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Der Pharmanex® Biophotonic Scanner

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1 Der Pharmanex® Biophotonic Scanner

2 Pharmanex Biophotonic Scanner
weltweit erstes Gerät zur nicht invasiven Messung von Antioxidantien mit unmittelbaren Ergebnissen macht Nahrungsergänzung „sichtbar“ ERGEBNIS? $250 Mio. zusätzliche Einnahmen besonderer Geschäftsimpuls The patented Pharmanex® BioPhotonic Scanner is a cutting-edge testing tool that safely measures carotenoid levels in living tissue, providing immediate evidence of a person’s antioxidant levels. The result of this technology includes $250 million in new revenues and momentum for the Pharmanex opportunity.

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Persönlich. Revolutionär. Einfach. The Pharmanex® BioPhotonic Scanner is Extraordinary Science Personalized, Revolutionized, Simplified.

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modernste Wissenschaft aus dem Labor bei Ihnen zu Hause klinischer Nachweis, dass sich Ihre Ernährung & Lebensweise auf Ihre Gesundheit auswirken macht Nahrungsergänzung „sichtbar“ – Sie wissen jetzt, dass Ihre Nahrungsergänzungsprodukte wirken The S2 is extraordinary science… PERSONALIZED. The scanner brings cutting-edge nutritional science out of the laboratory and into your home. Every friend and family member can instantly know their own antioxidant status, making the supplementation decision more urgent. Their motivation grows as they watch their score rise while taking their Pharmanex® supplements and making important diet and lifestyle changes. As a Distributor you can help your customers develop a personal nutrition regimen fitted to their needs, and you can attract individuals who clearly see the business implications of this revolutionary tool.

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The BioPhotonic Scanner was developed by doctors and physicist at a top U.S. research university. This is a photo of the very first scanner that was used in the original research. Just a few years ago, the hardware required to provide an accurate scan occupied an entire 10x10 room. circa 1999

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This is the second scanner that was built by the inventors in 2000. circa 2000

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In 2001, Pharmanex began working together with the University of Utah and acquired the exclusive license to the BioPhotonic Scanner technology. Creating a table-top model was an engineering feat resulting in the patented, proprietary technology in the original Scanner. This unit was placed in the Pharmanex Research Institute in Provo, Utah for additional development work. 2001

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Working together with the University of Utah, Pharmanex scientists, engineers, and physicists, Pharmanex introduced the S1 scanner in the United States in February 2002. 2002

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„Ich sehe eine Zukunft, in der der Pharmanex Biophotonic Scanner der Goldstandard für die Messung des Antioxidantienstatus wird.“ – Dr. Joseph Chang Chief Scientific Officer & Executive Vice President, Produktentwicklung Here is a quote from Dr. Joseph Chang, the President of Pharmanex, at the time the BioPhotonic Scanner first launched in the United States. Pharmanex scientists have continued to expand the frontiers of scanner research. Our scientists are constantly producing more and more data to confirm that the BioPhotonic Scanner is the standard tool for measuring antioxidant protection.

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Neue, bahnbrechende Forschungsergebnisse liefern den Beweis, auf den wir alle gewartet haben ... Universität von Utah, Institut für Ernährungswissenschaft klinische Studie mit 307 Testpersonen streng kontrollierte Bedingungen wissenschaftliche Präsentation geplant für Frühling 2006 bevorstehende Veröffentlichung Pharmanex recently completed a study that provides the research we’ve all been waiting for. We have proven that the BioPhotonic Scanner is the best indicator of your body’s overall antioxidant protection and not just carotenoid status. No nutrition or drug company has been able to do this. Pharmanex® sponsored a study in collaboration with three major US universities to test skin carotenoid levels as an indicator of the overall health of the antioxidant network in over 300 healthy subjects. Specifically, the researchers investigated correlations between skin carotenoids—measured non-invasively by Raman spectroscopy (Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner)—and blood serum antioxidants (vitamins C, E, and carotenoids by HPLC), as well as urinary isoprostanes, which are widely regarded as the best measure of oxidative stress in the body.

