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Willkommen Lorenz Goebel Content Manager Geschäftsführer HanseVision GmbH

2 Keynote: Effizienz in der IT Do More with Less
<<Presentation Title>> Keynote: Effizienz in der IT Do More with Less PURPOSE OF THIS SLIDE Set up what we’ll be talking about today KEY POINTS Microsoft is investing to help you do more with less FLOW AND EVIDENCE Today is an exciting day. It is exciting for Microsoft because we’re introducing 3 very important products. But far more importantly, I believe today is exciting and important for you, our customers and partners, because these products will enable you to address today’s challenging IT demands and do more with less. Dominik Langrehr Technical Marketing Manager Microsoft Deutschland GmbH

3 IT Ausgaben – Gegensätze
<<Presentation Title>> IT Ausgaben – Gegensätze $ Billions Expected Total IT Spend Growth During Bubble Actual IT Spend Desired Mix 15% CAGR Growth PURPOSE OF THIS SLIDE Demonstrate that Microsoft understands the IT situation today, and your pain KEY POINTS IT budget growth not keeping pace with demand for new apps, increasing operations costs You are being asked to do more with less Microsoft understands this FLOW AND EVIDENCE 3 years ago Microsoft launched Windows 2000 Server. It was a very different environment then. It was near the end of the dot com boom and companies were still spending IPO money freely. Today, the pendulum has swung to cutting costs as the priority. These two extremes illustrate the opposing forces that you, as IT professionals, must manage every day - the need to do more (build new solutions, handle larger workloads) and the need to do it with less (less cost, time, pain). You’ve told us that these are the opposing forces you live with every day, but in today’s environment, the forces are more extreme. Your IT budgets fall into two areas: what you spend to manage and support existing infrastructure; and what’s left over that you can spend on new projects that move your business forward. As you can see in this chart from Mckinsey, IT budgets have flattened while the cost of maintaining existing systems has grown, leaving less to fund new projects. At the same time, Accenture did a study that showed that in an ideal world, IT pros would like to be able to spend about 55% on existing infrastructure and 45% on new projects. In today's’ constrained IT budgets, to be able to reduce costs and yet still have resources to build new solutions, you need products that enable greater efficiency, while enabling you build new solutions more quickly and that can handle larger workloads. That’s what we’re here to talk about today – how Microsoft is investing in products that enable you to do more with less… Source: McKinsey Source: Accenture

4 Mehr erreichen mit weniger…
<<Presentation Title>> Mehr erreichen mit weniger… IT Effizienz MA-Produktivität Neue Applikationen Kosten Support Aufwand Entwicklungs-Zeit PURPOSE OF THIS SLIDE Establish the opposing forces that IT are asked to manage – digging deeper into what we mean by Do More with Less and what we’ll focus on today KEY POINTS IT Pros are being asked to do more: Deliver more IT efficiency, more end-user productivity, more new apps And to do it with less Less costs, end-user support burden, app development time FLOW AND EVIDENCE So, what does this mean to you who are being asked to manage the opposing forces of doing more with less? By “do more” (click to expose left triangle) it means you’re being asked to deliver More IT efficiency of operations More end-user productivity More new applications By “with less” (click to expose right triangle) and you’re being asked to do it with Less IT operations costs Less end-user support costs Less development time for new applications So what is Microsoft's approach for enabling you to do more with less?

