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SiPass standalone.

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1 SiPass standalone

2 Overview SiPass™ Product Family
The SiPass range of products are all compatible. You can install one system and then when your business grows expand the access system without the need to rewire or reinstall existing components. SiPass standalone SiPass integrated SiPass networked Oktober 2004 SiPass standalone

3 SiPass standalone Tip: Product Description Main Features
Standalone access control system for a single door Door controller and reader in one Main Features Up to 500 cards Standalone system, no network required Easy parameterisation using programming cards Lost cards can be deleted by a proximity programming device Two operation modes (day and night) Tamper monitoring Functional display through coloured LED’s Acoustic signalising through a buzzer Proximity reader technology Easy and quick installation Languages: DE, EN, FR, ES, NL, PL Tip: Ideal product for businesses with a centrally installed «SiPass networked» or «SiPass integrated» system. «SiPass standalone» allows you to use the same card on remote facilities as on your central facility without the need to connect the remote system to the central. When communications are established to the remote facility «SiPass standalone» easily integrates as a reader on «SiPass integrated» and «SiPass networked». Oktober 2004 SiPass standalone

4 SiPass standalone – Single Door Kit
Single Door Kit AKS3110 consists of: Single door reader ACS3110 4 programming cards (master, add, delete, night) 10 proximity key tags User documentation Optional: Programming device AAP3110 Master Oktober 2004 SiPass standalone

5 SiPass standalone – Architecture
PSU / battery backup + - PSU Door frame Night lock Door lock Night lock ON Tamper Oktober 2004 SiPass standalone

6 SiPass standalone – Upgrade to SiPass networked / integrated
Easy upgrade to «SiPass networked» and «SiPass integrated» Conditions for an upgrade: Change mode of the ACS3110 from standalone operation to bus operation Use of the same card technology Connection of the ACS3110 via RS485 bus to the Dual Reader Controller of «SiPass networked» controller or Dual Reader Interface of «SiPass integrated» After the upgrade the ACS3110 will act as a reader only. Oktober 2004 SiPass standalone

7 SiPass standalone – Example of upgrade to SiPass networked / integrated
SiPass Server OPM DRI WAN/LAN RS485 Oktober 2004 SiPass standalone

8 Summary SiPass standalone
The perfect access control solution for a single door Oktober 2004 SiPass standalone

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