner expects that about 80 percent of all restores in the future will be from disk, not from tape. This process started a long time ago but, with deduplication’s advantages, the transformation is accelerating. Im Wandel begriffen (festplattenzentriert) Deduplizierungsspeicher Backup-Software Backup-Software und ‑System mit Deduplizierung Vor Ort Extern

4 EMC Avamar und EMC Data Domain
Aufbewahrung, Replikation, Recovery Deduplizierung aller Daten, ohne Änderungen vorzunehmen Vereinfachung von Backup, Archivierung und Disaster Recovery durch problemlose Integration über Workloads, Infrastrukturen und Backup-Anwendungen hinweg Kein doppeltes Backup der gleichen Daten Revolutionierung von Backup durch weniger Datenbewegungen und Meistern der größten Backup-Herausforderungen für VMware, NAS, Remote-Standorte und Desktops/Laptops Retain, replicate, and recover—these are the common benefits provided by Data Domain and Avamar solutions. But let’s now look at what makes each solution unique. With Avamar you’ll never back up the same data twice. It revolutionizes your backup by moving less data across crowded networks, solving your toughest VMware, remote office, and bandwidth- constrained backup and recovery challenges. With Data Domain you’ll be able to deduplicate everything without changing anything. Quite simply, it works with what you have. Easily integrate Data Domain into any environment and gain deduplication benefits now for backup, archiving, and disaster recovery. Data Domain-Deduplizierungs- speichersysteme Avamar-Backup-Software mit Deduplizierung

5 NetWorker: Einheitliche Data Protection
DEDUPLIZIERUNG ANWENDUNGS- UNTERSTÜTZUNG SAP Oracle Microsoft VIRTUALISIERUNG Data Domain Avamar NetWorker So how does NetWorker fit into EMC’s deduplication offerings? Let’s take a step back for a moment. Clearly, to meet the needs of growing and thriving businesses, we need to operate across a very diverse landscape, managing multiple tiers of data protection, across a variety of applications within both physical and virtual environments. You need comprehensive management, including scheduling and policies for both operational and disaster recovery. In this regard, NetWorker helps unify what has over time become a very complicated backup landscape. Not only does NetWorker unify your existing infrastructure that has evolved over time, but it helps to bridge the transition from traditional to next-generation backup methodologies. Today’s data protection solutions need to operate across a very diverse landscape—managing multiple tiers of data protection from tape, to disk, to snaps, across a variety of applications within both physical and virtual environments, and providing comprehensive scheduling and policies for both operational and disaster recovery scenarios. To drive complexity and cost out of this environment, you need common management. NetWorker has evolved into a powerful application that provides this centralized control and command, or single management interface, necessary to provide greater simplification and seamless management to meet today’s new requirements. Cloud Band DATEISYSTEM- UND SERVER-RECOVERY REMOTE-STANDORTE UND ZWEIGSTELLEN EMC SPEICHERPLATTFORMEN Symmetrix Centera Disk Library Celerra CLARiiON

6 NetWorker: Einheitliche Deduplizierung
Dateisysteme und Anwendungen NetWorker mit Avamar und Data Domain Gemeinsames Management, gemeinsamer Workflow Auswahl je nach Eignung für Anwendungsfall, Kosten und Bereitstellungszeit Avamar-Integration Einzelner Client Data Domain-Unterstützung NAS: NFS, CIFS, Data Domain Boost SAN: Data Domain Virtual Tape Library-(VTL-)Softwareoption DD Boost-Integration Deduplizierung NetWorker Deduplizierung NetWorker can help facilitate the transition to deduplication in a way that no other backup application can. Clearly many companies are moving toward next-generation backup in an evolutionary fashion— meaning they simply can’t replace their entire environment all at once. They are looking to address their most pressing pain points and gradually retire their legacy infrastructure in the most sensible way. Here’s where NetWorker can help smooth the path. Based on your requirements, NetWorker provides choices for deploying data deduplication, with the ability to select deduplication where it makes the most sense using the industry’s leading deduplication technologies. To manage both deduplication solutions, simply choose based on best fit for use case, cost, and time to deployment. Avamar software is integrated with the NetWorker, delivering deduplication backup with a single client software installation. NetWorker can be used with Data Domain through: SAN: Data Domain Virtual Tape Library (VTL) software option NAS: NFS, CIFS NetWorker now integrates with Data Domain through Data Domain Boost—in both the storage node software as well as new integration with the NetWorker Module for Microsoft Applications—for increased performance, seamless replication management, and simplified administration. Deduplizierung Data Domain Avamar

7 NetWorker und Avamar Note to Presenter: The following section reviews the integration of NetWorker and Avamar, which enables NetWorker to leverage deduplication at the source or client. Let’s now look at NetWorker and Avamar integration, but first we’ll start by discussing what differentiates Avamar.

