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Research as a basis for mitigation and adaptation Gernot Wörther.

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1 Research as a basis for mitigation and adaptation Gernot Wörther

2 Climate and Energy Fund …key facts set up by the Austrian government in 2007 with the aim to develop new, innovative methods of climate protection and introduce a sustainable energy policy. 176 calls since 2007 More than projects Total funding: rd. € ,-

3 Our topics Reduce CO2 emissions Increase in energy efficiancy The usage of new types of technology as a key to the energy change Application of intelligent transport technologies R&D in Energy and Climate Research / Seite 3

4 Funding Programmes / Seite 4

5 ACRP Energieforschung M ITIGATION Reduction of GHG- Emissions A DAPTATION Taking appropriate action to manage the damage of adverse climate change effects / Seite 5

6 / Seite 6 Energy Research Austrian Climate Research Programme focus RESEARCH

7 / Seite 7 Energy Research Austrian Climate Research Programme focus RESEARCH

8 Energy Research: Goals Contribution to meeting energy, climate and technology policy guidelines of the Austrian Government Increasing the affordability of sustainable energy and innovative energy and mobility technologies Create and maintain the technology leadership and strengthening the international competitiveness / Seite 8

9 1 Programm + 3 Abwicklungsstellen = One-Stop-Shop der Energieforschung / Seite 9 Grundlagen- forschung SondierungIndustrielle Forschung Experimentelle Entwicklung Demonstrationmission2market study2market FFGKPCAWS Grundlagennah e Forschungs- arbeiten aus technisch- naturwissen- schaftlichen Disziplinen. Technologiereif e-grad 1-3 Technische Durchführbar- keitsstudien zur Vorbereitung von Projekten der Industriellen Forschung oder Experimentellen Entwicklung Planmäßiges Forschen, Entwicklung neuer oder erhebliche Verbesserung bestehender Produkten & Verfahren. Verwendung vorhandener Kenntnisse & Erarbeitung von Konzepten für neue, veränderte oder verbesserte Produkte, & Verfahren Demonstrations -anlagen im Sinne der UFI-RL mit sehr hohem innovativem Charakter und auf Forschungs- aktivitäten aufbauend Identifizierung, Entwicklung, Vorbereitung und Planung von marktfähigen Investitions- projekten

10 Energy Research im Rückblick 695 projects 259 MEUR funding 430 MEUR total costs 60 % Ø funding rate 30 % grant rate / Seite 10

11 / Seite 11 Energy Reseach Austrian Climate Research Programme focus RESEARCH

12 Austrian Climate Research Programme Provides scientific basis for decisions on climate change adaptation Provides foundation for issues of adaptation strategy Medium- and long-term strengthening of the research business location Austria / Seite 12

13 ACRP Thematic areas Understanding the climate system and consequences of climate change climate models reliable understanding of the current and future climate on global, regional and local scale Responding to Austria’s policy community Austria‘s adaptation strategy understanding the social aspects of CC communicating and buildung awareness The human dimensions of climate change benefits and costs of climate change interventions impact on society and economy Governance and transformation transformation scenarios and pathways towards a carbon neutral and adaptive society / Seite 13

14 …facts 168 projects 42 Mio € funding (inkl. Klimafolgenforschung) Ø funding 259 k€, funding rate up to100 % 4 Steering Committee members Jury Board with ~70 international experts ~280 project-evaluations per year ACRP (+ Vorläuferprogramm) Joanne Linnerooth-Bayer Christoph Ritz Hartmut Grassl Barbara Buchner

15 Information / Seite 15 https://www.klimafonds.gv.at/service/broschueren/acrp-in-essence/

16 Follow Up Increasing orientation towards implementation Dissemination Continuation of the programmes Energy Research and ACRP focus on energy storage Implementation of adaptation actions / Seite 16

17 Informations to all programmes:

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