5 Integrierte Microsoft Architektur
<<Presentation Title>> Integrierte Microsoft Architektur PURPOSE OF THIS SLIDE Introduce the Microsoft approach to doing more with less KEY POINTS Microsoft has built an integrated, interoperable architecture that enables you to focus on your business solutions, instead of infrastructure plumbing FLOW AND EVIDENCE There is no silver bullet solution to managing these opposing forces. So, what is Microsoft’s approach to enabling you to do more with less? An integrated, interoperable software architecture that is built to enable long-term value, allowing you on your business solutions, instead of infrastructure plumbing. By taking advantage of common software architecture throughout an IT environment, a business can simplify development, management, and operations, and reduce costs and time to market. We are making significant investments to deliver high quality and dependable integrated server infrastructure that provides a highly productive environment for building, deploying and managing connected business applications. We believe strongly that a common architecture that spans application, operations, and information infrastructure is key to reducing complexity and costs — essentially reducing the total costs of ownership. Because we focus on integration and reducing complexity, our customers can, in turn, focus their investments on adding greater business value through their solutions rather than focusing on plumbing and management. Because they spend less time building and connecting new applications, they get new solutions to market sooner, again adding value for their business, while also reducing development and operations costs. These are huge advantages for a business in today’s economic climate, but these advantages are even more important for ensuring competitive advantage as the economy turns around. We are delivering server infrastructure which builds on the Windows Server platform, and provides the integrated functionality businesses need to connect their applications, increase the productivity of information workers as well as IT professionals, build an IT infrastructure which is highly dependable and secure, and accomplish all of this with the best value for the business.

6 Höchste Qualität und Zuverlässigkeit
<<Presentation Title>> PURPOSE OF THIS SLIDE Make a strong statement about the quality of the product – there is no need to wait for SP1 before deploying KEY POINTS Microsoft has invested in making Windows Server 2003 a high quality product FLOW AND EVIDENCE Windows Server forms the foundation of Microsoft’s architecture. And since it’s launch in 1993, we have been relentlessly focused on understanding your needs and letting those guide our engineering investments in building the best quality product. Höchste Qualität und Zuverlässigkeit

7 Qualitäts-Initiativen
<<Presentation Title>> Qualitäts-Initiativen 100+ Joint Development Kunden Server in Produktion 1 Million Beta/RC Fehler-Reporting PURPOSE OF THIS SLIDE Demonstrate how Microsoft has invested for high quality and what that means for customers KEY POINTS MS has built deeper customer connection to inform the dev process MS has used this learning to improve the dev process The result is a better product, that better meets your needs FLOW AND EVIDENCE 3 years of work by 5,000 developers has delivered over 650 feature enhancements in Windows Server That’s great, but to ensure the highest quality, we’ve also taken steps to strengthen the underlying code and improve specific product design areas. And we’ve worked closely with our partners to increase performance and availability for hardware as well as applications, and to give you more help and guidance. We invested in better customer connection We worked closely with over 100+ companies who deployed very early code and were connected to our dev teams on a daily basis. Some of these, we brought into our Enterprise Engineering Center where we could deploy their entire hardware and software infrastructure and test for compatibility and performance. You deployed over 10K servers in real-world production scenarios You and our beta testers received over a million copies of pre-release software And all of these copies were instrumented to report to MS any errors encountered so our developers could take action – in fact this error reporting has been in place sicne Windows XP and has lead to many improvements in product quality. We invested in a better dev process We used more stringent release criteria We took 9 months longer final in beta testing than Win2K The reliability measurements are better than Windows 2000 in all areas (at least 2x reduction in downtime over Windows 2000) We doubled our long haul server stress test cycle since Windows 2000 We doubled the number of developers who build management infrastructure to build more powerful management tools We took the error reporting data that pointed to problems in hardware drivers or applications and provided that to the product vendors so they could make their products better As an example, for our web server, Internet Information Services, we took the extraordinary step of overhauling it from the ground-up for dramatically improved reliability, security and double the performance. The result is a better product We introduced a role-based design, including the “Manage Your Server” console which enables administrators to more easily add and manage roles (such as file sharing, web serving, terminal server) to their servers. We Reduced the number of reboots and improved reliability. Besides having the 8x improvement over NT4, we also exceeded our 2x improvement goal with Windows 2000 by achieving a 4x reduction in downtime. Windows NT Server 4.0 customers migrating to Windows Server 2003 will see the biggest benefits including an 8X reduction in downtime due in part to a more robust driver model and system recovery capabilities designed for maximum uptime. IIS 6 downtime was reduced 5x over IIS5 with the overhaul specifically through process isolation and individual process recycling. To enable easier distribution of software updates including security patches, we introduced both an Auto Update client and the Software Update Services tool which corporations can use to manage the distribution of patches to their systems. And, we tuned many areas of the product to enable average 2X performance and scalability gains and we introduced 64-bit editions for high-end hardware. Stringente Release Kriterien Mehr Entwickler Partner-Teamwork bei best. Fehlern IIS 6.0 als Neuentwicklung Rollenbasiertes Setup Ausfallzeiten deutlich reduziert gegenüber NT4 und auch W2k Software Update Services Im Schnitt doppelte Performance

