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Rolling Stock Technology -

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1 Rolling Stock Technology -
Preparing High Speed Trains for the Future Deutsche Bahn AG – Technology Procurement Joachim Mayer Head of Rolling Stock Deutsche Bahn AG, Joachim Mayer,

2 The Development of High Speed Trains in Germany - Past to Present
The continuous development of High Speed Trains and Infrastructure is an Important Competitive Advantage. 1985: ICE V - ex-perimental ICE delivered to DB 1988: HS-line Fulda - Würzburg 1988: World Record ICE V: km/h 1996: First ICE 2 line 1991: First ICE line 1993: first ICE service to Switzerland 1999: First ICE T line opened 2000: First ICE TD line 1988: High speed line Fulda - Würzburg opened (airtight InterCity trains with class at first). 1991: First ICE line opened (Hamburg - Frankfurt - München). Internet 01_02_DB_2226 02_05_DB_0809 (IC) 2002: First ICE service to Belgium 2000: First ICE 3 line opened, Fist ICE service to Holland Deutsche Bahn AG, Joachim Mayer,

3 Further Procurement and Systems Support Keep the Fleet up to date, but only in combination with Track Upgrading Procurement of the ICE Fleet (2. Series): 13 ICE 3 28 ICE T Modernization of 115 IC/EC Push-Pull-Trainsets 12/2004: Hamburg-Berlin 12/2004: GSM-R 2006: Nuremberg-Ingolstadt 2006: ETCS-pilot Berlin-Hamburg 05/2006: North-South Connection Berlin 2007/2008: Mannheim-Saarbrücken ICE: GB02_001 ? 02_03_DB_20038 RZW: 01_11_Be_47_2002_14 mit gelb 01_11_Be_46_2002_7 im Innern 01_11_Be_49_2002_15 mit Mensch Strecke: 05_13_Bed_67_04_13 Keeping the fleet up to date and expanding the possibilities of its use Redesign of the 59 ICE 1 Trainsets 5 Multisystem ICE 3 for service to France Deutsche Bahn AG, Joachim Mayer,

4 Expectations and Demands of Passengers and Operators on High Speed Trains Have a large Impact on the Future of High Speed Traffic Intermodal and Intramodal Competition will lead to higher Expectations of Passengers and Operators. Passengers’ Demands Operators’ Demands Cross-Border Services within Europe Travel Time Security Low Prices Comfort Easy Ticketing Flexibility Interoperability Speed Safety RAMS Low Costs Flexible Operation over Life Cycle Easy Access to Rail Transport and Trains Service before Journey during Journey after Journey Network Services of Public and Private Transportation (intra- & intermodal) ICE + Thalys: DBiE_003 Deutsche Bahn AG, Joachim Mayer,

5 Future Train Design has to cope with the Passengers’ and Operators’ Demands
Design for Cost Design for Maintenance Design for Refurbishment Design for Interoperability DB’s future High Speed Trains will be High Performance Trains for European Cross Border Services. Modularization of Trains Standardization of Functions How to Prepare a Train for Service How to Operate a Train How to Maintain a Train How to Operate Onboard Services Standardization of technical Interfaces Harmonization of Components’ Maintenance Intervals Stretching Maintenance Intervals Deutsche Bahn AG, Joachim Mayer,

6 LCC zentrale Kenngröße
Current and Future Projects of DB address especially these Passenger and Operator Demands Standardization and Modularization will lead to Cost Reductions More Interoperability Increase of Quality Increase of Flexibility Joint-Effort Spurkranz- Batterie(1) Sitz Innentüren Pult schmieranlage kationsmod. Kommuni- Bedienungsmod Batterie- Fenster Anzeigen adegerät Interieur Radsatz Traktionssteu. Anbauten Drehgestllr. m. Traktionsumri. Diagnose Steuerungsele. Außentüren Auto. Kupplung Network Bremskrafterz. Bremssteuerung LZB/ETCS Zugbus Sicherheitsrelev. Übergang Sanitärraum Dieselmotor Fahrmotor HKL Kühlung Auspuff/Filter Drucklufterzeug. Umrichter Stromabnehmer Bistro/Küche(2) Traktions-Trafo Kabelkanäle Fahrzeugkopf Wagenkasten Dach Puffer Tank Sicherheitsrel.) tionsbus (nicht Kommunika- Sourcing Redefinition €€ Q Modularization & Standardization deln Han- den schei- Ent- Aus- wer- ten Daten erfas- sen LCC zentrale Kenngröße Lastenheft Anforderungen Innovation Qualität ETCS EuroBalise GSM-R ETCS MODTRAIN & Mofast The results obtained in the project are very successful and mark an important milestone towards European harmonised railway traffic. Never before interdisciplinary teams of the three most important European railways have created such amount of harmonised requirements in such a (relatively) short time, including technics, production, marketing & design, purchase and legal aspects. Even when the final objective of the project could not be reached, the results of the HTE might be misunderstood in the public (EC, industry, ...) HTE => Marktvolumen in Europa reicht nicht für mehrere parallele Entwicklungen der Hersteller Basissystem High Speed Train Europe Deutsche Bahn AG, Joachim Mayer,

7 Thank you for your attention ! Technology / Procurement Rolling Stock
Deutsche Bahn AG Technology/Procurement Head of Rolling Stock Joachim Mayer Völckerstraße 5 80939 München Tel.: +49 (0) Fax: +49 (0) Deutsche Bahn AG, Joachim Mayer,

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