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Studentenstreik 2009, 2010 in Deutschland Part 1: Studiengebühren.

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1 Studentenstreik 2009, 2010 in Deutschland Part 1: Studiengebühren

2 Ein erster Eindruck... tagesschau Clip wien bis 0:30 Hochschueler besetzen bis 17, ab 46 Clip demo essen Flyer => nach jedem Clip: beschreibt was ihr seht!

3 Problem # 1: Studiengebühren

4 Das Studium in Deutschland war immer kostenlos. Seit 2006 gibt es Studiengebühren WS 06/07 – NRW, Hessen, Niedersachsen SS 07 – Baden-Württemberg, Bayern, Hamburg WS 07/08 – Saarland Max. 500 Euro pro Semester + Asta, Bahnticket, etc. Ca. 700 Euro pro Semester

5 ... Und wieder abgeschafft Viele Bundesländer haben die Studiengebühren wieder abgeschafft. Keine Studiengebühren haben – Hessen (seit 2008) – Saarland (seit SS 2010) – NRW (ab WS 2011/2012) – Baden-Württemberg (ab SS 2012) – Hamburg (ab WS 2012/2013) Bayern und Niedersachsen haben immer noch Studiengebühren

6 Diskussion Tuition fees lead to major discussions and, amongst other things, to the student strikes. Can you understand that people are so upset? What do you think were some of the main arguments for and against tuition fees? THINK – PAIR - SHARE Take a few minutes to think about it on your own Then share with your partner – in English/German Then share with all of us in German and discuss tuition fees – what‘s good/bad about them? Are you in favour or should they be abolished and the state pay?

7 Language Help for Call #2

8 Bildungsstreik 2009, 2010 Part 2 – der Streik What? Who? When? Where? Why? Against what? For What? ???

9 Videos Clip wien rest Clip schafe essen BaMa

10 Your Task When reading the texts, focus on the following: – What were the main issues/reasons for the strike? – For/against what do they protest? – What were the main means/happenings? – Who/how many cities/people were actually involved? In class on Monday we will: – Work in two groups – Reduce this to keywords and short statements – Make a poster with keywords, short phrases, pictures, flyers, subtitles, etc. which give a quick overview of what has happened and for/against what – Make notes of what you want to say when you present We will present on Wednesday (if we have to, we can move it to Friday)

11 Language Help Die Studenten protestieren/demonstrieren für NOUN gegen NOUN Die Studenten wollen... Mehr... Weniger... Besser... Schlechter…

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