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SiPass integrated.

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1 SiPass integrated

2 Overview SiPass™ Product Family
The SiPass range of products are all compatible. You can install one system and then when your business grows expand the access system without the need to rewire or reinstall existing components. SiPass standalone SiPass integrated SiPass networked November 2004 SiPass integrated

3 SiPass integrated Product Description Main Features
Fully feature integrated access control for large and demanding applications Main Features Fully encrypted Ethernet architecture Powerful access controller with flexible I/O options Virtually unlimited card holders and controllers Photo Imaging and Card Printing Fully integrated digital and analogue video from Siemens Global and Timed Anti-Passback Visitor & Elevator Management Extended software options Dial-up Controllers and Workstations Languages: DE, EN, ES, FR, NL, PL Dual reader interface I/O Boards Network architecture CCTV Integration November 2004 SiPass integrated

4 SiPass integrated – Overview
SiPass is a Windows based client-server host application that performs a wide variety of access control, identification and security functions SiPass offers a fully distributed architecture SiPass uses a MSDE or MS-SQL integrated database to store all application critical data Network based controller provides flexible I/O and powerful peer-to-peer operation November 2004 SiPass integrated

5 Industry standard server requirements
SiPass integrated – Industry standard server requirements The SiPass Server hosts the primary security database that allows the system to be correctly managed. Server Requirements: Intel based Computer Windows XP (SP1), 2000 (SP3), Server 2003 (SP3) SQL SERVER 2000 or MSDE (SP3) November 2004 SiPass integrated

6 Each ACC controls access for up to 64 doors
SiPass integrated – System Architecture SiPass Client workstation SiPass Server ACC In reader Exit reader OPM DRI IPM WAN/LAN Each ACC controls access for up to 64 doors RS485 November 2004 SiPass integrated

7 SiPass integrated – Secure single logon
All data in your security system is protected from unauthorized users gaining access. Fully encrypted logon using a unique user name and password for verification or Windows authenticated logon using the integrated Windows login November 2004 SiPass integrated

8 SiPass integrated – Graphical User Interface
Simple point & click GUI Selectable toolbar Straightforward and easy navigation Windows XP certified November 2004 SiPass integrated

9 SiPass integrated – Reporting
Audit trail, database, and log book reporting Fully configurable reports; you select the information you want to appear in your report using custom queries. Save queries so that report template can be reused Print reports, save them to disk, or them More than 60 standard reports are provided November 2004 SiPass integrated

10 SiPass integrated – Alarm Management
Multimedia alarm display integrating graphics and video Configurable alarm triggers Operator alarm acknowledgement Alarm handling from graphic maps Configurable alarm instructions Alarm queue Ability to silence alarms Configurable standard set of alarm response November 2004 SiPass integrated

11 SiPass integrated – Time Scheduling & Holidays
Up to 65,000 fully configurable time periods Each time period can contain up to 20 time intervals Include weekdays or weekends Programmable holidays November 2004 SiPass integrated

12 SiPass integrated – Backup and Restore
SiPass provides all the tools necessary to manage your valuable access control and security system data, allowing you to restore critical information in case of emergency. Backup database, audit trail, and log book records Select specific database components to be backed up Restore backed up files Purge the audit trail and log book November 2004 SiPass integrated

13 SiPass integrated – Online help
Pressing F1 displays the help system Step by step instructions for performing all tasks Full search capability across topics November 2004 SiPass integrated

14 SiPass integrated –SISTORE MX/AX DVR Interface
Management of multiple DVR units Viewing of live images from any SiPass client Configurable event task routines to trigger the recording process Single click playback from the SiPass Audit Trail of recorded images from any client Control of recording process directly from SiPass graphic displays Database partitioning that extends to individual DVR units and cameras Support for PTZ and fixed camera solutions November 2004 SiPass integrated

15 CCTV SIMATRIX Matrix Switcher Interface
SiPass integrated – CCTV SIMATRIX Matrix Switcher Interface SiPass allows you to combine the CCTV features with your access control system. High level communications (bidirectional interface) Interfaces with the following switchers: - SIMATRIX SYS - SIMATRIX 164 - SIMATRIX 648 Automatic CCTV events in direct response to alarm conditions CCTV specific buttons on graphic maps Configuration of presets, patterns, and sequences RS232 SIMATRIX SYS, 164, 648 November 2004 SiPass integrated

