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How does the Summer Party of the LMU work? - Organizations and Networks -

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2 How does the Summer Party of the LMU work? - Organizations and Networks -

3 What‘s the action at the Summer Party? Live-Stage (5 newcomer bands) 2 beer gardens 3 discos Performances in lecture rooms University cinema …

4 What‘s the concept of the Summer Party? Biggest annual event at the LMU – More than 5000 visitors Supported by the „Studienvertretung“ Organized by the „Uni-Sommerfest e.V.“ Special: no sponsoring and no advertisment at the party Organizers and helpers (over 300) work voluntary

5 How does this concept work? - The function of organizations and networks -

6 Definitions Organizations Formal organizations: planed, „official“ structure of an organization that helps people to set the assignment of business and the power to direct Informal organizations: additional, official not provided network of social relations which overlays, neutralizes and completes the formal organizations Networks Social networks: in them you have access to knowledge, information or connections you don‘t have but you know where you can get them without big problems

7 To clear the difference between formal and informal organizations Formal: - based on certain fixed rules which are obligatory for everybody within the organization - members get chosen Informal: - based on collective interests and a consens on a certain event - membership by spontaneous choice

8 Where can we find these kinds of organizations at this event? The over all standing organization is the LMU. The administration of the university has 6 members: -University president: Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Bernd Huber -4 university vice presidents -Chancellor: Dr. Christoph Mülke  Strict division of labour

9 One step under the LMU… … are the formal suborganizations „Studentenvertretung“ and „Fachschaft“: They have group rules, too and there is a hierarchy in the organization, so they are also formal. But the members of that two organizations have many connections to other people and they try to find a lot of volunteers for helping to make the party a success.  That leeds us to informal organizations

10 Our experiences: Anne and Miriam: We got 3 emails from Campus LMU according to the Summer Party: - 17.11.08: „Das Uni-Sommerfest sucht noch Leute, die Zeit und Lust haben, das nächste Fest im Juli 2009 mit zu veranstalten. Das Uni-Sommerfest ist die einzige fakultätsübergreifende Studentenparty an der LMU und wird von Studierenden aus den unterschiedlichsten Fachrichtungen organisiert.“ - 10.06.09: „Als nicht-kommerzielles Fest von Studierenden, für Studierende ist das LMU- Sommerfest auf eine große Zahl ehrenamtlicher Helfer angewiesen. Noch sind wir nicht genug!“ - 01.07.09: „Nur noch zwei Tage, dann ist es so weit. Am Freitag, den 3. Juli, findet das größte Fest des Jahres an der LMU, das Uni-Sommerfest, statt.“ Julian: Members of the „Fachschaft“ came into one of his university courses and asked for volunteers.

11 LMU Studentenvertretung und Uni-Sommerfest e.V. Organisations-Teams

12 Organisation Helpers Bands and Art FoodFinanzDrinksHomepage Press Advertising Securtity

13 These volunteer groups… … are informal organizations because the people decided to participate because of a collective interest (for example music). But there is also a form of reward for the volunteers which includes drink and food vouchers.

14 Thanks for your attention!

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