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IVU Traffic Technologies AG Han Hendriks, Business Development International March 2015.

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1 IVU Traffic Technologies AG Han Hendriks, Business Development International March 2015

2 IVU Traffic Technologies AG 1976Founded 2000Floated on the stock exchange 2014Revenue € 47.2 M EBIT € 4.3 M 350 employees 500 customers worldwide IVU.SYSTEMS FOR VIBRANT CITIES. Public Transport Logistics Information Logistics

3 Public Transport Die IVU.suite für den öffentlichen Personenverkehr IVU.suite for Public Transport Scheduling Dispatching Fleet management Ticketing Passenger information

4 Die IVU.suite im Einsatz z.B. in Berlin Deutscher Bundestag: Dokumentenmanagementsystem Destatis: Wahlsystem für den Bundeswahlleiter Deutschlandradio: Personal- und Sachmitteldisposition BVG Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe: Planung, Disposition und Fahrgastinformation für Busse, U- Bahnen und Straßenbahnen VBB Verkehrsverbund Berlin- Brandenburg: Datenmanagement und Leistungscontrolling für zwei Bundesländer BVG BERLIN Scheduling, Dispatching and Passenger information for Busses, Trams and Underground

5 Die IVU.suite im Einsatz z.B. in Großbritannien und Irland Planung und Disposition - für den Stadtverkehr in Dublin und für den regionalen Busverkehr in ganz Irland - Nottingham City Transport - TWM Birmingham Fahrgastinformation - Reiseplanung für ganz Irland - Dynamische Anzeiger für Transport for London Entsorgungslogistik - Bywaters - Recresco - WRG Kirkby-in-Ashfield Workington London Dublin TRANSPORT FOR LONDON Realtime Passenger information for 8.500 Busses at 19.000 Stops

6 Die IVU.suite im Einsatz z.B. in Arabien Planung und Disposition mit IVU.plan /.vehicle /.crew - für den Busverkehr in Dubai - für den regionalen Busverkehr in Saudi-Arabien - für den Aufbau eines neuen Nahverkehrssystems in Sharjah Sharjah Riad Dubai ROADS AND TRANSPORT AUTHORITY Scheduling and Dispatching for the busses in Dubai

7 Bangkok Kuala Lumpur Die IVU.suite im Einsatz z.B. in Asien IVU.plan für den Skytrain und die U-Bahn in Bangkok (22 Züge) für die Schnellbahn in Kuala Lumpur (12 Züge) © My Train Pix BANGKOK MASS TRANSIT SYSTEM Scheduling and Dispatching for Skytrain and Metro in Bangkok, Thailand

8 Die IVU.suite im Einsatz z.B. in Kolumbien IVU.suite für den Aufbau eines neuen Nahverkehrssystems in Cali BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) System mit 1.000 Bussen Cali CALI (Colombia) IVU.suite for the creation of a completely new transport system BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) involving 1,000 buses

9 9 IVU.suite for public transport For the full range of operational tasks IVU.planIVU.vehicleIVU.fleetIVU.fareIVU.realtimeIVU.control IVU.poolIVU.crewIVU.cockpitIVU.ticketIVU.journey IVU.boxIVU.validator PLANNINGDISPATCHINGFLEET MANAGEMENT TICKETINGPASSENGER INFORMATION CONTROLLING

10 Network and timetable planning Functional highlights 10 vehicle run optimizer Graphical timetable Tabular timetableNetwork Planning

11 Crew management Functional highlights 11 Duty planningCrew Dispatching Payroll interface Driver information

12 Vehicle management Functional highlights 12 Planning of Vehicle workings Maintenance Refuel Planning of Tracks and parking areas Vehicle dispatch – track occupancy Vehicle dispatch and monitoring

13 Fleet management System overview 13 Control centre Traffic light pre-emption Planning ( Headquarters ) Radio / GSM Realtime Passenger Information WiFi GPS IBIS-Bus Side Display Front Display Line GSM/GPRS Modem Micro GPS Digital I/O: - Door - Emergency - Odometer - PTT - Audio Control Loud-speaker Onboard-unit + equipment Dispatching (Depots)

14 Fleet management Control centre 14 Control centre Punctuality Vehicle positions in the network Vehicle positions on a map

15 Ticketing Back office system and sales channels 15 Ticket machine PDA Handheld Counter Clearing and Statistics Fare defintion Tariff structure Oracle- Database Validator Driver console Administration

16 Passenger information Journey planner and stop displays Journey planning - Door-to-door, multimodal - Including information on footpaths, Barriers and disruptions - via Call Centre, Internet or mobile devices Realtime-Information - next departures - connection information 16

17 Passenger information Journey planner via mobile devices 17 Start + destinationConnectionsDetails + timesCity map http://mobil.BVG.de

18 Controlling Performance and sales statistics 18 Sales statistics Matched connections and failures analysis of causes Quality reportPunctuality statistics Average intraday timetable deviation Thematic maps Link load diagram - occupancy of regional trains, bidirectional 04-09 p.m.

19 The IVU.suite for Public Transport Overview An all-purpose product suite: - Buses, rail, ferries,... - From 10 to 10,000 vehicles - In more than 20 languages Resource deployment optimisation for vehicles and crew centralised data flow - Integrated database editing - Tried and tested interfaces 19

20 Thank you very much for your attention!

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