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UNESCO Mobile Learning Week Paris, February , 2015

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1 UNESCO Mobile Learning Week Paris, February 23 - 27, 2015
Ben Bachmair Mobile Learning - From technology enhanced learning to context awareness Em. Professor Universität Kassel Visiting Professor UCL Institute of Education University of London

2 Outline of my presentation
Scenarios on collaborative knowledge building of the German Rap workshop 'war project' on creative writing - personally owned smartphone enhance creative writing. A school in an urban area with a majority of migrant inhabitants with a lower socio-economic status recognizes smartphone as normal learning devices and uses the well known mobile application of everyday life. Definition of mobile learning with mobile devices: technology enhanced learning - awareness of contexts Scenarios with Whatsapp for gender awareness and language awareness. Context awareness for gender and identity in a double language situation of migrant families

3 Example of a scenario of mobile learning for collaborative knowledge building with the focus on creative writing (gender sensitivity) Main Objectives: - re-interpretation of war in the perspective of youth culture creative writing with the focus on the lyrics and the beat of Rap Mobile scenarios - with personal smartphone - bring your own device (byod) - for supporting / enhancing the verbalisation process in a project on the issue war. Target group  Main part of the target group consists of 15 student in (British) KS 3. 12 boys, 3 girls, age: 15; perfect in German = native speakers Family languages: German, Russian, Turkish, Croatian, Aramaic. Rather basic socio-economic status. All of them have a German passport or a valid status for being permanent residents in Germany. - Temporarily participants to the workshop are 1 teacher, 2 students of an asylums seeking family in special class for newly arrived immigrants, so called "Übergangsklassen" (transfer classes).

4 Feature elements of the design – Rap workshop 'war project' on creative writing
Alternation of episodes (a) with main emphasis on collaborative knowledge building with students as experts and (b) of episodes with teacher guided learning by the Rap trainer; Students work mainly in 2 self organized groups, which produce two raps with different thematic orientation, workgroup (a) CoD = Call of Duty; Interview with two students from Afghanistan in the transfer class (Ü-Klasse); Workgroup (b) story of the Russian grandmother; Lena's Diary, a book written during the occupation and starvation of Leningrad / St. Peterburg by the Germans in World War 2. Reflection by m-Portfolio in the form of a photo report, reflection by planning initiatives of the students especially by the rap experts and experts in studio technology; Whatsapp-chat of the class under the heading "Kriegsprojekt" Full integration of the personally owned smartphones into the school project with the applications: photo, video, typewriter, WhatsApp. Leading function of smartphones are: to develop of the narration which leads to a rap and for verbalization from interviews to typed texts (see section 3.1); for context awareness by the photo report (m-portfolio) and the context awareness as well by widening the schools learning context by the multimodal text based communication WhatsApp.

5 Smartphone application in line with technology enhanced learning: Taking videos of interviews, text writing with smartphone, taking photos of participants and texts. The steps: (1) From finding the writing issue: informal, associative, from outside of school but recognized by the photo report (2) to formal verbal discussion (interview, video taking) (3) to written texts.

6 Smartphone application in line with technology enhanced learning: Taking videos of interviews, text writing with smartphone, taking photos of participants and texts. The steps: - From finding the issue: informal, associative, from outside of school but recognized by the photo report (m-application) - to formal verbal discussion (interview, video taking) (m-application) - to written texts. First step: informal, associative - recognized by the photo report: Taking about digital war games, which students brought from at home into school - photos made by students for the photo report of the 'war project'

7 Second step: formal verbal discussion (video recorded interview): Talking about own ideas about war in the family language among others in Russian and Turkish. Students take the video with their smartphones Boys in the role of the interviewer and the interviewee, A girl in the distance position of the observer by taking a video (awareness). Photo made by the teacher for the report.

8 Third step of verbalization: written texts
On this step students organize themselves in 2 groups with 2 different rap lyrics and different beats. The male oriented rap group 'Call of Duty - CoD' The female oriented rap group 'Russian grandma'. The gender orientation of the groups result in the case of the male orientation from the boys as experts in rap production and studio technology; in the case of the female orientation from a girl as storyteller and reader of part of the book 'Lena's Diary'.