8 Secure by Design, Default, in Deployment: SD³
<<Presentation Title>> Secure by Design, Default, in Deployment: SD³ Sicherheits-Training Angriffsfläche minimiert Begleit-Dokumentation Dazu gehört auch das Security Response Center Untersucht von SANS Institut – 2003 Information Security Leadership Awards Leadership in Automated Updates Leadership in Security Training of Software Developers Leadership in Testing Software for Security Vulnerabilities

9 Führend bei Performance
<<Presentation Title>> Führend bei Performance Dateiserver Performance 50-100% schnellerer Dateiserver 200 400 600 800 1000 Windows Server 2003 RH Linux 2.1 AS NT 4.0 PURPOSE OF THIS SLIDE Provide evidence about the performance increases made in this release KEY POINTS File server performance has been dramatically increased (over 2.5 times over NT4) Web Server performance is also much better-over 1.7 times better than NT4 FLOW AND EVIDENCE In every release of Windows Server, one of the tings we focus on is increasing performance. Even for simple workloads, WS03 offers lower total cost, greater price/performance and is easier to use, deploy and manage than NTS 4 or Linux-based offerings. For file serving, Windows Server 2003 delivers significant performance improvements and TCO advantages that put this release clearly in the lead over NTS 4 or Samba running on Linux. For example, in File Server Performance: Windows Server 2003 is over 50% faster than Linux And over 100% faster than Windows NT 4.0 For web serving, IIS 6.0 has been completely re-build with the release of WS03 to deliver a clear competitive advantage over Apache for customers in the web serving space. Additionally, the new Web Edition provides an economical form factor if you require dedicated front-tier Web servers. In Dynamic (ISAPI-based) Web Server Performance: And over 60% faster than Windows NT Server 4.0 So, on the exact same hardware, for file and web serving Windows Server 2003 outperforms both NTS 4 and Linux - while at the same time, as you saw in the Information Worker and Application platform sections of this presentation, Windows Server 2003 also offers far more functionality. Web Server Performance 1,668 1,800 1P 2P 4P 8P 1,400 Quelle: VeriTest, NetBench Ergebnisse, April 03 1,058 989 1,000 50-60% schnellerer Webserver Requests/Sec 600 200 EcomCGI NT4 Apache RH 8.0 Windows Server 2003 Quelle: Vorab-Ergebnisse-VeriTest, WebBench

10 Führend bei Skalierbarkeit
<<Presentation Title>> Führend bei Skalierbarkeit Oops PURPOSE OF THIS SLIDE More evidence about the performance increases made in this release KEY POINTS Windows Server 2003 is now the #1 Server in the non-clustered TPC-C benchmarks (along with SQL Server). The HP Superdome 64-way Itanium 2 server has the number 1 result of 658,277 tpcC at a new record low of $9.80 per transaction. It bests a 128-way SPARC box by over 200,000 transactions per minute with half the processors and at a fraction of the cost. FLOW AND EVIDENCE World Record Performance and Scalability Performance and scalability are vital attributes of any enterprise platform, because they directly impact the costs of IT: Having high-performing systems mean you need fewer servers to get the job done, and fewer servers means reduced administrative costs; Having systems that scale well mean you can avoid costly “forklift upgrades” without overspending on headroom. In TPC-C benchmark tests, Windows and SQL server are clearly demonstrating they are capable of leading performance across key workloads: Windows and SQL have the best-performing systems at every end of the spectrum, from 1p to 32p. At the same time, Windows and SQL also have the best price-performance at every end of the spectrum, from 1p to 32p. This represents a dramatic change from just a year or two ago, when Windows didn’t have ANY results at the highest end of the spectrum, which was dominated by UNIX and UNIX databases. TRANSITION This clearly demonstrates that this platform is capable of handling any workload. Now let’s talk about what scalability means to one of our most popular ISV partner applications…

