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Wachstumsprobleme bei Hunden Homöopathische Behandlung orthopädischer Probleme beim adulten Hund First of all: Thank you very much indeed for the kind.

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Präsentation zum Thema: "Wachstumsprobleme bei Hunden Homöopathische Behandlung orthopädischer Probleme beim adulten Hund First of all: Thank you very much indeed for the kind."—  Präsentation transkript:

1 Wachstumsprobleme bei Hunden Homöopathische Behandlung orthopädischer Probleme beim adulten Hund
First of all: Thank you very much indeed for the kind invitation and the opportunity to speak about one of my preferred subjects - and to be honest the first time in English – so thank you for your comprehension, if my language is not too similar to Oxford-English. Renée E. Devaux

2 Teil A Wachstumsprobleme bei Hunden
Renée E. Devaux

3 Inhalt Wie gehe ich persönlich vor? Wachstumsstörungen Ursachen
Homöpathische Behandlung Zielsetzung Wo? Wann? Wie? Häufig verwendete Mittel Schlussfolgerungen/Zusammenfassung And here is the contents of the first part.... STVAH-Tagung, Renée E. Devaux

4 Meine Arbeitstechnik Klassischer Zugang Variationen Einzelmittel
hohe Potenz ((30), 200, M, XM, CM) Lange Intervalle (> 5 Wochen), Ausnahme: Vögel Variationen Q-Potenzen während dem Wachstum I studied homeopathy with Dr. Jost Künzli, Dr. Mohinder Sing Jus and Jeremy Sherr, who all influenced me and helped me to find my own technique. Of course also other homeopaths to whom I listenend, had their influence on me. Time and experience confirmed that the classical rules of homeopathy – single remedy, high potency, long intervals – are also valid for the treatment of the animals I care for, and this is the way I proceed. Please note that birds are the exception: they respond very well to homeopathy but need high potencies, at least C200, at very short intervals, maybe even up to a daily application. Theories is one thing. Sometimes you have to make your own experience, such as Jus, who misunderstood Hahnemann‘s late theory of Q-potencies and gave them as single doses. My experience tells that the effect of these single doses last for at least 4 weeks and there are much fewer aggravations than with c potencies. During growth I sometimes give remedies at shorter intervals and changing between two or three remedies STVAH-Tagung, Renée E. Devaux

5 Häufigste Störungen (1)
Osteochondrosis dissecans Ellbogen-Dysplasie (isolierter proc. anco- naeus, fragmentierter proc. coronoideus) persistierender Knorpelzapfen hypertrophische Osteodystrophie Panostitis Hüftgelenksdysplasie During the growth period there are many skeletal disorders which may occur, such as STVAH-Tagung, Renée E. Devaux

6 Häufigste Störungen (2)
asynchrones Wachstum Radius / Ulna Patellaluxation Legg-Calvé-Perthes Malformation der Cervicalwirbel Mineralisationsstörungen craniomandibuläre Osteopathie etc. STVAH-Tagung, Renée E. Devaux

7 Ursachen Unausgewogene Ernährung Traumen Bewegung (zuwenig/zuviel)
vererbt (Chondrodystrophie) hypertrophische Osteodystrophie Unbalanced nutrition: as - too high energy concentration - too high or too low calcium concentration - wrong Ca – P ratio - vitamine D defiency Trauma Exercice (over or under) inherited-related: chondrodystrophic breeds like Bassed Hounds, Dachshounds, Skye Terriers etc.) Hypertrophic osteodystrophy STVAH-Tagung, Renée E. Devaux

8 Zielsetzung „No foot – no horse“
ebenmässig gewachsene, korrekt gestellte Gliedmassen als Voraus- setzung für Leistungsfähigkeit und ein korrektes Gangwerk Prophylaxe von Arthrose und Dysplasie „No foot, no horse!“ What is a well known saying for military horses can be said for almost all animals. That is why we attach so much importance to limbs. STVAH-Tagung, Renée E. Devaux

9 This situation is hopefully evitable by homeopathic prevention.
STVAH-Tagung, Renée E. Devaux

10 Wo? Optimierung der Futteraufnahme / der intestinalen Resorption etc.
Optimierung der Knochenmineralisation, Konsolidierung der Bänder Kontrolle der Wachstumsgeschwindigkeit Relativierung der negativen Umwelt- einflüsse These are the points where homeopathy seems to intervene – I cannot prove it, but at my experience I observed good results in these points. STVAH-Tagung, Renée E. Devaux

11 Wann? prophylaktisch während dem Wachstum
möglichst bei erstem Feststellen einer Störung therapeutisch in jedem Alter The best time for a homeopathic treatment is as soon as a tendency of a problem is observed. As long as the animal is growing and the growth plates are open we have a good chance to correct a wrong position. Later on homeopathy is an effective possible therapy for disorders following a growth problem. STVAH-Tagung, Renée E. Devaux

