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Verkaufen im 21. Jahrhundert Wir stellen vor: SAP Cloud for Customers

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1 Verkaufen im 21. Jahrhundert Wir stellen vor: SAP Cloud for Customers
SAP Forum Baden, 11. Juni 2013 Kirsten Trocka Senior Industry Advisor, SAP Cloud Solutions SAP (Schweiz) AG

2 Vor einem Jahr…

SAP in der Cloud Eine gemeinsame Cloud Architektur für alle SAP Lösungen BUSINESS NETWORK BUSINESS TO BUSINESS COLLABORATION SOCIAL PEOPLE TO PEOPLE COLLABORATION SUITE ON HANA BW ON MANAGED CLOUD LINE OF BUSINESS CLOUD APPLICATIONS PEOPLE CUSTOMER MONEY SUPPLIER CLOUD MARKETPLACE PARTNER/ ISV APPS CUSTOMER APPS Our strategy has not changed - we have stayed focused. We give you line of business applications for your most important assets: People-Customer-Money-Supplier. All of this comes with the strength of our HANA Cloud Platform, so you have integration between the applications you choose. This platform ensures our Cloud applications integrate with each other, with SAP on premise applications, and with third party applications as well. HANA is critical to achieve business velocity. The HANA Cloud Platform also provides the extensibility for you to create new extensions or entirely new applications, on your own or with partners, and we provide the Marketplace and the SAP Store for you to discover and buy new extensions and applications. And last week we announced a completely new approach with HANA Enterprise Cloud, offering Managed Services along with our ecosystem. Now you can quickly adopt the Business Suite on HANA or Business Warehouse on HANA, at scale for instant value and no compromise- in a private cloud environment. And we wrap everything with the most progressive approach to collaboration in the world. We connect people to people with Jam, so you can collaborate in the context of your work and life. With the addition of the Ariba Network we connect you to all of your business partners so you streamline commerce, save on everything you buy, and discover new business. Our strategy for Business Velocity is to deliver to you the right offerings, in the right environment for you to run your business in the right direction, at the right speed to win. Your Cloud – Your Way. SAP HANA CLOUD PLATFORM APP DEV & INTEGRATION SERVICES | DATABASE SERVICES | INFRASTRUCTURE SERVICES | INTEGRATION

4 SAP Cloud for Customers Das CRM in der Wolke
Sales, Service, Marketing & Social in der Cloud Verstehen Sie den kompletten Zusammenhang rund um Ihre Kunden Antworten Sie intelligent und konsistent innerhalb von Minuten Integration zu SAP ERP und SAP CRM Designed für Kollaboration und Teameffektivität Key Points: Sales On Demand is already released – focused on driving sales teams to work together - maturing rapidly – integrated with CRM – soon to be augmented with Service and Marketing on Demand – highlight Social Customer Engagement OnDemand as a trend towards personal social engagement with end customers CRM is biggest market out there for Cloud offerings – but continue to hear different levels of dissatisfaction about the usefulness of existing CRM implementations Sales OD is a new generation of sales tool designed for sales team effectiveness Also GA of Social Customer Engagement OD – uses Facebook and Twitter for multi-channel support and marketing – partnered with Netbase We are making it a complete CRM Suite with Service OD in August and Marketing OD in November HANA adoption for sales forecasting planned for Q4 We have over 100 companies in various stages of adopting

5 Verkaufen im 21. Jahrhundert SAP Cloud for Customers im Überblick
Einfach Umfassend SAP Customer OnDemand Mobiler Zugang SAP Cloud for Sales SAP Cloud for Social Engagement SAP Cloud for Service Offene Plattform Über die Initiative wird ein gemeinsamer Go-to-Market-Ansatz zwischen qualifizierten Partnern und der SAP für klar definierte Wachstumsthemen verfolgt. Dies soll einen attraktiven Mehrwert für Kunden schaffen und sie bei der Bewältigung aktueller Herausforderungen über abgestimmte Lösungskonzepte unterstützen. Integriert Kostengünstig Cloud Integration SAP Business Suite ERP CRM

