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The next Level... Barco ClickShare-Update & Barco NRC-200 – das ClickShare Erlebnis für jede beliebige Quelle Referent: Friedhelm Rook, Barco 02.Juli.

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Präsentation zum Thema: "The next Level... Barco ClickShare-Update & Barco NRC-200 – das ClickShare Erlebnis für jede beliebige Quelle Referent: Friedhelm Rook, Barco 02.Juli."—  Präsentation transkript:

1 The next Level... Barco ClickShare-Update & Barco NRC-200 – das ClickShare Erlebnis für jede beliebige Quelle Referent: Friedhelm Rook, Barco 02.Juli 2015

2 Auf unserem Schreibtisch lassen sich Information leicht anordnen...
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could work with digital sources in a classroom or meeting room just like you work with documents and books at an office desk? You open a book, put it aside to add some more information… Arranging digital sources on a display is not as easy as arranging informtion on your desk.

3 In our digital world, things are not that simple
…in der digitalen Welt sind die Dinge nicht so einfach. looking for signal... In our digital world, things are not that simple It takes effort to bring a PC dekstop onto the display And now you want to bring in an extra laptop with other information You can only switch from one source to another, how can you see multiple sources of information next to another? And what if the info resides on a phone or tablet? How to get it next to all the other information for everyone to see?

4 It is not as easy as arranging papers on a desk
Quellen müssen umgeschaltet werden Kabel müssen evtl. umgesteckt werden = Störungen der Präsentation! Meetingteilnehmer wollen Informationen vergleichen können  ähnlich wie am Schreibtisch Current systems come with complex remote controls or hard to use touch panels. Everyone has had bad experiences with these, most of the time they force you to put information up one after the other, not side by side. It is not as easy as arranging papers on a desk

5 Barco ClickShare

6 1 Base Unit; 1 Tray; 4 Buttons
MSRP € 1,750/USD 1,750 € 3,950/USD 3,950 Set 1 Base Unit; 2 Buttons 1 Base Unit; 1 Tray; 4 Buttons Output resolution 1920*1080 1920*1200 (DVI) 2560*1600 (DP) ClickShare Buttons and apps MirrorOp Sender for Galaxy Linux client AirPlay 2,4GHz and 5GHz band Button update over Wi-Fi Network Integration # simultaneous connections 8 64 # simultaneously on-screen 2 4 CMGS compatible Dual display Smooth transitions, auto lay-out Standard warranty 3 years

7 Fedora 20 en Ubuntu 14.04 LTS zijn de officieel ondersteunde distros.
Linux ClickShare support for two of the most commonly used Linux distributions New Fedora 20 en Ubuntu LTS zijn de officieel ondersteunde distros.

8 More than 1 person on screen

9 New iOS app iOS8 layout – optimized for iPhone6 experience
Document provider API: import/open from Google drive, dropbox, icloud, ... Annotation New

10 Full mirroring Samsung Galaxy
Thanks to MirrorOp protocol inside ClickShare

11 Full mirroring from iOS on CSC-1 (AirPlay)
Built-in AirPlay receiver in ClickShare CSC-1 Receive AirPlay mirrored content from iPads and iPhones Including audio No extra cost Compatible with HW installed base New CSC-1 only

12 Network integration Standalone Integrated
No automated channel selection or channel hopping Button automatically paired to Base Unit Connect mobile device to Base Unit Wi-Fi to share Complete separation between ClickShare and corporate network Configure appropriate authentication protocol Re-pair Buttons Select Base Unit in ClickShare app Integration of ClickShare in the existing network infrastructure Default configuration is standalone.

13 Standalone ClickShare is stand alone and does not connect to enterprise network Mobile device Display Computer Base Unit Enterprise Network

14 Network integrated

15 Signal strength modulation
Adjustable signal strength Reduce ClickShare signal strength to 25% Reach can be diminished to 10-12m

16 Button update over Wi-Fi
v1.6 or higher v1.3 or higher For optimal performance, it is important that the firmware on the ClickShare Buttons matches the firmware on the Base Unit. When the firmware version of the Base Unit is more recent than the firmware version of the Button, the Button will be updated automatically over Wi-Fi. The update does not require any action from the user.

17 Sie brauchen mehr als ClickShare?
Laptops Videokonferenz Tablets & Phones Room PC Dokumenten- kameras Barco brings you simplicity in the digital world For all sources of information in your room Fixed room PCs Laptops, PC or Mac it does not matter Visualizers Phones and tablets, both iOS and Android All information gets automatically arranged, freeing you up to concentrate on your message rahter than dealing with complex hardware and software

18 Ihr Kunde hat folgende Anforderungen:
Beliebige Quellen Perfekte Skalierung und Anpassung Moderierte Anwendung ClickShare Komfort Intuitive Mensch-/Maschine Schnittstelle Geht das?

