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The Bildungsinstitut PSCHERER gGmbH

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1 The Bildungsinstitut PSCHERER gGmbH
Bavaria Saxony South Tirol

2 Lengenfeld Poland Czech Republic

3 some facts Foundation: 19th June 1990 Legal form: limited company Headquarters: Reichenbacher Straße 39, Lengenfeld/Vogtl. Employees: 49 employees and more than 80 freelance lecturers Education, Consulting and Development are the columns of the philosophy of the Bildungsinstitut PSCHERER gGmbH.

4 fields of activity advanced vocational training in-service training
vocational orientation vocational training transnational education projects

5 fields of activity advanced vocational training
in accredited jobs that require training in industrial/technical adaptation courses information and communication technology energy and environment vocational reintegration

6 fields of activity in- service training
company trainings for small and medium-sized companies in various fields trainings at the „Energy- and Environment park Lengenfeld in the Vogtland region“

7 fields of activity private school vocational school of technology
computer science assistant (focus network engineering) assistant in chemical and biological laboratories

8 certification accredited by DIN EN ISO 9001:2000
accredited partner of the local education authority Zwickau for further education of teachers in the state of Saxony accredited by the quality guidelines of the national network of the French centres of competence balance (CIBC) as first institution out of France accredited by the German Natural Fibre Association for vocational training in the field of renewable primary products cooperation with the technical committee for education and further education of the German Organisation for Solar Energy Solarteur® - School

9 EU-projects projects within the common initiative EQUAL:
entrepreneurship LLL Equal opportunities - Reconciling family and professional life project Pro Personal within the Article 6 of the ESF-regulation Education Market Place Saxony Cooperation network for vocational further training in the Vogtland region Specialised Personnel Project Southwest Saxony –

10 EU-projects regional knowledge transfer concept of renewable primary products – material and energetic usage vocational training: Solarteur® energy-pass consulter specialised personnel biotechnology

11 Energy- and Environment Park Lengenfeld in the Vogtland region
education, demonstration and application centre

12 materials and technology
- motor vehicle recycling - regenerative resources - construction and insulation materials - ecological constructions house technique - heating- and ventilation technique - sanitary technique - central building control systems - measuring and control technology I&K-technologies - electronic data transmission - information- and communication systems - network management energy - renewable energies - energy-systems - efficient energy use environment - environmental analysis - environmental engineering chemical und micro- biological environment laboratory nature protection and landscape curator - village- and city ecology

13 model - house – construction with renewable raw material

14 model - house – construction with renewable raw material

15 Shadow-Voltaic-System 3,3 kWP

16 training at the solar-trainer

17 roofs for the photo – voltaic training

18 roofs for the solar thermal training

19 hydraulic- and pneumatic laboratories

20 garage for material recycling

21 Thanks for your interest!
Timo Zimmer, head of the project department Internet:

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