11 <<Presentation Title>>
IT Effizienz steigern PURPOSE OF THIS SLIDE Introduce the IT infrastructure section KEY POINTS Windows Server 2003 will enable you to increase your IT efficiency by at least 30% for servers (as compared to NT4) FLOW AND EVIDENCE Now that we’ve talked about building a solid foundation, let’s turn to talking about how Windows Server 2003 can enable you to run your IT infrastructure 30% more efficiently. (The basis for the 30% efficiency is the data from the Windows Server 2003 early adopter customers, some of which are detailed on the next slide)

12 <<Presentation Title>>
IT Effizienz erreichen Sicherer Netzwerkzugriff Server Konsolidierung PURPOSE OF THIS SLIDE Describe how Windows Server 2003 will help you deliver greater IT operational efficiency KEY POINTS Windows Server 2003 will enable you to operate your server infrastructure at least 30% more efficiently by helping you Consolidate servers Secure network access Automate management FLOW AND EVIDENCE Implementing an efficient IT infrastructure with Windows Server 2003 enables you to take the cost out of managing your IT infrastructure and reinvesting it in the business. Windows Server 2003 enables you to deliver greater IT efficiency by 1) consolidating servers; 2) more effectively securing network access; and 3) automating management tasks. Consolidate Servers You are constantly under pressure to reduce the costs of maintaining and managing your IT infrastructure while supporting new services. You are telling us that you are spending excessive amounts of time, resources, and money to manage server sprawl. You are also telling us that on average you Windows NT 4 servers are running at less than 20% capacity. All these servers need to be managed. All these servers need to be secured. All these servers need to be kept up to date with the latest software. All these servers take up floor space and consume electricity. Windows Server 2003 is at least twice as scalable as Windows NT Server Combined with higher performance hardware from our partners, you are able to consolidate workloads onto fewer servers that run Windows Server 2003, deliver the level of service your customers expect, and still have headroom for growth. Windows Sever 2003 has a number of new capabilities that support consolation. In addition to support for hardware partitioning, Windows Server 2003 provides new support for Resource Management. The Windows System Resource Manager (WSRM) lets you consolidate multiple, unique workloads onto a single instance of Windows Server With WSRM you can allocate machine resources across multiple workloads like SQL Server, IIS 6, and Terminal Server so response times match business priorities. You can also track resource usage to facilitate charge back and capacity planning. Reducing the number of servers and server platforms in your environment is core to simplification. Migrating to Windows Server 2003 enables you to consolidate your existing Windows NT and UNIX servers. Customers who have deployed Windows Server 2000 have realized significant savings. Barkley Global Investors reduced their administration cost by 38%. Secure Network Access The integration of the networking, security, and directory technologies in Windows Server 2003 easily enable secure access to informational assets over wired, wireless, and remote networks. With support for the latest secure networking standards like IPSec, L2TP, 802.1x, NAT Traversal, and Protected EAP together with directory-integrated automated certificate and security services, you can secure and manage access to all of your informational assets over local, wired, wireless and remote networks. None of these features are available on Windows NT Server 4.0 Windows Server 2003 includes new powerful management automation tools. As a result you will improve consistency, reduce costs, and respond faster to business demands. Customers tell us that the patch management process requires a major investment in time and resources. Using Windows Update and the Software Update Services in Windows Server 2003, you can automate the deployment of updates while retaining full control. New management capabilities make it possible for you to keep your Windows Server 2003 infrastructure running efficiently. We added 60+ command line scripting tools, headless management, and support for emergency remote management. Windows Server 2003 also automates the process of deploying Windows to desktops and servers. The Remote Installation Service lets a user deploy a pre-defined image to their desktop or server. The Automated Deployment Services, the first deliverable of the Dynamic System Initiative, lets server administrators deploy Windows to a collection of servers simultaneously. Active Directory, Group Policy and the new Group Policy Management Console make it possible for administrators to define a security and configuration policy and apply it to multiple servers or desktops simultaneously. This dramatically reduces the time it takes to maintain the configuration and security of Windows desktops and servers. By making it easier to enable, manage and secure anytime anywhere access to your network you can both deliver new services to your organization, and reduce the time and costs of management Windows Server 2003 gives you the combination of the performance and scalability to consolidate servers, the tools and technology to more easily secure access to your network; and the ability to automate common management tasks - all of which enable you to drive at least 30% greater efficiency in your IT operations. Automatisiertes Management