8 Dateisysteme und Anwendungen
NetWorker mit Avamar Dateisysteme und Anwendungen Unterstützt Dateisysteme und Anwendungen Physisch und virtuell Management von herkömmlichem Backup sowie Backup mit Deduplizierung Ein Client oder Anwendungsmodul Gemeinsame Administration Umfassende Indexierung und Suche Gemeinsame Recovery NetWorker The common, combined NetWorker and Avamar client allows deduplication to be defined through standard NetWorker backup client configurations in NetWorker Management Console for file systems and application modules. This includes support for Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, and Hyper-V, as well as Oracle, SAP, DB2, Informix, Lotus Notes, and Sybase. This support is applicable to both physical and virtual environments. NetWorker’s support is ideal, especially for existing users, because it does not force users to learn a different workflow or GUI. And because users may wish to deploy and manage a mix of traditional and deduplication backup, NetWorker allows the backup client to have both deduplication and non-deduplication or traditional backup jobs defined. By allowing the components of the deduplication solution to be managed through NetWorker Management Console, it helps users simplify operations. Results of client backups with or without deduplication are available through common NetWorker Management Console reporting and monitoring tools. Recovery of any client and any data is possible through common recovery interfaces—graphical or command line. Avamar Replikation WAN Primäres Rechenzentrum Remote-Standort NETWORKER UND AVAMAR

9 Deduplizierung und Anwendungssicherheit
NetWorker Application Modules mit Avamar-Deduplizierungsfunktionalität NetWorker Module for Microsoft Applications NetWorker Module for Databases and Applications NetWorker Module for SAP Ermöglicht die selektive Deduplizierung derjenigen Anwendungsdaten, die am meisten von Deduplizierung profitieren Einsatz von herkömmlichem Backup, wo es die beste Performance bietet Nahtloses Management und nahtlose Recovery DB2 Exchange Informix Lotus Notes Oracle SAP SharePoint SQL Server Sybase NetWorker application modules include Avamar deduplication intelligence, which means that deduplication can be defined for application backups through standard NetWorker backup client configurations in NetWorker Management Console. Support includes all of the databases and applications included within the NetWorker Module for Microsoft Applications, the Module for Databases and Applications, and the Module for SAP. This support applies to both physical and virtual environments. NetWorker allows the backup client to have both deduplication and non-deduplication or traditional backup jobs defined. Some data is quite appropriate for backup with deduplication with the benefit of data reduction; other data may not be as well suited. Fortunately, NetWorker lets you apply both traditional and deduplication backup as appropriate. You can selectively deduplicate the data that benefits from deduplication and leverage traditional backup where it delivers best performance. For example, for full backups of an entire database, file, and tablespace data, you can in fact expect savings from deduplication, and it makes sense to apply deduplication in these cases. On differential and incremental backups that involve uniquely changed blocks since a previous backup or logs, which represent the changes that have been made to a database between points in time, there will may be little or no benefit from deduplication. The data is better suited to a traditional backup operation, avoiding any overhead from a deduplication process. NetWorker lets you configure all of these options easily to all work together. With recovery, NetWorker pulls data from the right storage areas appropriately to enable a complete restore. This is a unique benefit of blending traditional and deduplication backup with NetWorker. For recovery, NetWorker restores the right data seamlessly from wherever it is stored. NETWORKER UND AVAMAR

