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SAP Sales and Operations Planning on HANA

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1 SAP Sales and Operations Planning on HANA
Alexander Barbeito Parga, SAP Presales Cloud Solutions SAP Forum Switzerland, Baden

2 Disclaimer This presentation is not subject to your license agreement or any other agreement with SAP. This presentation outlines our general product direction and should not be relied on in making a purchase decision. SAP has no obligation to pursue any course of business outlined in this presentation nor to develop or release any functionality mentioned in this presentation. This presentation and SAP's strategy and possible future developments are subject to change and may be changed by SAP at any time for any reason without notice. This document is provided without a warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement. SAP assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in this document, except if such damages were caused by SAP intentionally or grossly negligent.

3 Agenda Was ist Sales and Operations Planning? Warum SAP Sales and Operations Planning von SAP on HANA? Demo Mehrwert von SAP Sales and Operations Planning on HANA Fragen

4 Was ist Sales and Operations Planning?

5 S&OP Prozess = Integration Absatzplanung und operative Planung
In der Regel ist dabei das S&OP ein monatlicher Prozess, in dem unter Beteiligung von Vertrieb, Produktion, Logistik, Einkauf und Controlling ein Abgleich in Form einer strukturierten Besprechung stattfindet, um basierend auf Bedarfsprognosen zu einem abgestimmten Produktions- und Lieferplan zu gelangen. In der Form eines monatlichen Jour fixe werden zunächst Maßnahmen zur Verbesserung des S&OP-Prozesses mit Hilfe einer ToDo- Liste abgearbeitet. Außerdem wird eine Vorschau für den nächsten Monat erstellt, um auf Basis der Vertriebsprognosen und der Verfügbarkeiten von Produktionskapazitäten zu einem verbindlichen Plan zu gelangen Letztendlich geht es einfach und allein darum, den Bedarf (demand) und die Befriedigung des Bedarfs (supply) in Einklang zu bringen.

6 Welches Problem lösen wir mit S&OP
Welches Problem lösen wir mit S&OP? Traditionelle Ansätze schaffen Silos Finance Marketing Sales Operations SCM CRM ERP Unterschiedliche Datenquellen, Prozesse und Medien Silo Planungen mit eigenen Zielen Adhoc collaboration über , Excel Fehlende Simulationsmöglichkeit Auswirkungen nur schwer erkennbar

7 Ein typischer S&OP Prozess
Demand Konsensbasierte Absatzplanung und Planung neuer Produkte Input von Vertrieb, Marketing, Finanzen und Operations, inklusive Menge, Preis, Umsatz und Marge Supply Auf Basis des Absatzplanes erfolgt eine Prüfung von Abhängigkeiten bezüglich Kapazitäten und Materialien, inklusive Lohnbearbeitung Erkennen langfristiger Lücken in Bedarfen und Zugängen Balance Erkennen und Lösen von Engpässen Vergleich des kapazitätsgeprüften Planes mit dem Finanzplan Definiton und Vergleich unterschiedlicher Szenarien (Simulation) Executive Review Priorisierung, Finalisierung von Plänen – in Vergleich mit Szenarien, sofern möglich Review der wichtigsten Änderungen seit dem letzten Meeting Monatlich wiederholt

