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Beatrice Gregus, Sandra Rindler

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1 Beatrice Gregus, Sandra Rindler
‚Vocational Skills Education System‘ – Skills & Academic Education with Benefit for Economy and Society As an example: the Education Center of Nursing and Social Care (Vocational Education and Training VET and Professional Education and Training PET), Thurgau Switzerland Vorstellen Beatrice, Tobias und Sandra Pflegehintergrund Aktuelle Tätigkeit Beatrice Gregus, Sandra Rindler

2 Beatrice Gregus, Sandra Rindler
Europe Switzerland - Thurgau Woher wir kommen…. BG, SR und Tobias Beatrice Gregus, Sandra Rindler

3 vielfältig Ausbildungsort vorstellen und was bilden wir aus, Hinweis auf Bildungssystematik BG

4 Presentation overview
Aims of Switzerland’s Education System Political and legal setting Overview of Switzerland’s Education System Structure of Vocational Education and Training (VET) Structure of Professional Education and Training (PET) Swiss Vocational and Professional Education and Training (VPET) financing Conclusion SR

5 Aims of Switzerland’s Education System
Sustainable network of schools aiming at life-long learning Various ways for individual achievement throughout the system→ ideal set of further study programs additional to academic and vocational training Skilled teaching and managing staff → beneficial to national economic development Low unemployment rate → especially youth unemployment BG

6 Youth unemployment rate 2012 (aged 15-24 years)1
BG 1 OECD Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (2013)

7 One task – three partners Political and legal setting
Professional organisations and institutions Curricula and apprenticeships Confederation Strategic management and development Cantons Enforcement and monitoring Siehe Seite 11 Berufsbildung in der CH (rotes Heft) SR

8 The Swiss Education System

9 Overview of Switzerland’s vocational and professional education and training system
Key VPET figures1 First-year students in vocational education (VET) New learners enrolling in VET 79’700 Total VET 233’200 VET degrees issued 64’900 VET degrees with academic option (number of federal vocational baccalaureates issudes) 13’500 Professional Education degrees (PET) 25’500 BG 1 Federal Statistical Office (2013), (2012a), (2012b)

10 Overview of Switzerland’s vocational and professional education and training system
Vocational training and professional (further ) education as integral part of Swiss education system Vocational training is foremost part of education system (after compulsory schooling, lower secondary education) Dual vocational training system fully linking theory and practice→ strongly oriented towards actual work experience «Permeability» of education system → career possibilities Cooperation of state, cantons and national labour organisations SR

11 What makes a 15-year-old choose to do an apprenticeship?
SR Michael 15-year-old Sara 15-year-old

12 The 20 most common professions in vocational training
SR Auch Sara und Michael haben sich für einen Beruf entschieden: Sara Fage, Michael Automobilfachmann, beides dreijährige Lehren In der CH stehen rund 250 berufliche Grundbildungen zur Wahl. Die zwanzig meist gewählten beruflichen Grundbildungen 2012 decken über 60 Prozent der neu abgeschlossenen Lehrverhältnisse ab. In Switzerland, there are VET programmes for around 230 different occupations. The 20 most popular occupations in 2012 account for over 60% of all newly signed apprenticeship contracts.

13 Structure of Vocational Education and Training Learning spheres
Practice (actual work experience, work-based training) Work-related theoretical courses (in classroom) (in training centres) Industry courses Wie müssen Sara und Michael vorgehen und wie sieht ihre Zukunft aus…. SR

14 Structure of Vocational Education and Training work-based-training
I have been responsible for the apprentice automotive mechanics for more than 12 years. I have been organising the work schedules and supporting them through their time as apprentices. To help them enter the job, a meeting is held with the future trainees before the apprenticesip can begin, including their parents, the head of human resources and myself. This meeting builds a valuable basis of trust. Bedingungen für einen Lehrbetrieb, damit Lernende ausgebildet werden dürfen BG

15 Structure of Vocational Education and Training Industry courses
An Apprenticeship is very different from school. In school, for example, I had Wednesday afternoons off and generally more holidays and free time too. So, from one day to anather, I was working in a firm, learning practical things in the training centre and gaining theoretical knowledge in the specialist vocational school. BG

16 Structure of Vocational Education and Training clssroom instuction
1-2 Tage Schule je nach Ausbildungsstand SR

17 Sara und Michael have successfully completed their basic vocational training programme
Sara – from health care worker to head nurse in acute ward 2003 – Apprenticeship as health care worker in a home for the elderly 2008 – Training as a hospital staff nurse 2012 Adult trainer diploma Nurse management training Since Head nurse of ward Michael – from auotomotive mechanic to a garage ownership 2000 – 2003 Apprenticeship as automotive mechanic 2006 – 2008 Training as automobile diagnostician 2009 – Business management certificate, specialisation in automobile industry Since Garage ownership SR

18 The Swiss Education System → Professional Education and Training

19 Professional Education and Training (PET)
A key feature of PET is a strong orientation towards the labour market It prepares candidates for challenging jobs where high levels of expertise and/or managerial responsibility are required → makes training more attractive A combination of solid practical skills and estabilished theoretical expertise Accounts for practical part of tertiary education, together with (federal PET examanations and advanced federal PET examinations as well as PET colleges) There is an equal number of PET graduates and university graduates employed in Swiss companies BG

20 Professional Education and Training (PET)
Federal PET Diploma Examination Advanced Federal PET Diploma Examination PET college degree programmes BG