10 NetWorker mit Avamar Funktionsweise NetWorker Avamar Data Store
NW Funktionsweise Einzelner Client – bereit zur Deduplizierung Avamar ist eine NetWorker-Ressource. Kontrollkästchen in Clienteigenschaften leitet Daten an angegebenen Avamar-Server. Beim Speichern werden Metadaten an den NetWorker- Server und Daten an den Avamar-Server gesendet. Bei Recovery wird auf dem Client das komplette Dataset wiederhergestellt. Daten Metadaten Daten Metadaten Clients Before we delve deeper, here’s a high-level overview of Avamar and NetWorker integration. The process starts with an integrated client. This client has been standard in NetWorker since version This client allows both the source deduplication and communication between NetWorker Management Console and Avamar. Note to Presenter: Click now in Slide Show mode for animation. Once the Avamar server has been configured into NetWorker, it appears within NetWorker resources. This is a very straightforward process: Install NetWorker client on the Avamar server Modify one variable to allow duplicate client resources for the same physical machine Create domain in NetWorker This allows Avamar resources to be presented in NetWorker Management Console, and the user can create, edit, or delete these resources in the manner similar to other resource types. New attributes were also added to the client resources to enable deduplication. With a single click, you can create new deduplication clients, or convert existing ones. You manage client resources following same workflows as before. Once the save process begins, it gathers the metadata (dehydrated saveset) to send to the NetWorker server, and deduplication data is sent to the Avamar server. Recovery is accomplished from the NetWorker recovery interface (GUI or CLI). Once the metadata associated with the data needing to be recovered is identified, the required deduplicated data is restored from Avamar. Now let’s go a bit deeper. NetWorker Management Console Server Avamar Data Store NetWorker Speicher- Node Festplatte, VTL, Band NW NETWORKER UND AVAMAR

11 Avamar-Konfiguration in NetWorker
Darstellung der Avamar-Ressourcen in NetWorker-Administrationsfenster Erstellen, Bearbeiten und Löschen genauso wie bei anderen Ressourcen Tabellen zeigen Statistiken von Avamar-Servern. Note to Presenter: View in Slide Show mode for animation. The first step in using deduplication is to define the target grid to NetWorker, so NetWorker can monitor it and send data to it. Define the grid just like you’d define a NetWorker storage node, go into NetWorker Management Console’s NetWorker Administration user interface, select “Devices,” and add a the Avamar server. Avamar allows replication between grids so you can also tell NetWorker about this replication, configured separately, in the grid. NetWorker will use the replication node information to automatically recover data from the replication grid if the original grid is down. Tables in NetWorker show statistics gathered from respective Avamar servers . This information could be refreshed upon user request by selecting the “Refresh” menu item from the main or pop-up menus. Of course, the NetWorker Management Console user interface itself will show a table of summary statistics without even bringing up a Properties sheet. NETWORKER UND AVAMAR

12 Clientmanagement für Deduplizierung
Deduplizierung in Assistentenkonfiguration oder Clienteigenschaften aktivieren Neue Clients erstellen oder vorhandene Clients konvertieren Note to Presenter: View in Slide Show mode for animation. A user can create a new deduplication client, or convert an existing one, and users will manage client resources using the same workflows as before. Turning on deduplication for a client couldn’t be simpler. The top graphic shows a list of NetWorker clients. The bottom graphic shows the Properties box for a client using the “Apps & Modules” tab. There’s a checkbox to choose deduplication backup (or not). Below that is a drop down field to select the Avamar server to which to send the data. NetWorker gives you the flexibility to send different clients’ data to different grids, or use the same Avamar server with clients from different NetWorker servers. NETWORKER UND AVAMAR

13 Zusammenfassende Berichte zu Deduplizierungs-Backups
Note to Presenter: View in Slide Show mode for animation. Backup statistics and backup status reports will automatically include information on deduplication savesets. Users will be able to use groups containing deduplication clients, as well as use deduplication clients and savesets as report parameters in the same way they use regular groups, clients, and savesets today. Additionally, NetWorker Management Console offers a detailed deduplication backup summary report. The report allows users to view statistical data about deduplication backups. It presents summary information for both deduplication clients and savesets, as well as details about particular saveset instances. The collected deduplication savesets information will be retained in the NetWorker Management Console database using the same retention policy as defined for all saveset data. Here are the results of a deduplication statistics report. NETWORKER UND AVAMAR

14 Deduplizierungs-Saveset-Abfragen
Einfache Suche nach Deduplizierungs- Backups Once backups have been completed, users not only want to know that the backup was successful (NetWorker Management Console status reports give that information), they also want to look at the savesets themselves to confirm what was duplicated. Here is the standard saveset reporting screen in NetWorker Management Console…(Note to Presenter: Click now in Slide Show mode for animation.) with a closer look at the selection criteria. Note that the ability to query deduplicated savesets has been added. NETWORKER UND AVAMAR