8 Warum SAP Sales and Operations Planning von SAP on HANA?

9 SAP Sales and Operation Planning Funktionaler Überblick
Real-Time Scenario Planning & Simulation Complete Demand, Supply & Finance Model Social Collaboration Sales and Marketing Forecasting Consensus Demand Planning Revenue & Profit Impact Inventory Target Setting & Projections Material & Capacity-Constrained Planning Executive Review & Real-Time Analytics The S&OP solution is designed for organizations to quickly align financial, demand and supply plans. We support the end-to-end S&OP process regardless of where you may be in terms of S&OP process maturity. A company’s revenue is typically owned by Sales and Marketing, which are key stakeholders in S&OP. We have made it easy for sales and marketing to provide high-level and bottom-up inputs for the quantity, price and revenue forecasts. After all they are the “S” in S&OP. We support and drive Consensus Demand Planning whose output includes bottom-up plans for quantity and revenue For any plan, whether for new products, demand, supply or scenarios, we provide instant visibility into the financials, including revenue, cost, and gross & net profit. S&OP is sometimes called SIOP (“I” for inventory) with good reason. With S&OP on HANA, you can see inventory projections in real time based on supply-demand decisions, and set and monitor inventory levels. In real time, without a batch process, we constrain the demand based on supply constraints. We can model sourcing of demand from multiple locations each with multiple constraining resources. Imaging changing demand, and immediately understanding what is feasible and profitable. We can also provide visibility into key material/component requirements. We have build the solution to support what is often called “Executive S&OP”. We provide real time analytics, built into the application to engage Executive participants. With the complete and real time model, only S&OP on HANA allows you to answer those difficult “what-if” questions in real time in an easy to use interface. Notice at the center are our 3 unique product differentiators. (1) scenario planning and comparison with multiple planners is now possible in real-time at detailed and aggregate levels, thanks to new the computing technology, SAP HANA. We also have “what-if” simulation available anytime for any planner on the entire model. (2) We include a complete out-of-the-box model which spans demand, finance and supply chain planning. This model is easy to reconfigure as your needs evolve over time. (3) Social Collaboration is embedded throughout the application. This addresses the need to tightly engage the various business functions that make up the S&OP process. This brings a new level of transparency in information sharing and decision making for the S&OP process, using social networking technology.

10 Kunden - Pain Points aufgrund Vielfalt der Teilnehmer
Mitarbeiter sind nicht bereit, Input zu liefern Intransparenz der am S&OP Prozess verwendeten Daten aufgrund der unterschiedlichsten Datenherkunft aus diversen Tabellen und Systemen Es wird mehr Zeit mit dem Sammeln und der Strukturierung von Daten verbracht als mit der Planung Veraltete Nachfrage-, Angebots-, Finanzpläne und Finanzdaten Auschließliches Arbeiten mit aggregierten Daten, ohne Details zu kennen Keine Simulationsmöglichkeiten um z.B. die Auswirkungen einer Nachfrageänderung auf der Angebots- und Finanzseite zu prüfen Planungsentscheidungen treffen, ohne dabei Lieferkette und Profitabilität zu berücksichtigen Entscheidungen werden auf Basis von ungenauen, nicht aktuellen Daten getroffen. Die S&OP-Information z.B. aus Meetings sind schwer zu teilen und sind losgelöst von diversen Planungstools

11 Out-of-the-box Integration
Architektur SAP Sales and Operations Planning 2.0 Powered by SAP HANA™ User Interface SAP HANA™ Cloud-basiert Vertrieb/ Marketing Planungssicht (Excel) ERP CRM BPC APO BW Andere Systeme Excel S&OP Model & Engine Dimensionen Attribute Key Figures Berechnungen Szenarien Simulationen Process Workflow Warnmeldungen sftp | https Web UI Absatz-planung Analytics (Web/Mobil) Out-of-the-box Integration Data Services Finanzen Social Collaboration (Web/Mobil/ Excel) Here we see the different components that define this next-generation S&OP application. On the right-hand side, you see the different participants that the application is designed for—ranging from Sales to Executives. We have an Excel user interface consisting of the latest SAP excel client (the EPM Excel Client which came originally from the Business Objects side of the house). We decided to use Excel as the primary way to review and quickly modify plans, since it provides a familiar easy-to-use interface for planners. We have created our own S&OP ribbon inside Excel to enable our rich functionality and have focused much effort to create a great user experience. As someone using the S&OP application, I can also log into the Web Application. We use the latest web technology including HTML5 and have embedded real-time analytics. These analytics are easy to modify by anyone and can be shared “socially”. Social collaboration, AKA Social S&OP, is enabled by SAP StreamWork. All shared content is available from the Web interface but also from Excel and a mobile app (for iphones, ipads and Blackberries). We feature process modeling, a process notification workflow, and a process dashboard that is socially-enabled to better engage participants. As expected, we also have an admin user interface, for managing users roles and permissions but also reconfiguring the S&OP model and calculations. At the core, all data is stored and calculated in real time in the revolutionary in-memory database called SAP HANA. This includes dimensions, attributes, key figures (KPI’s, plans and actuals), calculations, scenarios planning and simulation. The solution is maintained in SAP’s HANA cloud which features state-of-the-art security. A cloud based solution is faster and easier to implement (typically in 2 to 3 months), which drives a faster time to value. A cloud-based solution also reduces capital expenditures and gives the latest you functionality automatically, without the need for time-consuming and expensive upgrades. S&OP requires data from many source systems. The solution automatically bring various types of data into the S&OP application with SAP Data Services, which is deployed on-premise or on-demand (Other ETL tools can be used besides Data Services). We provide the 1st out-of-box S&OP data integration content (ECC, APO-DP&SNP, BPC), which can be tailored to specific needs. We support importing any data from any source, even homegrown systems. Data is imported only via secure means, including sftp and https protocols . We also provide a Web UI to import data which may not be kept in a formal system (i.e. Excel files). Supply Chain Administration (Web) Executives