13 Server Infrastruktur für mehr Produktivität
<<Presentation Title>> Server Infrastruktur für mehr Produktivität PURPOSE OF THIS SLIDE Set up our philosophy on how Windows Server 2003 will help you deliver greater information worker productivity while reducing IT pain KEY POINTS You face the daunting task of getting end users the tools they need, yet do that in a way that does not create extra management tax and support burden. Windows Server 2003 enables you to deploy this critical IW server infrastructure to end users in a self-service manner that reduces IT support costs. FLOW AND EVIDENCE The ability to manage your IT infrastructure more efficiently is critical.  But you are also being asked to deliver more services to end users to improve Information Worker productivity. With Windows Server 2003 you can say yes to these requests.  Let’s take a look at how Windows Server 2003 can help you deploy rich end user services while keeping costs in check.

14 Produktivität ermöglichen
<<Presentation Title>> Produktivität ermöglichen PURPOSE OF THIS SLIDE Describe specifically how Windows Server 2003 will help you deliver greater information worker productivity while reducing IT pain KEY POINTS IT Pros face the daunting task of getting end users the tools they need, yet do that in a way that does not create extra management tax and support burden. Windows Server 2003 enables you to deploy this critical IW server infrastructure to end users in a self-service manner that reduces IT support costs. FLOW AND EVIDENCE The mantra of Do More with Less may be the loudest when it comes to the area of Information Worker Productivity. In today’s business environment, business need to become more agile, but IT is under stress -- Supporting end-users is hard and costly. One of these areas is making sure that data is accessible, yet secure and protected storage budgets: big and growing. 30% of IT budgets, 50% annual capacity growth 60% of all corp. data is locked away on desktops--unprotected (IDC analyst Cynthia Doyle, Business Continuity in 2002:It’s Not Business As Usual, April 2002) user errors wipe out important files, resulting in help calls to IT (US biz spends 12B/year on data loss recovery, 34% of all data loss from user error, $2550 per incident) What’s more, end-users & business units are screaming for more services from IT – make my people more productive! We talked about giving users anywhere, anytime access, but once they’re connected, they want a rich experience Simple file sharing just isn’t enough--connect me to my data, my applications, and my teams. Help me get on the same page with teams, customers, partners – make teams more effective Give me better insight into business information, help me find the data I need Help the company react quickly to changes & communicate more effectively You’re challenged to support today’s services & requirements so you are forced to deny requests or set low expectations when end users request more productivity tools. That changes today. Windows Server 2003 helps you balance strains of IT with the demands of business. With Windows Server 2003 IT Professionals can start saying yes to business productivity demands because it provides a single platform for that reduces costs, improves IT capabilities and provides end users with solutions that increase their work productivity. With Windows Server 2003, Information Workers are more productive while IT Professionals require less costly resources With Windows Server 2003 – we store your critical data, enable communication and collaboration, and deliver this power to where it matters most – end user desktops, allowing IT to start saying YES to business demands. Information worker productivity begins with data. It’s job # 1 for IT. If you can’t protect the data, you’re out of a job. We also include intelligent file storage technologies to make that server storage valuable to end-users Intelligent File Storage uses the scalable storage architecture to protects end-user data (security, encryption, scheduled volume shadow copies) eases access to complex networks: Distributed file system: simpler network names, easier server maintenance, access closest copy of data) Take control of data locked away on desktops: My documents redirection Terminal Services provides access to windows applications over low bandwidth links Team Collaboration & Communication – putting a face on the server infrastructure In today’s business environment, file sharing and data storage isn’t enough to streamline processes and make teams work more effectively. That’s why we also make powerful communication and collaboration services an integral part of the Windows Server platform. Team collaboration through Windows SharePoint Services with end user self service – auto-provisioning, membership management, automated site aging >> enabling sites to get deployed, managed and retired without IT involvement Better communications through Windows Media 9 Series – no more buffering. It enables on-demand training and executive broadcast scenarios helping your company communicate better and react faster. Productivity to where it matters – the desktop, improving end-user experience with visible results. With Shadow Copies of Shared Folders – end users can restore documents right from the desktop using WinXP or Win2000 – reduced OTG tape restores by 90%. With Office 2003, connect the team environment into your office tools: Shared workspace taskpanes, automatic site creation from outlook. Intelligent Printer sharing enables fault tolerant, discoverable, server-based printing With Exchange 2003, uses RPC over HTTP to allow Outlook2003 so you can securely access your exchange from any Internet connection This is great for users who are mobile in environments where VPN connections aren’t possible.