9 Example of the male oriented workgroup CoD
From interview transcripts (interview with asylum seeking boys from Afghanistan) and hand written text fragments to the rap lyric (creative writing)   Example of the male oriented workgroup CoD Rap-Lyrics workgroup CoD (sent by F.) Part 1 : Schon in CoD hab ich schießen gelernt. Deshalb habe ich mich von der Realität entfernt. Dadurch gab ich mein leben auf , ich schmeißte den Controller weg und ging raus. Draußen hörte ich einen schuss da wurde mir klar , dass ich kämpfen muss. Denn es kämpfen meine Brüder und sie werden immer müder. Denen zu helfen ist meine Pflicht , würden sie sterben verliere ich mein Gesicht. Students develop first ideas for the rap lyrics. These is a written verbalization, which formalizes of associative work. The photo of the teacher objectify the endeavour of the students. Student provides a first rap lyric by the Whatsapp-chat, which is from now the official text on which the students' group work on for 4 times 4 hours. Interview with the boys from Afghanistan transcribed by A. with smartphone

10 The female oriented group with the Rap about the Russian grandma and the book 'Lena's Diary‘ A girl with Turkish cultural background (T..a.) takes a video of the story which a girl (A..a) with Russian cultural background has heard of her Russian grandmother. The video taking girl (T..a) transcribes the video story in Whatsapp. This typed text is than the basis of the further composition. Further elaboration of the text and Rap text.

11 2. Section: Definition of mobile learning Specificity of mobile devices in learning and their rational: + individualisation, + convergence, + ubiquity, +generation of contexts = which leads away from the educational rational of technology enhanced learning. Definition in Berge, Zane L. and Muilenburg, Lin Y. (eds) (2013). Handbook of Mobile Learning. New York: Routledge (S. XXXi)

12 “Wireless, easy-to-carry, mobile devices lead to the learner's mobility, untethering that individual from a particular place. This also allows learners to converse and explore information across the many locations and contexts in which they find themselves throughout the day. As the learner faces the need for information or problem-solving, the need is for personal, just-in-time performance support, information, or learning to meet these individual challenges. To a large extent, m-learning can be thought of as communication in context.

13 Dourish, P. (2004) ‘What we talk about when we talk about context
Dourish, P. (2004) ‘What we talk about when we talk about context.’ In Personal and Ubiquitous Computing 8(1), pp Also available at: Available at: Dourish, p. 5: “First, rather than considering context to be information, it instead argues that contextuality is a relational property that holds between objects or activities. It is not simply the case that something is or is not context; rather, it may or may not be contextually relevant to some particular activity. Second, rather than considering that context can be delineated and defined in advance, the alternative view argues that the scope of contextual features is defined dynamically.

14 Third, rather than considering that context is stable, it instead argues that context is particular to each occasion of activity or action. Context is an occasioned property, relevant to particular settings, particular instances of action, and particular parties to that action. Fourth, rather than taking context and content to be two separable entities, it instead argues that context arises from the activity. Context isn’t just “there,” but is actively produced, maintained and enacted in the course of the activity at hand.

15 3. Section: The educationally challenging issue of context awareness and context aware learning Mobile learning beyond technology enhanced learning Smartphone application for context awareness and widening contexts for learning and integrating contexts to school learning: Whatsapp chat 'Kriegsprojekt' and photos report. Smartphone application: Whatsapp, Chat 'Kriegsprojekt' Shortly after the 5th workshop on February 5th has finished the students A..a (girl) and A…j (boy), both bilingual in German and Russian, discuss very detailed the Russian and the German version of the rap lyric 'Russian Grandma'. Gender relation: A…j (boy and technique expert) and A…a (girl) discuss on the same level of competence and communication (auf Augenhöhe)

16 Impuls of the teacher: bilingual rap Ba: Gibt's auch eine russische und eine türkische Strophe? Aa. (girl): Nur rusischee Ba: Das ist erstklassig - ein deutsch-russischer Rap. Discussion of 2 students, boy and girl, about the relation of Russian and the German version of a sentence A.j (boy): Mi protef wajni nasha jedinstwinja orschija eta musika Ba: A...j, mein Russisch beschränkt sich darauf, dass ich wie ein Erstklässler Kyrillisch buchstabieren kann. Was heißt der Satz oben? A.j: Wir sind gegen krieg , unser einzige Waffe ist Musik. A.j: Blos was oben in der lyrik ist , ist falsh geschrieben hh A.a: Keine sorgen das hab ich selbst übersetzt ist schon richtig! ! A.a: Jaa alsop ich das mit rusischen Buchstaben schreiben würde Aj: Mu nie ho4im waynu , paetamu mi delaim etu musiku Ba: Das ist eine perfekte Aussage. Mit der sollten wir in Russisch, Türkisch und Deutsch als Überschrift verwenden. A.j: Mu nie ho4im waynu , paetamu mi delaim etu musiku Wir wollen kein krieg , deshalb machen wir diese Musik. A.a: Jaa klingt besser auf rusisch A.j: Da ist sogar ein reim drin Jaaa A.j: Also verwendet besser die zeile : Mu nie ho4im waynu , paetamu mi delaim etu musiku