15 Recovery Identische Recovery Workflows für Backup mit Deduplizierung und herkömmliches Backup Note to Presenter: View in Slide Show mode for animation. With this integration, browse and high-level recovery workflows remain unchanged. Follow the same recovery workflow for deduplicated backups and traditional backups, including directed recovery. NETWORKER UND AVAMAR

16 NetWorker und Avamar Ein integrierter Client
Einfachere Bereitstellung und nahtlose Anwendererfahrung Eine Administrations- und Überwachungsoberfläche Keine Notwendigkeit, neue Anwendung zu erlernen Ein gemeinsamer Policy-Manager und -Katalog Identischer Backup und Recovery Workflow – mit oder ohne Deduplizierung In summary, as you can see with NetWorker, Avamar deduplication is easy to use. One integrated client simplifies deployment and provides the basis for a seamless user experience. One administration and monitoring interface means you do not have to learn a new application. And one common policy manager and catalog means your workflow is the same. It’s really that easy—and that seamless. NETWORKER UND AVAMAR

17 NetWorker und Data Domain
Note to Presenter: The following section reviews NetWorker’s support of Data Domain, including the integration with DD Boost. Now we’ll discuss why Data Domain is ideal for use with existing NetWorker disk-based or VTL capabilities.

18 NetWorker mit Data Domain
Dateisysteme und Anwendungen Verwendung mit vorhandenen festplattenbasierten Funktionen oder Funktionen virtueller Bandbibliotheken Verwendung mit DD Boost Verbesserte Performance Clone-gesteuerte Replikation Automatische Konfiguration Überwachung und Reporting NetWorker Data Domain deduplication storage systems dramatically reduce the amount of disk storage needed to retain and protect data. Data Domain is ideal for use with existing NetWorker backup-to-disk capabilities. The combination of NetWorker and Data Domain allows for centralized, automated, and accelerated data protection across your enterprise. Another advantage of Data Domain is that it can be deployed quickly and fits into current backup workflows and policies. It provides an alternative to disk and tape volume pools and is optimized for sequential read and write operations. With DD Boost capabilities, you get advanced capabilities when integrating NetWorker and Data Domain, including: Improved performance Clone-controlled replication Automated configuration Monitoring and reporting Data Domain Replikation WAN Primäres Rechenzentrum Remote-Standort NETWORKER UND DATA DOMAIN

19 Data Domain Boost-Integration
NEU Verteilung der Deduplizierung auf Backup-Server und Microsoft-Anwendungsclients Höhere Backup-Geschwindigkeit Reduzierung des Netzwerkverkehrs Clone-gesteuerte Replikation Replikationsplanung Katalogerkennung replizierter Kopien Anwenderfreundlichkeit Automatische Konfiguration Überwachung und Reporting DD Boost DD Boost NetWorker Data Domain The integration optimizes the interface between the NetWorker and the Data Domain storage system, and distributes part of the deduplication process across the NetWorker storage nodes. In addition, Microsoft application servers are now protected by the NetWorker Module for Microsoft Applications 2.3 or higher. This increases backup speed by up to 100 percent, reduces network traffic by 80–90 percent, and drives more efficient use of resources. The Data Domain replication process is managed by standard NetWorker cloning, ensuring that NetWorker can recognize and manage a replicated (remote) copy of data and assign unique retention policies to it. This can all be scheduled to run at the times chosen as most appropriate by the administrator. NetWorker Management Console provides wizard-based tools to simplify the deployment of the solution and simplify the configuration of backups to Data Domain. NetWorker Management Console uses SNMP traps to capture status information and alerts and has customized panels and reports that reflect the uniqueness of Data Domain. NETWORKER UND DATA DOMAIN

20 Clone-gesteuerte Replikation
Geplante Steuerung der Data Domain-Replikation Katalogerkennung aller Backups am primären und sekundären Standort The Data Domain replication process is managed by standard NetWorker cloning, ensuring that NetWorker can recognize and manage a replicated (remote) copy of data and assign unique retention policies to it. This can all be scheduled to run at the times chosen as most appropriate by the administrator. NETWORKER UND DATA DOMAIN

21 Assistentengestützte Erkennung und Konfiguration
Optimierung der Data Domain-Systemkonfiguration NetWorker Management Console provides wizard-based tools to simplify the deployment of the new solution and simplify the configuration of backups to Data Domain. NETWORKER UND DATA DOMAIN