15 Applikationen in weniger Zeit entwickeln
<<Presentation Title>> Applikationen in weniger Zeit entwickeln PURPOSE OF THIS SLIDE Introduce the Application Platform section and explain what an app platform is. KEY POINTS As an application platform, Windows Server 2003 and Visual Studio .NET 2003 deliver twice the performance in half the time FLOW AND EVIDENCE Upwards of 40% of all servers are used to run packaged or custom applications. Delivering a platform for building great applications is central to Microsoft. It is where the company got its start and has been a key element of Windows’ success on the server. The app platform is more than just the operating system – it is also great development tools, a deep developer ecosystem and related infrastructure like database. With Windows Server 2003 and the concurrent release of Visual Studio .NET 2003, we’re taking the app platform to the next level. With the world’s most productive development tools that directly target the operating system, you get twice the performance in half the time. <Click to reveal next slide>

16 Bessere Applikationen - Schneller
<<Presentation Title>> Bessere Applikationen - Schneller Integrierte und optimierte Applikations-Infrastruktur Engagierte Entwickler-Community Unterstützt den gesamten Applikations-Lebenszyklus Klarer Lösungs-Fokus PURPOSE OF THIS SLIDE Explain the key differentiators of the Microsoft app platform KEY POINTS The combo of Windows Server 2003 and Visual Studio .NET has 3 big advantages: The app platform has a complete set of services required for building modern apps – transactions, reliable messaging, high performance web server, data access, etc. This release of Windows Server integrates the .NET Framework with the OS. Moreover, it has the world’s most productive development tools that directly target those platform services. We take an integrated approach – instead of adding layers of middleware on top of one another, we can optimize the stack from top to bottom for the highest performance and simplest approach. There is no notion of reaching out of the middleware when you want to integrate with the management infrastructure on a system or trying to do security – all the services exist at the application level. The OS has always been the app platform and it makes no sense to add middleware that increases cost, lowers the functionality and requires more integration. Windows Server 2003 lets you put middleware on a diet – after all no on is looking to add more girth to their middle. Infrastructure is not enough for an app platform – you also need developers and the ecosystem around them. Microsoft enables the deepest developer ecosystem in the world – the most developers, the broadest array of skills, the broadest array of languages, the most off the shelf components (for example, recent data showed .NET components outselling J2EE components 9 to 1), books, training, etc. Transition to next slide… I made the assertion above that the Microsoft application platform can help you build applications with twice the performance in half the time. Now let’s talk more specifically about how we enable this…..