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Ergebnis der Studie Haut-Carotinoide, wie sie vom Pharmanex Biophotonic Scanner gemessen werden: lassen auf Blut-Carotinoide schließen sind ein Indikator für den Gesamtantioxidantienstatus sind ein Indikator für oxidativen Stress (Isoprostane) können ein besserer Indikator für den Verzehr von Obst und Gemüse sein als Blut-Carotinoide (Bleiben Sie dran ... weitere Daten werden ausgewertet) The results of this study confirmed prior research showing strong correlations between skin and blood carotenoids. Most importantly, however, the present study showed highly significant correlations between skin carotenoids (BioPhotonic Scanner) and other blood antioxidants. In addition, a highly significant inverse correlation between skin carotenoids and oxidative stress (urinary isoprostanes) was observed. Together these results confirm that the BioPhotonic Scanner is the best non-invasive indicator of overall antioxidant status in the body, as well as a good indicator of overall oxidative stress. In addition, the study demonstrated that skin carotenoids as measured by the Scanner, are a more accurate indicator of average fruit and vegetable consumption than blood carotenoids. Previously, blood carotenoids had been viewed as the gold standard indicator of fruit and vegetable intake. This study will be submitted for publication at a major scientific meeting as well as in a peer-reviewed journal. Specific results and further information will be released in these publications.

12 Der neue S2 Wir stellen vor …
The Pharmanex® BioPhotonic Scanner now takes a quantum leap forward with the new S2.

13 Bereiche mit Verbesserungspotential
Temperaturempfindlichkeit Aufwärm- & Kalibrierzeiten Scanzeit Duplizierbarkeit Handlichkeit gesundheitsbezogene Aussagen With the launch of the S1 scanner, Pharmanex recognized a number of opportunities to improve the scan operator and consumer experience. These opportunities included temperature sensitivity, warm-up and calibration times, scanning times, duplicability, portability, and performing research to broaden the health claims beyond simply carotenoid measurement.

14 Ein „Quantensprung“? Vorderseite Rückseite The scientific advancement of the S2 scanner is similar to advancements in technologies many consumers are familiar with. Who would have known in 1985 that the tape recorder would be replaced first by compact disc players, and now by the digital music revolution.

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50 % leichter 60 % kleiner großer Temperaturbereich The S2 is extraordinary science… SIMPLIFIED. The new S2 takes the miniaturization of the Scanner a step further: 50% lighter, 60% smaller, from power-up to scanning in under 10 minutes, and less temperature sensitivity.

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Aufwärmzeit 30 min 5 min Kalibrierzeit 17 min 4 min Kalibrierschritte 9 Scans 3 Scans Scannergewicht 4,5 kg ~2,2 kg Scanzeit 3 min ~2 min Temperaturbereich 21 – 24 °C 10 – 35 °C Here are specific differences between the S1 and S2 scanners. Pharmanex® S2 technology means your business just got a lot easier. Now you can scan more people, in more places in no time at all. Scan people at the beach, at a restaurant or a family reunion. It is even less temperature sensitive. No more waiting, no more worrying about room temperature - you now can scan virtually anywhere. Your business is not constrained by the limits of technology—only by the limits of your imagination.

17 Scannen Sie mehr Menschen an mehr Orten in weniger Zeit.
Scans = LOIs = Einkommen The bottom line is that now distributors can scan more people in more places in no time at all. The latest Pharmanex innovation can deliver a “measurable difference” to our distributor’s businesses today.

18 Jetzt ist der richtige Zeitpunkt!
Die Zukunft liegt in Ihren Händen … und in den Händen der Menschen, die Sie scannen. Now is the time! We must scan 10 million people before the 2007 convention. Our future is literally in your hands and in the hands of the people you scan. Become productive with the S1 now, to prove that you’ll be productive with the new scanner when it is available. When it comes to the future, there are three kinds of people: those who let it happen, those who make it happen, and those who wonder what happened." Which one are you?

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