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Second City: 3D Stadtmodelle 11. Workshop am 13

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1 Second City: 3D Stadtmodelle 11. Workshop am 13
Second City: 3D Stadtmodelle 11. Workshop am 13. Februar Michael Schönstein Bentley Systems Germany GmbH Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Stadt Hamburg Opening Welcome & Introduction Jeffrey Bierman (SELECT and services programs) Hans Zeepvat (International) Outline If I’m not mistaken right now we have all quota carriers in the audience. Therefore, in the next 45 minutes , we will focus on the Subscription Revenue challenge for … or I really should say Revenue Opportunity and will answer the question how we will enable you to achieve or better overachieve your subscription revenue quota. (actually, we will see there are several opportunities for a true over-achievement) 45 minutes … lot of “overall” ground to cover …. I would like to mention both Hans and I will participate in Industry sessions this afternoon. Here we will go into more detail of what we we will address today and will also have the opportunity for a dialogue on how you are best able to serve your users in your specific Industry. Michael Schönstein

2 CityGML Austausch – CAD MicroStation

3 CityGML bei 3D Stadtmodellen
Austausch über WFS-WCS XML-Standard (CityGML) LOD1 & LOD2 SQD optional Integration mit DGM First let's look in more detail at the content management problem. Click Drawings - Raster/Vector 3-D Models Documents of many types and sources - specifications in Word, estimates in Excel, schedules in Project, etc. Enterprises also use databases to manage and store business information about parts and vendors, order schedules and costs, etc. The relationships between CAD master files and their numerous attached reference files, between designs and most up to date plots are uniquely engineering -related. They call for sophisticated systems to manage the relationships and workflows and digital rights that are involved. But within all this are yet other levels of detail, which defines the opportunity and the challenge of providing detailed information about a design independent of the tool used to create it. This is content management. So, for instance Elements and engineering detail within the vector CAD files. Same for 3D models Database details relating element information and enhancing it with more information from the enterprise data system. And again, there are relationships between all of these elements which also need to be managed.

4 Bentley`s Datenhaltung 3D Stadtmodell
Oracle Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g Spatial DGN DGN XFM DGN mit RDBMS Bentley MicroStation XM Bentley MicroStation DGN, DWG PDF, Google Earth OGC-WMS Bentley Map XM Bentley Map DGN, DWG, SHP Oracle Spatial, RDBMS Koordinaten & Projektionen 2D & 3D Topologien PDF, Google Earth OGC-WMS CityGML (WFS)

5 Bentley CAD/GIS + CityGML + 3D PDF
Objektorientierte 3D-Datenmodellierung 3D Ausgabe DWG, KML, KMZ, XML, PDF 3D Bentley Map XM Datenmodell XFM DGN XFM Bentley MicroStation XM Datenmodell DGN DGN Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g optional WMS CityGML WFS/WCS GML SQD XML

6 3D Modelle in PDF Acrobat Reader 7.0 Beispiele

7 3D B-Plan - PDF

8 3D Modelle – Rasterdaten & PDF

9 3D Modelle: PDF incl. Animation

10 3D Modelle in Google Earth

11 Google Earth - Beispiele

12 Google Earth - Beispiele

13 Beispiel - Ludwigsburg
Parkhaus Musikhalle

14 Vielen Dank für Ihre Aufmerksamkeit!
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