17 <<Presentation Title>>
Visual Studio .NET 2003 Tools für Ihre Visionen Produktiv Verbindend Verläßlich Ökonomisch Productive: Efficiently solve today’s programming challenges Use any programming language, including Visual Basic, Visual C++, C#, & now J# Take advantage of powerful tools Write less code Employ Windows application services *Upgrade easily from current tools Connected: Address new opportunities in a world of connected applications, systems & devices Create new business opportunities with XML Web services Reduce time to market Deliver excellent TCO *Using a single tool, build applications that span device to datacenter Build on an extensible, standards-based foundation Dependable: *Build on the dependable platform now included with Windows .NET Server Dramatically simplify application deployment Run more reliable applications Improve performance Be confident with evidence-based security *New in VS 2003

18 <<Presentation Title>>
Vorteile der integrierten Microsoft Architektur PURPOSE OF THIS SLIDE Describe how the Windows Server System is how we are organizing all of our server software (formerly the .NET Enterprise Servers). KEY POINTS Microsoft is rolling out a new server brand, Windows Server System FLOW AND EVIDENCE Microsoft is rolling out a new server brand, Windows Server System, The Windows Server System signals a commitment to you that Microsoft is focused on delivering a comprehensive, integrated and interoperable server infrastructure with which customers can build, deploy, connect, and operate agile business solutions First, we are sending a clear signal to you and our industry partners that we have heard their feedback – that IT has become increasingly complex and costly and less able to deliver business value. With Windows Server System we are helping you understand the value that our comprehensive, integrated and interoperable server infrastructure delivers today, as well as making a long-term commitment to reduce IT complexity and costs. Second, by aligning the new brand with the server platform, we are clarifying that our long-term server business and technology strategy starts with Windows Server at the foundation. With this new brand, we are emphasizing to our customers and industry partners the business value of a top-to-bottom integrated server infrastructure. We want our customers and partners to know that we are working hard to insure they are getting the best return on their investments with Windows Server System. All of Microsoft’s business server categories will become part of the Windows Server System, including e-business (BizTalk Server, Commerce Server, Content Management Server, Host Integration Server), data management and analysis (SQL Server), messaging and collaboration (Exchange Server, SharePoint Portal Server, Project Server, Real-Time Communications Server), security (Internet Security and Acceleration Server) and management (Systems Management Server, Operations Manager, Application Center). And, of course, the Windows Server family, including Windows Server 2003, is the server platform and the foundation for Windows Server System. With the Windows Server System, we are delivering server infrastructure which builds on the Windows Server platform, and provides the integrated functionality businesses need to connect their applications, increase the productivity of information workers as well as IT professionals, build an IT infrastructure which is highly dependable and secure, and accomplish all of this with the best value for the business. We want to make sure our customers and industry partners know how committed we are to helping them get the best return on their investment in technology. Windows Server System builds on the Windows Server platform, and provides comprehensive, integrated and interoperable server infrastructure that simplifies the development, deployment and operation of agile business solutions. We’re listening to our customers, and responding to their needs by providing them with the best technology to help reduce IT complexity, to help lower the cost of running their business, and to help create new value for their business through the strategic use of IT assets. That’s what Windows Server System is all about.

19 Breite Partner-Unterstützung
<<Presentation Title>> Breite Partner-Unterstützung 220 Applikationen heute fertig 2500+ Apps bis Ende des Jahres 86,000 Partner trainiert weltweit 2000+ Systeme/Geräte unterstützt PURPOSE OF THIS SLIDE Convey the amount of support the product has from the industry and the specific Windows Server 2003 partners and give credit to our platinum sponsors. KEY POINTS Key hardware, applications and services are ready for Windows Server today FLOW AND EVIDENCE Windows Server 2003 is already fully supported by many server system and hardware, applications and services partners who have been working with the product during it’s entire development cycle to ensure their products are ready, compatible, and optimized. There are over 220 of the most popular server applications and tools ready today Windows Server has over 10,000 ISVs from the biggest of the big to the smallest of the small building solutions around this platform to solve your business application needs. Over 2,000 applications will ready this year. We also have 3 times as many certified applications today (those that have gone through a rigorous certification cycle) as we had with the Windows 2000 launch (Windows , Windows Server ) Over 86,000 partners have been trained to deploy, support, and consult on all aspects of Windows Server 2003. Over 2000 systems and devices have been tested to work with Windows Server 2003 already. The companies you see here on this slide represent the top partners who have committed to Windows Sever 2003, Visual Studio .NET and SQL Server. We thank them for their support, help in developing great products and for being ready to help you in your deployment of our new products.

20 <<Presentation Title>>
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