17 Such a reflection on languages is extraordinary
Such a reflection on languages is extraordinary. It is a result of the context which is individually constructed my means of the ubiquitous, personally owned smartphone with Whatsapp. The educational task is to get this kind of language reflection in a continuous, steady form. Whatsapp is provisional! (This is about sustainability.)

18 men. Gender sensitivity: Class mates as attractive young men Girl T..a. sends her photos of today for the report by the Whatsapp chat. The photos show her class mates as attractive, focused, targeted young men

19 Photos in the distance view of a report. The photos of the girls A
Photos in the distance view of a report. The photos of the girls A..a and J....a photos of the workshop 5 on February 5th in the youth centre: Left photo made by girl A…a, the right by the girls T..a, who took also the photos above

20 Whatsapp: Gender issue: Good night – message on Sunday evening
Whatsapp: Gender issue: Good night – message on Sunday evening. Widening of the learning context to everyday life and entertainment media Boy sends video of a misbehaving lorry driver who shouts: Fucking weekend is over. Fucking Sunday Mädchen verschickt ein Video mit Girl sends a video for children

21 Gender sensitivity: Boys try to integrate a reluctant boy, a discussion in the Whatsapp-chat, protocol 6   A...n does not like to rap but gets positive feedback for his rap presentation of the week before. The group underlines that more than one can rap at the same time

22 25. 01. 15 17:59:44 A. n: Wiso ich. T. o: Weil wir zwei es scho
:59:44 A...n: Wiso ich ? T...o: Weil wir zwei es scho. Geprobt haben A...j:)Weil du es letzten Donnerstag wirklich gut gemacht hast. A....n soll den anderen helfeb A....n soll mit T..o Recorden. - Wenn er nicht will A...n: Ich verspräch mich immer andi du kannst das besser T..o: Aber a...i is erkältet A....j: A...n bin erkältet Ich kann euch doppeln wene ihr wollt A...n: Ja dann yasin oder manu was weis ich aber ich kann so was nicht A...j: Rappen kann jeder , ich kanns dir bei bringen😂 Nein Jungs ohne witz wenn ihr es zusammen macht , dann klingt es gut. Noch besser ist wenn drei verschiedene stimmen sind. A...n: (smiley)😕

23 The issue to be a foreigner, the - probably - joking and releasing self marking as "Kanak"
- A...y bist diesen dabei Wenn ihr mich abholt komm ich auch - Komm einfach boku Mal schauen - Ich Komm auch - Richard holl mich komplett ab am Samstag. - *hol - Haha - Ja A...j: Lass mich Kanak sein R....d: schlimm mit 2 russischen frauen ey T..o: Ich hin smastag nicht da R....d: Haleyulia oder so A...j: short verbal statement: "sei froh dass es russische Frauen sind"

24 Teacher asks: What does it mean Kanak?
Teacher: A....j, was heißt: Lass mich Kanak sei - Hahahah - Hahaha wie soll ich es erklären😂 Teacher: Da bin ich jetzt gespannt - Also Kanak bezeichnen wir ein Ausländer, und da ich Rechtschreibfehler hatte hab ich gesagt "lass mich Ausländer sein" hahahahaha - Haha 👌 Teacher: Ich hab's fast kapiert - Hahahaha A....j: Ich erkläre es ihnen irgendwann mal persönlich 😁 Teacher: Das ist der einfachste Weg

25 The Doener shop joke on Germans
The Doener shop joke on Germans. A video from TV A German worker in the Doener shop who gets lost in the Trukish language; Widening the context of the issue 'foreigner' to the entertainment and media world Video in Whatsapp protocol 8, One conclusion is, that students are in a kind of laughing distance to the normality of a kind of soft discrimination for people like them who are not traditional Germans

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