19 Der Lösungsansatz: Barco NRC-200

20 Networked Room Compositor NRC-200
Erweitert das ClickShare System Ausgangsauflösung: 2x UHD (4K) 8 Quellen gleichzeitig darstellbar Intuitive Benutzeroberfläche Moderationsfunktion NRC-200 Introducing the Room Compositor (NRC-200) The compositor extends Barco Clickshare capabilities by allowing all sources in a room to be displayed. The NRC-200 drives up to 2 UHD displays which can be used indepently if required. Up to 8 HD sources can be shown at the same time, enabling the most active collaboration between all participants in a classroom or meeting room. The simple interface allows anyone to use the system without training. The default moderation function allows you to be in control at all times.

21 Einfache Bedienung per Touchoberfläche
Unabhängige Anzeige auf mehreren Displays Vorschau Moderation 1 Display auswählen 2 Verfügbare Quellen 4 Layout auswählen 3 klicken und teilen Through a simple touch application it is possible to control not one but two displays at the same time. You can use the second display output as confidence monitor or as an extra canvas to have more room to put information on. The application shows you all available sources with preview, this makes it easy to select what you need Just click the preview to show the source on the selected screen. The system handles the automatically arranged sources, but offers alternative views on the right side of the interface. This allows you do easily re-arrange sources with one button click. The presenter is in full control as the system comes default with a moderation function enabled. Your participants cannot push information to the screen without your consent.

22 Aufbau eines Systems Building a system is very easy
1 oder 2 Displays anschließen ClickShare Classic anschließen Optionale Quellen anschließen IP-Stream Building a system is very easy Connect your displays to the NRC- 200 Add a Clickshare CSC for wireless presentation capabilities Now you can already show up to 8 Macs, Pcs, Android and iOS phones and tablets together on the displays For wired or fixed installed sources likes room PCs and Visualizers 2 different capture devices send pixel perfect high resolution content over the local network to the NRC-200 You can add as many capture devices as required to the system.

23 Main + Confidence/Preview
Single Display Anwendungsbeispiele Dual Display One canvas Dual canvas Main + Confidence/Preview You can use the NRC-200 with a single display from huddle rooms up to big auditoria Or you can drive two displays. These two displays can be set up to form a single display canvas Alternatively the two displays can be used separately to put different content on each screen. Finally, the NRC-200 supports a presentation scenario where a main display is combined with a confidence monitor.

24 Leistungsmerkmale 2 „Compositor Engines“
Unabhängige Zusammensetzung bis 8 HD-Quellen Optimale Skalierung mit Seitenverhältnis Vorschaugenerierung Automatische Layoutgenerierung Stabile Anzeige / Sync jederzeit gewährleistet Reduzierte Komplexität in Projekten

25 Setup-Varianten

26 Setup von Minimal System - I
Wireless only system

27 Setup von Minimal System - II
Wired only system

28 System mit verkabelten & wireless Quellen (ClickShare)
NGS-D220 Lite DVI/DisplayPort  Standard stream H.264 video codec HD (1920x1200) NGS-D200 Lite DVI  V2D stream Low latency, sharp pixels Upgrade for 5MPixel sources

29 Setup mit mehreren Displays, ein “Canvas”

30 Setup mit “dual canvas”
Beliebige Displays 2 DisplayPort out Inkl. Konverter für DVI & HDMI Max. Auflösung 4k je Display Unterschiedliche Auflösung je Canvas möglich Canvas-1 Canvas-2

31 Einrichtung von NRC-200

32 Anschließen und Einschalten Benutzeroberfläche starten
Einrichtungsassisent in 3 Schritten

33 Integration von 3rd party Quellen
Live-Kamera / Video-Streams Die Konfiguration kann um RTSP URI erweitert werden z.B.: Axis IP cameras: rtsp://IPADDRESS/axis-media/media.am Unterstütze Codecs: H.264, MJPEG Anwedungsbeispiele: Whiteboars, Dokumentenkameras, Videokonferenzsysteme (Vidyo und Polycom bald verfügbar) Andere Streams erfordern Engineering-Aufwand Logo Polycom /Vidyo

34 Integration von 3rd party Kontrol Systemen
API für Mediensteuerungen verfügbar (RTI®, AMX®, Crestron® u. v. a. m.)

35 NRC-200 Zusammenfassung Macht 4K Displays wertvoll  effiziente Nutzung des Bildschirms ClickShare Erlebnis  bekannte Handhabung in allen Räumen Moderation  zentrale Kontrolle der einzelnen Quellen Immer das richtige Seitenverhältnis  keine verzerrte Darstellungen Keine Unterbrechungen / Blue Screens  einfaches und professionelles Umschalten 2 leistungsfähige Engines, mehrere Bildschirme  Einsatz in vielen Anwendungen Für drahtlose/-gebundenen Quellen  Für alle Anforderungen Bis zu 8 gleichzeitige AirPlay Sessions  Einfacher Anschluss via ClickShare Alle wichtigen Funktionen in einer Box  Geringe Projektkomplexität 24/7-Betrieb  Geringe Wärmeentwicklung (leise)

36 Vielen Dank für Ihre Aufmerksamkeit!

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