21 Federal PET Diploma Examination – the 20 most common professions (2010)1
BG 1 Federal Statistical Office (2011)

22 Adcanced Federal PET Diploma Examination – the most common professions (2010)1
BG 1 Federal Statistical Office (2011)

23 PET colleges – the 20 most common professions (2010)1
BG 1 Federal Statistical Office (2011)

24 „During my training I was able to directly apply what I‘d learnt and take on new projects. For me the aim was always to acquire a broad, interdisciplinary knowledge; to understand what others do.“ „I wanted training with a strong practical element. That‘s why the Federal PET and Advanced PET examinations and the PET colleges suited me. My course colleagues and I had no problem finding a job afterwards. Specialists like us are highly in demand on the labour market.“ „I would recommend PET to any employees seeking to boost their career chances. You lern exacly what is really needed for the job. On top of that, experts in the field are there to teach you, guaranteeing a high degree of practical relevance. Ultimately, the indurstry has an overriding interest in well qualified staff.“ SR

25 Swiss VPET financing State Professional organisations
Federal grants (distributed according to line of business) SR

26 Cost/benefit ratio by programme duration

27 Vocational and Professional Education and Training: Everyone Benefits
„Apprenticeships and PET colleges have a ensured a fresh supply of workers and executives in our companies. Vocational education and training is a major pillar of our economy since it ensures that jobs remain in Switzerland.“ Jacques Morand, Managing Director of PolyForce, Bulle „Above all, I really like the fact that information technology is so diverse. My health care training allows me to apply many different talents. For my future career, I see a field that is rapidly growing and developing with many exciting job opportunities. Sara, learner health care worker, 2th yaer of her apprenticeship „Cooperation between policy makers, the private sector and goverment agencies is important in ensuring a higt level of quality in vocational and professional education and training.“ Paolo Colombo, Director of VPET Division, Canton of Ticino Departement of Education, Culutre and Sport „We must remain focussed on Switerland‘s successful system of vocational and professional education and training. It has sparked interest in other countries and, as an export product, it is very much in demand.“ Elisabeth Schneider-Schneiter, Member of the National Council SR

28 The Swiss vocational training model abroad:
Swiss skills The Swiss vocational training model abroad: E.g. Indien E.g. Bühler AG, Uzwil BG Am Hauptsitz des Bühler Konzerns in Uzwil herrschte gestern ungewohnte Nervosität. Jill Biden, die Second Lady und Gattin von US-Vizepräsident Joe Biden, besuchte das Unternehmen, um sich über das duale Berufsbildungssystem der Schweiz zu informieren. Sie weilt für zwei Tage in der Schweiz. Heute wird sie am Internationalen Berufsbildungskongress in Winterthur ein Referat halten. Weltweite Lehrlingsausbildung Die Stippvisite in Uzwil war für Jill Biden eine Gelegenheit, das duale Berufsbildungssystem in der Praxis kennenzulernen. Der Konzern bildet weltweit über 500 Lehrlinge aus. Neben Deutschland, China, Indien und Südafrika seit drei Jahren auch in den USA. Die Gattin des Vizepräsidenten war als Englischlehrerin an diversen Schulen tätig und wirkt in der Obama-Administration an der Reform des Bildungssystems mit. Das Uzwiler Unternehmen hatte erst vergangene Woche von der amerikanischen Botschaft eine Anfrage für den Besuch erhalten. «Wir haben gerne zugesagt. Für die Bühler AG ist der Besuch von Jill Biden eine Ehre und zugleich Anerkennung für ihre Berufsausbildung», sagt der Lehrlingschef Andreas Bischof. Neues Trainingscenter in Johannesburg Bühler hat in Johannesburg ein hochmodernes Training Center eingeweiht. Auslöser für die Investition war die Feststellung, dass in Südafrika und überhaupt auf dem afrikanischen Kontinent ein Mangel an ausgebildeten Berufsleuten herrscht. Das Konzept des Training Centers beruht auf zwei Säulen: Einerseits bildet Bühler Lehrlinge für die Metallindustrie aus. Zu diesem Zweck verfügt das Training Center über acht bis zwölf Arbeitsplätze. Anderseits bietet das Center für das Betriebspersonal von Bühler Kunden kurze Praxiskurse an. Dadurch werden auf breiter Basis Fähigkeiten gefördert, die in der südafrikanischen Weizen-, Mais- und Futtermittelindustrie gefragt sind. Zahlreiche Gastredner lobten das Projekt als beispielhaft für Südafrika. Von links: Dewet Boshoff von der Firma AFMA, Jannie de Villiers von der südafrikanischen Müllereikammer, Kokodi Morobe als Verwaltungsratsmitglied von Buhler (Pty) Ltd, Calvin Grieder als CEO von Bühler, Marcel Brühwiler als Leiter von Bühler Johannesburg, der Schweizer Botschafter Rudolph Baerfuss, Brian Angus von der Firma SEIFSA und Ken Duncan von der Schweizerisch-Südafrikanischen Zusammenarbeitsinitiative (Swiss South African Cooperation Initiative). Project: Indien Bühler AG, Uzwil

29 Conclusion Praxis oriented training → Quality and professionalism
Low youth unemployment rate→ attractive prospects; less crime Education is our (primary) resource Stable economy Transmission of know-how Various career possibilities BG, SR abwechlungsweise BG beginnt

30 Contact details Beatrice Gregus Sandra Rindler Falkenstrasse 2 Falkenstrasse Weinfelden 8570 Weinfelden Switzerland Switzerland Telefon Telefon Workshop: BG

31 Film in Ordnung Evt. Am Schluss oder im Workshop

32 Literature references
State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI). Vocational and professional education and training in Switerland, State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI). Professional Education and Training. State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI). Focus Career. The vocational education magazine for parentsw and teachers. State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI). Vocational and professional education and training. Everyone benefits. Portal on VPET system Informations and publications of the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI). Federal Statistical Office (FSO). PVET Lexicon The path of professional. 1 Information available in French, German and/or Italian only

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