12 = Warum HANA für S&OP? Milliarden von Daten S&OP = “Big Data”
Nur mit SAP HANA = Echtzeit S&OP Kunden, Produkte, Lokationen, Ressourcen & Komponenten X 2 bis 4 Jahre Planungshorizont X Vertriebs-, Finanz- und Angebotspläne und Szenarien = Milliarden von Daten S&OP is big data. Take your number of customers, locations, capacity resources, BOM components, planning periods for mid to long term. Now account for dozens of plans and scenarios. This yield billions of data points. Traditional database technology grinds to a halt under these conditions. Hence the compromise of working at aggregates with no drilldown or bottom-up planning capabilities, and lack of real-time S&OP planning. HANA is a unique in-memory technology. It is at least 5 years ahead of the competition in terms of speed and scalability per analysts. No other S&OP solution uses a scalable in-memory database technology. Hence S&OP on HANA is the only real-time scalable S&OP solution for an enterprise. Here are some measurements showing the speed of HANA. 460 Milliarden Datensätze in weniger als 1 Sekunde analysiert 18 Millionen S&OP-Kalkulationen pro Sekunde

13 Demo

14 Mehrwert von SAP Sales and Operations Planning on HANA

15 Mehrwert Intuitive Benutzeroberfläche
Echtzeitanalysen und Darstellung von Leistungskennzahlen mit Unterstützung von SAP Business Analytics und SAP HANA Simulation möglicher Szenarien und deren Auswirkungen auf finanzielle Kenngrößen Angebots-, Nachfrage- und Finanzsimulationen in Echtzeit Integrierte Kollaborationsplattform zur besseren Zusammenarbeit zwischen den Unternehmensbereichen Integration von SAP ERP, weiteren SAP OnPremise Applikationen (APO, CRM, BW) sowie Nicht-SAP Lösungen Hohe Geschwindigkeit bei hoher Datenmenge (basierend auf SAP HANA) Datensicherheit & Verfügbarkeit Steigerung der Prozesseffizienz durch Anwendung von Best Practices

16 SAP Sales & Operations Planning Powered by SAP HANA
Einheitliches Datenmodell Echtzeit-Planung Simulationsszenarien Kollaborationsplattform Planung und Echtzeit- Analyse mit einem einheit- lichen Nachfrage-, Liefer- und Finanzdatenmodell auf jeder Granularitätsebene und Dimension Schnelle und interaktive Simulationsszenarien und- analysen auf Basis des S&OP-Datenmodells, um die Ausgleichsentscheidungen bzgl. Angebot und Nachfrage zu unterstützen Integrierte soziale Kollaborationsplattform zur besseren Planung und schnelleren Entscheidungsfindung

17 Vorteile einer cloud-basierten Lösung
Einfach und schnell zu implementieren Geringere Kapitalbindung Einfacher Zugang für Nutzer Skalierbare Hardware Automatische und gratis Updrades Höhere Service Levels und ein besseres Kundenerlebnis Implemetations take 2 to 3 months (not 6 to 9 months) Access: no VPN, etc. since on the Web

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