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Unternehmensberatung international

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1 Unternehmensberatung international
Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2016 ICMCI Kongress 2016

2 ICMCI – Konferenz 2016 International Council of Management Consulting Institutes Non Government Organisation (NGO) status with Special Consulting Focus by the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Mehr als 50 Länder sind Mitglieder Trägerorganisation des CMC (Certified Management Consultant)

3 Characteristics of the future effective Management Consultant
Companies building internal consulting capability – schooled by major consulting firms From big companies to free agents Democratization of knowledge Clients are more sophisticated Consulting under greater scrutiny MC need multidiscipline know how - new models Business plus technical pedigree (breadth and depth) Need to foster agile culture and control the changes Social, cultural, ethical skills

4 Trends in MC – Business Model
Generalist is out – must have combined industry and deep functional competencies Mega firms and independents / boutiques – no mid sized Big data services can be delivered from anywhere Regional firms much cheaper than big 4 Can hire industry studies from anywhere Rise of hourly nerds – lots of startup MC contractors Geographical alignment rather than products or service Digital Eco system – connectedness - more collaboration

5 Trends in MC-Practice & Skills
Decline of MC apprenticeship model No longer “go to school find smart people” Clients have eliminated MC learning curves on the job Rise of independents – deep experience & consulting skills Understanding the clients needs Go in for 6 months or more drive the change Clients demand specific skills – “been there done that” – decision making capability required Power by the hour vs. outcome driven-share in benefits

6 Clients have eliminated MC learning curves on the job
MC’s at the top of the pile – no disruption – experience is king – trust and loyalty fundamental Companies doing their own strategy work MC firms in IT integration going downwards - not strategic Consulting travel way down – telecoms (video, internet, skype) – start the relationship face to face

7 Trends in MC- Culture & Society
Confusion of what consulting is: from interim CEO’s to anyone on a non-employee contract (techs to turnaround experts) Management Consulting as professional practice must be distinguished from consulting as a contractual relationship From the Management Consulting industry to MC as a socially recognized professional practice Value proposition Deep experience, trust and decision making capability in demand

8 As complexity increases the need for competency assurance increases
Quality, Ethics  ISO 20700 Rapid turnover in CEO’s gives senior MC opportunities for interim management Senior people seen as advisory Millennial’s doing own thing – entrepreneurial – not stable employees

9 Umsätze im MC 50% des weltweiten Umsatzes machen die top 10 der Branche 55% Amerika 35% Europa 9% Asien 1% Nahost und Afrika

10 Digitalisierung - Disruption Entwicklung der Arbeitssituation
42% der kanadischen Arbeitsplätze sind durch die Automation hoch gefährdet Wissensberufe werden mit hoher Wahrschein-lichkeit automatisiert (80% der ärztl. Diagnose) Von STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) zu STEAM (Same + Arts) 2020 werden mehr als 50% der Arbeitskräfte Freelancer sein, d.s. 2,2 Milliarden weltweit USA/Canada: schon jetzt 38% der unter 35-jährigen Auch non-high tech (z.B. task rabbit) oder nur fallweise

11 Plattformen 2025 wird der sharing economy sector den traditional renting sector umsatzmäßig eingeholt haben (2013 1:16), aber: Gesamtwachstum auf das 2,6 fache Plattform-Wirtschaft auch in anderen Industrien – Entkoppelung von der Realwirtschaft (Prof. Radermacher: Plattform-Kapitalismus?)

12 Wie sollten Unternehmensberater und ihre Kunden denken?
Exponentionell denken Gas geben Sich der Trägheit bewusst sein Den vorhandenen Wettbewerb beobachten - sowie den potentiell neuen Experimentieren – Prototypen entwickeln Annahmen bekämpfen

13 Technologieausblick Beispiel
Deloitte #DeloittePredicts Duncan Stewart Connect on LinkedIn Subscribe to him on Facebook Read his blog: dunstewart.wordpress.com

14 Academy of Management aom.org
Gegründet 1936 Mitglieder weltweit, Schwerpunkt Nordamerika Primär akademisch orientiert, aber auch Praktiker bzw. Praxisrelevanz Jährliche Konferenz Möglichkeit, selber eine Session einzureichen 2016 Anaheim „Making Organisations Meaningful“ >2.500 Sessions > Teilnehmer 2017 Atlanta

15 Divisions and Interest Group Domains
Business Policy & Strategy Careers Conflict Management Critical Management Studies Entrepreneurship Gender and Diversity in Organizations Healthcare Management Human Resources International Management

16 Management Education & Development
Management History Management Consulting Management, Spirituality and Religion Managerial & Organizational Cognition Operations and Supply Chain Management Organization Development & Change Organization & Management Theory Organizational Behavior

17 Organizational Communication & Information Systems
Organizations & the Natural Enviromnment Public & NonProfit Division Research Methods Social Issues in Management Strategizing Activities & Practices Technology & Innovation Management

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