12 Wie? Ähnlichkeitsgesetz klassischer Untersuchungsgang
homöopathische Anamnese homöopathische Diagnose Akutbehandlung <--> konstitutionell Of course the homeopathic treatment has to follow the law of similars. But the first step is to make an orthodox medincine analysis of the case. We need an orthodox diagnosis To prove our seriousness to our non homeopathic collegues To give this diagnosis and different propositions for possible treatments to the owners, not to forget the prognosis Not to miss a case for surgery (osteochondrosis dissecans, fragmented coronoid process, ununited anconeal process) After this, we go over to a homeopathic anamnesis with the homeopathic diagnosis and proceed to the constitutional therapy STVAH-Tagung, Renée E. Devaux

13 Auffallende Symptome zu schnelles oder zu langsames Wachstum
offene Fontanellen Zu früher oder zu später Zahnwechsel Descensus testis (früh / spät / gar nicht) Hernia umbilicalis, hernia inguinalis Verhalten: faul, träg, abgestumpft, nervös, misstrauisch, ängstlich, lebhaft, sanftmütig Konstitution: schlaff, fett, langsam, drahtig, schlank, agil Useful symptoms for choosing the needed remedy and the treatment of growth problems are: STVAH-Tagung, Renée E. Devaux

14 Oft angezeigte Mittel während dem Wachstum
Calcium carbonicum Calcium phosphoricum Calcium fluoratum Baryta carbonica Acidum phosphoricum “grosse“ Konstitutionsmittel: Lyc., Nat-m., Sil., Merc., Sulf., Nit-ac., Aur. You all certainly know the mentioned remedies very well. For each of the different remedies I would like to go through the corresponding symptoms we often can see during growth STVAH-Tagung, Renée E. Devaux

15 Calcium carbonicum Ruhig und langsam, eher blass
langsames Wachstum mit verbreiterten Wachstumszonen kuhhessig oder fassbeinig Umbilicalhernie, Kryptorchismus, später Zahnwechsel, später Fontanellenschluss Hüftgelenksprobleme, Knochenkaries Muttermilch-Unverträglichkeit STVAH-Tagung, Renée E. Devaux

16 Calcium phosphoricum lebhaft, schnell erschöpft, eher scheu / ängstlich, schlank und agil später Zahnwechsel, Fontanellen bleiben offen krumme und gebogene Knochen STVAH-Tagung, Renée E. Devaux

17 Calcium fluoratum ungleichmässiges Wachstum (z.B. Vorhand – Hinterhand) schwaches Bindegewebe, Bänder etc. Hüftgelenksprobleme Exostosen knackende Gelenke Zahnschmelzdefekte, unregelmässige Zahnreihe im Unterkiefer Unverträglichkeit der Muttermilch STVAH-Tagung, Renée E. Devaux

18 Baryta carbonica wirkt sehr alt, stupid, geistig zurückgeblieben; langsam spielt nicht, erschrickt leicht, Angst vor Fremden, gern allein langsames Wachstum, zurückgeblieben Kryptorchismus erkältet sich leicht und friert schnell STVAH-Tagung, Renée E. Devaux

19 Acidum phosphoricum mentale und physische Schwäche
wächst schnell -> wirkt älter -> wird überfordert Wachstumsschmerzen neigt zu Verstauchungen ruhig, gleichgültig, apathisch STVAH-Tagung, Renée E. Devaux

20 Phosphorus lebhaft, temeramentvoll, sensibel, nervös und zärtlich, schnell erschöpft zu schnelles Wachstum (hochgeschossen) Knochenmarksinfekte, brüchige Knochen, Karies, Exostosen erkältet sich leicht Angst vor Gerwitter, Feuerwerk STVAH-Tagung, Renée E. Devaux

21 Seltener gebrauchte Mittel
Ferrum metallicum Acidum fluoricum Gelsemium Guajacum Iodum Manganum Looking at a materia medica you will find other remedies which may be of use during growth. I would like to mention some of them: STVAH-Tagung, Renée E. Devaux

22 Asta (Labrador-Mischling)
* HD IV, Subluxation Behandlungsbeginn: 6. Oktober 1992 Homöopathische Diagnose: Medorrhinum But now to a case: Asta, a Labrador-Cross, came first in my practise at 7 months because of acute lameness on the left hindquarter. She had been x-rayed shortly before and showed severe hip displasia with subluxation. She had come to her new owners at 5 months and had problems getting up from the beginning, she did refuse to go for walks, used both hind legs together like a hare. The owners had heard from the breeder, whom they asked, that several dogs of the litter had hip joint problems too. STVAH-Tagung, Renée E. Devaux

23 The 2 x-rays of Asta I show you now were taken at this time and were compared to the x-rays taken at 7 months by a radiologist. In his comment he says: “Both acetabula are scarcely visible, the heads of the femur are flattend with she shape of a mush-room. The edges of the acetabula and of the heads of the femur show hugh osteophytes. The joint-surfaces of the nearthroses are amazingly smooth and calm compared to the y-rays of September “ STVAH-Tagung, Renée E. Devaux

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