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Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs)

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1 Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs)
Dipl.-Ing. Nicolas Souza Funktionswerkstoffe II



4 Colloids - FuWe research
Printed electronics Colloids - FuWe research Conductive polymer/CNT inks Metal nanoparticles/CNT inks Colloidal CNT inks Denneulin A. et al., Carbon 49 (2011) 2603 Kordas K. et al., Small 2 (2006) 1021

5 Reinforced composites
Colloids - FuWe research Metal matrix composites Trinh V. et al., Adv. Nat. Sci.: Nanosci. Nanotechnol. 2 (2011)

6 Reinforced composites
Colloids - FuWe research Ceramic matrix composites Zhan G. et al., Nature materials 2 (2003) 38

7 Electronic bridge Single tube Semiconductor-enriched SWNTs are usable in thin-film FETs (TFT) High switching ratios can be achieved (app. 103) and high drive currents (>1 mA) They deliver strong photocurrents They are both photoluminescent and electroluminescent. These high performance semiconducting SWNT FETs also have demonstrated operating frequencies up to 80 GHz (109 operations per second). Wang C. et al., NanoLetters 9 (2009) 4285

8 CNT Yarns Yarn

9 Artificial muscles Yarn Aerogel-like material 1.5 mg/cm3
Operates in a wide temperature range ( K) Aliev A. et al., Science, 323 (2009) 1575 Air density: mg/cm3 Mars temp. range: 130 to 300 K Mercury temp. range : 100 to 700 K Moon temp. range : 40 to 400 K

10 Artificial muscles Yarn Testing Production

11 Space elevator Forest

12 Field emission Forest Diode structure with HV regulation
Meyyappan, Carbon nanotubes – science and applications pg. 196 Triode structure with gate current regulation

13 Flexible displays Forest broad range of conductivity (10-107 W/sq)
• uniform and linear conductance • excellent transparency • low reflectivity • good adhesion • durability • abrasion resistance • good chemical resistance • flexibility • ease of patterning

14 Electrical contacts Forest CNT layer Copper
Park M. et al. Nanotechnology 17 (2006) 2294–2303 80% reduction in contact resistance. Resistance α-1 contact force  small-scale force sensor.

15 Electrical contacts Forest Park 254

16 Optical absorption – e.g. Solar collectors
Forest Vivekchand S. et al., Chem. Phys. Let. 386 (2004)

17 Flexible mobile phone Graphene + CNT High speed electronic response
Self-cleaning surface No-scratch flexible display

18 Federico Lasserre, Zimmer 2.11

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