6 Demo

7 Der vernetzte Kunde ändert die Regeln
SOZIAL VERNETZT BESSER INFORMIERT DIGITAL VERBUNDEN Entfernen Sie den blauen Hintergrund, verwenden Sie den von Folie 3. © 2012 SAP AG. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. 2

8 Wie wird Ihre Firma wahrgenommen…
Wahrnehmung Firma Ihre Firma Grosse Mengen Schnelle Reaktionszeit Most companies that have established a social media presence, and have found it be a powerful communications channel, they are now starting to encounter some challenges. Top of mind is the reputation risk, what is a customer out there who has had a bad experience with your product or service saying about you on social media? We all remember the United breaks guitars example from a few years back where the Youtube video got over 10million vies. What compounds this challenge is that for social media, there is a large volume of data, how do you cut through the noise and find the messages you should be paying attention to? And what further complicates things is the need for speed, response times in the world of social media are measure in hours if not minutes? We’ll address how how can you address all these challenges and succeed in your social media efforts. 250M Tweets /day 800M Users 1B Users

9 Sehen Sie Ihren Markt durch die Augen Ihrer Kunden.
Gewinnen Sie durch Social Insights SAP Social Media Analytics Sehen Sie Ihren Markt durch die Augen Ihrer Kunden. Gewinnen Sie akkurate und bedeutende Einblicke in das Social Web, um Ihre Kunden, Partner und Wettbewerber zu verstehen, sowie relevante soziale und ökonomische Themen rechtzeitig zu erkennen.

10 Wie gehen wir beispielsweise mit Feedback und Service Anfragen über unsere Social Media Kanäle um?
Telefon Web Social

11 Zuhören und Engagement mit SAP Cloud for Social Engagement
Social Media Cockpit Nachrichten von Facebook Fanpages oder Twitter Kanälen in Echtzeit erhalten Automatische Priorisierung wichtiger Inhalte Stimmungen und Schlüsselwörter erkennen Nicht nur zuhören, sondern Möglichkeit des direkten Austauschs Reagieren (Inbound) oder proaktive Nachrichten einstellen (Outbound) Relevanten Antworten in integrierter Knowledgebase finden Schnelle Antworten durch Vorlagen Analytics Integrierte Diagramme and Dashboards Teamperformance und Einfluss mit eingebauten KPIs messen Nachrichten, Kunden oder Inluencer mit Tag-Clouds erkunden To recap, you have just seen capabilities to listen and prioritize based on sentiment and keywords, followed by the ability to provide real-time responses after automatic routing and assignment. This was supported by a view into the social profile and social interaction history. Rounded of by embedded analytics to provide insights into trends and the team’s performance.

12 Demo

13 Integration is Key to Achieving the Benefits of Cloud
Enables end-to-end Business Processes Across Cloud and On-premise Market-to-Cash Source-to-Pay Recruit-to-Retire End-to-End Business Processes Customers have complex on- premise landscapes As customers adopt cloud solutions, hybrid landscapes will become a norm Integration across the boundaries of cloud and on-premise is a must to prevent application silos As companies adopt cloud, real-time end to end business process integration is critical

14 Many Ways to Integrate Right answer depends on your needs and landscape
Flat File with Data Workbench Rich APIs with 3rd Party Platforms Point-to-Point/ Direct Integration SAP NetWeaver PI On-Premise SAP HANA Cloud Integration Data Migration Workbench SAP NW Cloud Integration Web Services 3rd Party Integration Platforms SAP NetWeaver PI On-Premise 3rd Party solutions SAP solutions Legacy ERP CRM

15 Ausgewählte Kunden der SAP Cloud for Customers Wide variety of industries and sizes of business across the globe *Click to watch customer montage video

16 Vielen Dank! Kontaktinformationen: Kirsten Trocka
Presales, SAP Cloud Solutions SAP (Schweiz) AG


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