22 Überwachung und Reporting
Anzeige von Data Domain-Systemereignissen, -meldungen und -statistiken Einfachere Administration für gesamten Backup-Vorgang NetWorker Management Console uses SNMP traps to capture status information and alerts and has customized panels and reports that reflect the uniqueness of Data Domain. NETWORKER UND DATA DOMAIN

23 Data Domain Boost-Integration
NetWorker NetWorker Management Console ANWENDERFREUNDLICHKEIT This slide shows a diagram of the integration. Let’s recap the advantages. The distribution of part of the deduplication process to the storage node will result in increased performance. And while you’d expect this to have an adverse impact to the storage, it’s actually the opposite. The use of Data Domain Boost software on the NetWorker storage node and Module for Microsoft actually uses the server resources more efficiently. By directly managing the Data Domain replication, NetWorker can not only schedule when replication occurs but is completely aware of both copies. The process for scheduling the cloning replication is also streamlined by eliminating the need to use a CLI. Scheduling can now be done through NetWorker Management Console. Finally, configuration and day-to-day monitoring of Data Domain is much easier—an important benefit as your Data Domain infrastructure grows. Replikations- management Data Domain-Device-Typ mit DD Boost Speicher-Node DD Boost Backup-Clients Microsoft-Anwendungsserver NETWORKER UND DATA DOMAIN

24 Aspirus Health Care – Fallstudie
Non-Profit-Organisation (Gesundheitswesen) Herausforderungen Anwachsen klinischer Datasets = längere Backups Fortlaufender Kampf um erfolgreiches Backup Inkonsistente Band- und Festplattenintegration Lösung Integrierte NetWorker- und Avamar-Lösung Ergebnisse Deduplizierungsrate von 120:1 für 1-TB-EPIC-Datenbank Verkürzung der täglichen kompletten Backups von 12–14 Stunden auf 4 Stunden Reduzierung der Wiederherstellungsdauer von Tagen auf 7– 8 Stunden Geringere TCO aufgrund von weniger Backup-Speicher und optimierter Administration Note to Presenter: The full customer story is located at this URL: Now let’s conclude with a customer case study. Aspirus is a non-profit, community-directed health system, consisting of more than 4,300 employees and serving 14 counties in central Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan though a series of affiliated hospitals. Aspirus Clinics cover over 35 locations in Central Wisconsin and 150 clinical providers. Aspirus Wausau Hospital is a Magnet facility licensed for beds and staffed by 350 physicians in 35 specialties. Aspirus struggled with maintaining a safe and sound consistent backup and recovery process. As datasets and application sets continued to grow, backup windows diminished to a point where they began to miss backups or would have backup window overlap, which would create poor performance or completely missed backups. While Aspirus was struggling with backups, it also struggled with integrations between backup management software and media devices like tape drives and disk systems to the degree where they couldn’t trust in their backup processes. After several unsuccessful solutions, Aspirus turned to EMC and a NetWorker solution with Avamar deduplication. Benefits of choosing NetWorker and Avamar: Easy implementation: The solution was up and running quickly. Easy-to-use interface: Shallow learning curve Solution out-performed best backup time on day one 925 TB clinical database was backed up in 12 hours, down from Aspirus’s best 14-hour backup using a non-EMC deduplication system As more backups were completed, additional improvements to the backup window were realized. Trimmed approximately two hours off backup window. To date, Aspirus has not missed a backup—with 100 percent recoverability. 120:1 deduplication rate for current clinical backups Customer quote: “Aspirus struggled for a lot of years trying to find the right combination of backup management software and backup technology. With Networker and Avamar, that search is over.”

25 Nahtlose Integration in die zwei führenden Deduplizierungslösungen der Branche
NetWorker mit Avamar NetWorker mit Data Domain Integration in Client für Dateisysteme, Anwendungen Konsolidiertes Management durch NetWorker Management Console Einzigartige NetWorker-Erfahrung für Backup und Recovery Integration in Speicher-Node und Microsoft-Anwendungsmodul Konsolidiertes Management durch NetWorker Management Console Verbesserung der aktuellen Backup Workflows In summary, NetWorker integrates with the industry’s two leading deduplication technologies to deliver unmatched storage optimization, workflow simplification, consolidated management, and accelerated backup performance. And NetWorker does this across the enterprise for applications, file servers, remote offices, and virtualization.

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