16 SiPass integrated – Dial-up controller
Remote ACC controllers can be connected via dial-up modem. SiPass server can initiate connection on: Operator request Time schedule triggered Host Event Task Time Period / Periodical Check ACC controller can initiate connection on: Audit Trail event buffer almost full Lost or corrupt database Alarm events ACC RS232 SiPass Server Telephone network RS232 November 2004 SiPass integrated

17 SiPass integrated – Tenant Management
Many office buildings contain staff from different businesses. Each business has their own security needs but a single access system is required. SiPass can be easily configured to handle Multiple-tenant facilities. In a multi-tenant environment, tenants retain ownership of their own security system Tenants can use their own access credential regardless of the credential used in the base building Ability to use cards with the same card number but with different facility codes or card technologies Provides an ideal path for system migration November 2004 SiPass integrated

18 SiPass integrated – Low-Level Elevator Management
Monitor and control movement via elevators Elevators should not be a security weak spot Controlled via SiPass I/O boards Each AFO5100 supports up to 16 floors Fire override function Capability : 64 Banks (Group of elevators that service the same set of floors) 255 Elevators per controller 255 Floors per system Crossover floors supported Unique time schedules for each floor Simple configuration using on-screen wizards RS485 Ethernet AFO5100 Floor 17-32 Floor 1-16 Elevator 1 DRI November 2004 SiPass integrated

19 SiPass integrated – Anti-Passback (APB)
Anti-Passback provides a higher level of security by preventing access card misuse. SiPass APB tracks cardholders and ensures for example they can not re-enter a room until they have exited – ensuring the card is not “lent” to another person. Main features and benefits: APB areas define spaces a person can enter or exit APB areas may reside within other APB areas (sub-areas) View a summary of cardholders in individual APB areas Detailed information about ABP activity included in the audit trail Guards can reset APB areas or individual cardholders Can limit the number of cardholders per Area e.g. Car parking, secure spaces November 2004 SiPass integrated

20 SiPass integrated – Timed Anti-Passback (APB)
SiPass Timed APB is a simple way of delivering many benefits of full APB but without the need to install Entry and Exit readers in all ABP areas. Main features and benefits: Once a card has entered a APB area it cannot re-enter that area for a defined period of time. Prevents a card from being “lent” to another person Ideal for high traffic areas where exit readers are not practical E.g. public entry areas in secure buildings such as national monuments November 2004 SiPass integrated

21 SiPass integrated – Door Configuration with flexible I/O
Battery backup + - PSU Aux output DRI Aux input Door frame Door lock In reader Out reader REX REX-Button November 2004 SiPass integrated

22 SiPass integrated – Dual Reader Interface ADD5100
Supports the most common reader technologies Support for all readers with CerPass protocol (i.e. ARxx8x-xx, ARxx3x-xx) Support for both entry (IN) and exit (OUT) readers Power supply for connected readers Monitoring of a door contact input Monitoring of a request-to-exit device Monitoring of up to 3 auxiliary input devices Control of a door lock/strike (relay driven) November 2004 SiPass integrated

23 SiPass integrated – Input Point Module AFI5100
32 Internally supplied inputs Supervision of input wires 4 general purpose outputs (relay driven) Local “tamper” input Local “alarm” output Fire override input Fire override output (relay driven) Connection for wiring to an ACC Field Level Network (FLN) channel November 2004 SiPass integrated

24 SiPass integrated – Output Point Module AFO5100
16 opto-isolated inputs (externally supplied) 16 relay outputs Local “tamper” input Local “alarm” output 2 Fire override inputs 2 Fire override outputs (relay driven) Connection for wiring to an ACC Field Level Network (FLN) channel November 2004 SiPass integrated

25 SiPass integrated – Advanced Central Controller AC5100
Access Control Engine 32-bit Processor 64MB onboard RAM Low Power Consumption 21 Diagnostic LED’s 10/100MB Ethernet onboard Up to 1,000,000 cardholders AES Encryption between ACC and SiPass Server Peer-to-peer APB and event tasks Flash ROM download (firmware updating) 4 x RS-485 FLN ports RS-232 diagnostic port RS-232 device port Tamper input and alarm output Real-time clock battery November 2004 SiPass integrated

26 SiPass supports a range of compatible Siemens Readers
Readers for most common card technologies available Readers for connection to door controllers Winner of IF Design Award 2001 November 2004 SiPass integrated

27 Integrated Fingerprint Reader (AR6332-BI)
Fingerprint reader in mullion reader design Full integration in SiPass Identification or verification with PIN Up to 450 patterns Download of the patterns via LAN November 2004 SiPass integrated

28 Summary SiPass The perfect solution for Access Control, from one door up to a global enterprise. November 2004 SiPass integrated

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