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Nick Zalewski & Robert Russillo

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1 Nick Zalewski & Robert Russillo
Ostgoten Münze Ostgoten bronze schnalle Die Goten Ostgoten silber schnalle

2 Sprache Gotisch Verschwundene Die erst bekannt Die altest Unterlagen
Die Sprache von den Goten war Gotisch. Gotisch ist eine verschwundene Germansche Sprache. Gotisch war die erst bekannt Germanische Sprache Die altest bekannt Unterlagen sind aus 4 c.e.

3 Die Gotisch Anfangsgründe
Das ist die Gotish Anfangsgründe

4 Wanderung Gekommen 300 vor chrustus – 100 nach Chrustus
Die Goten gekommen heisst Götaland bie Schwieden und eine Insel Gotland. 300 vor chrustus – 100 nach Chrustus die Goten überqueren das Ostsee, und geregelt bie Polen In 200 nach Chrustus die Goten migriert Nähe von schwarzes Meer

5 Split of the Goths 300 A.D Settlement
In 300 A.D. the Goths split into two different groups known as the Visigoths and Ostrogoths. The Visigoths Migrated and settled in present day Spain, while the Ostrogoths remained in Southeast Europe just north of the Black Sea.

6 Ostgoten Die Ostgoten Reich Oium 370 nach Chrustus 454 nach Chrustus
Die Ostgoten Reich genannt wurde Oium. befand sich in gegenwart Ukraine, das Schwarze Meer, und die Pripjetsümpfe. In 370 nach Chrustus die Hunnen erobert die Ostgoten, und ausgeschlossen bis 454 nach Chrustus. In 454 nach Chrustus die Goten stürzte die Hunnen. Der Strutz wurde unter der Leitung von Theodemir.

7 Theodoric The Great Diplomatic hostage Returned to the Ostrogoths
Patrician and consul, but still king Ally of the Pope Freedom of Religion When Theodoric was young he was taken by the Roman Empire and kept as a diplomatic hostage. When Theodoric was older he returned to the Ostrogoths, as a friend and an enemy to the Roman Empire. When Theodoric was in the Roman Empire he obtained titles such as patrician and consul, but he still remained king of the Ostrogoths. Theodoric was a strong ally of the Pope and thought it was the duty of the Goths to protect Italy and Rome. He allowed freedom of religion in the Gothic Empire

8 Theodoric’s Italian conquest
488 A.D. 493 A.D. Visigoths and Ostrogoths reunited Theodoric strengthened his power The Goths became civilized In 488 A.D. Theodoric received orders from the Byzantine Emperor Zeno asked Theodoric to retake Italy from Odacer, who took over Italy from the Western Roman Empire. In 493 A.D. the Ostrogoths defeated Odacer and his troops, which resulted in the Ostrogoths receiving full control over the Italian Peninsula The Visigoths and Ostrogoths finally reunited under Theodoric during the battle to take Italy. Theodoric strengthened his power through a system of marriges with the Franks and the Burgundians. The Goths became civilized people under the rule of Theodoric unlike the barbaric life style they had centuries ago.

9 The Fall of the Ostrogoths
526 A.D. 535 A.D. 553 A.D. The remaining Ostrogoths fled in 526 A.D. Theodoric died resulting in the Visigoths and Ostrogoths spliting apart with the Ostrogoths remaining in Italy and the Visigoths moving North. In 535 A.D. the Eastern Roman Empire sent forces to Italy to conquer the Ostrogoths. In 553 A.D. the Roman Empire finally defeated the Ostrogoths by putting down the last effort of the Ostrogoths to recreate an empire. The remaining Ostrogoths that were in Italy when their empire fell, fled to Southern Austria.

10 Ende

11 sources http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goths

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