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SAP / Past&Present&Future

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1 SAP / Past&Present&Future
Markus Hilken Managing Director, SAP Labs Hungary ELTE, March 2015

2 SAP Past&Present&Future
Markus Hilken Managing Director, SAP Labs Hungary 3rd March ELTE

3 A 43-year History of Innovation
In 1972, five entrepreneurs had a vision for the business potential of technology. Now 43 years and 250,000 customers stronger, we’re just getting started. Building on a track record of innovation and a vision proven true throughout every economic and IT shift, now more than ever, SAP is fueled by the pioneering spirit that inspired its founders to continually transform the IT industry. A belief that “real-time” data processing can help bring people closer to business intelligence A dedication to innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit that enable SAP to continually push what’s technically possible And an early commitment to collaboration and co-creating solutions with our customers Plattner | Tschira | Wellenreuther | Hopp | Hector Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing Systeme, Anwendungen und Produkte in der Datenverarbeitung

4 The world runs 74% of the world’s transaction revenue
touches an SAP system. SAP powers analytics that track more than 6 billion U.S. stock trades per day to identify fraud and protect investors. Our customers produce more than 77% of the world’s beer. Our customers fly more than 1.7 billion of the world’s passengers.



7 SAP S/4HANA – Technical & business values
Reduced Data Footprint Higher Throughput Full Flexibility ERP on anyDB S4HANA (estimate) FI Postings Customers Products Profit Centers Suppliers ERP on HANA S4HANA (estimate) No Indices No Aggregates No Redundancy ERP on anyDB FI Postings Customers Products Profit Centers Suppliers ON-THE-FLY AGGREGATION 7.1 TB 1.8 TB 0.8 TB 0.5 TB ACTUALS 1 3 Enterprise Software for Big Data and Cloud

8 SAP is the fastest closing DAX company thanks to S/4HANA
CLOSING W/O HANA CLOSING WITH HANA 15 DAYS 5 DAYS SAP Closing consolidates results from 251 locations in 70 countries and 7.1 TB of data created by 67,000 users

9 The Future is here TODAY !

10 ? $ The Internet 50 Billion Things by 2020 of Things!
The Internet…of THINGS! Everything from trains to televisions are connecting to the internet! Analysts predict that 50 Billion things will be connected by 2020! But how do you use all these things?...to address REAL business issues like Improving your brand recognition and customer intimacy or Driving innovation and new business models to increase your top line sales Or operating your virtualized organizations more efficiently How can you use all these Things to RUN your business better? SAP is uniquely positioned to lead IoT! Imagine the power of an IoT enabled ERP, built on the Hana Cloud, connected to our networks and a wealth of other data sources, uniquely delivering Real-Time Network Insights, Simulations and Action! ...Only we can do this…only SAP…to run the world better…and make all complexity….Simple! RUN IoT Simple! with The Internet of Everything for business! We can make IoT “real” for our customers by delivering concrete value around key IoT enabled business solutions today while providing a clear Vision they can embrace for the future!

11 Harley Davidson – enabling responsive manufacturing with SAP Connected Plant
Example “Smart Factory”: Harley Davidson in York, Pennsylvania Factory was completely rebuilt between 2009 and 2011 Focus is the customer – Sell Freedom not just bikes! 5 fabs (one per model) to just one fab for model mix In the past HD sold just standard bikes – customization was done by the dealers Now you do not find 2 bikes in sequence that are the same – Each model has more than config options All machinery and logistics devices are equipped with sensors and location awareness Agility and predictiveness One Motorcycle off the line every 89 seconds Delivery time down from 21days to 6h. Come to the factory in the morning – configure your bike and ride home in the afternoon. Customer benefits: Each bike is configured specifically for one customer – check the Harley website: Build your very own bike Fast delivery (especially important for America Hugh improvement in quality because process parameter are measured, compared and store for later tracking Harley benefits: Cost down More business Stock from 10$ (2009) to 70$ (today) Reduced lead time to produce customized motorbikes from 21-day cycle to 6 hours!

12 Early Adopters Drive Value with Internet of Things
Connected Cars BMW is working on the future of the connected car by integrating vehicle-related services into automobiles. Personalized marketing is at a whole new level as retailers can now target drivers with tailored offerings based on store proximity IoT Value Potential 2% lower cost-to-sales ratios enabled by automatic checkout at supermarket 22% Potential margin impact through supply chain efficiencies and targeted marketing $16.6M Estimated savings for fashion retailer ASOS in first year using warehouse automation Source: Morgan Stanley

13 SAP Hungary Kft SAP Labs Hungary R&D Field S&S Cloud Since 1997
100 colleagues 1200+ customers Field Since 2001 275 colleagues 3rd level support S&S Since 2005 250 colleagues Software R & D R&D Start 2015 75 colleagues Cloud Delivery Cloud

14 SAP Hungary Kft. SAP Hungary – Video:

15 THANK YOU Markus Hilken Managing Director SAP Labs Hungary



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