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Atmosphere Daniela G. Camhy, Anja Lindbichler PHILOSOPHICAL INQUIRY: THE CONCEPT OF SUSTAINABILITY © ACPC Daniela G. Camhy 2013.

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1 Atmosphere Daniela G. Camhy, Anja Lindbichler PHILOSOPHICAL INQUIRY: THE CONCEPT OF SUSTAINABILITY © ACPC Daniela G. Camhy 2013

2 ATMOSPHERE – ABSTRACT 2 The atmosphere is a layer of gases that surrounds the earth. The principal ingredients are nitrogen, oxygen, the noble gas argon, steam as well as carbon dioxide. There are even further trace gases which matter only a very small set of the atmosphere but can influence the life on the earth. The atmosphere is divided up into three zones. The troposphere corresponds to a height of something over 10 km. The weather happens mainly here and up to this height the temperature decreases continuously -up to -55° degrees Celsius. The tropopause in which the temperatures remain constant lies between the troposphere and the next zone. The temperature rises to approx. 0° degrees Celsius in the stratosphere being over it again.

3 The air gets thinner and thinner the higher you go, 90% of all the molecules in the atmosphere are in the troposphere. Volcano ash is formed during explosive volcanic eruptions and may rise over 40 km, penetrating the stratosphere. Ozone is present in low concentrations throughout the Earth´s atmosphere. In total, ozone makes up only 0.6 parts per million of the atmosphere. Ozone is important to life because it absorbs harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Recent investigations of the ozone layer have discovered areas of severe thinning located primarily at the South Pole. The stratopause in approx. 50 km height is almost the center of the atmosphere which is the numeric between two layers. The mesosphere which approximately reaches to up to the height of 80 km starts over it. The mesopause lies in this height. The thermosphere which reaches to approximately 500 km height is over it. The exosphere follows - the furthest of the four sphere zones.. 3 © ACPC Daniela G. Camhy 2013

4 4 El Greco, Toledo, 1595/1600, New York, The Metropolitan Museum of Art Picture Source: www.prometheus-bildarchiv.dewww.prometheus-bildarchiv.de The image only may be used for research and teaching.

5 5 Höch Hannah, Storm, 1935, private collection Source: www.prometheus-bildarchiv.de © ACPC Daniela G. Camhy 2013

6 6 Thomas Fearnley, Windhose am Golf von Neapel, 1833, Oslo Source: www.prometheus-bildarchiv.de © ACPC Daniela G. Camhy 2013

7 7 Discussion-plan : Naturale disasters How is human intervention responsible for natural disasters? How can we prevent climate change? Is it our duty to protect the rights of future generations? What is nature? Is there a possible relation between climate change and natural disasters? What is corporate responsibility? What reason do we have to care about future generations? © ACPC Daniela G. Camhy 2013

8 LITERATURE Justus Georg Schottelius Donnerlied 1 SWefel / Wasser / Feur und Dampf Wollen halten einen Kampf, Dikker Nebel dringt gedikkt / Licht und Luft ist fast erstikkt. 2 Drauf die starken Winde bald Sausen / brausen / mit Gewalt Reissen / werfen / Wirbelduft / Mengen Wasser / Erde / Luft. 3 Plötzlich blikt der Blitz herein / Macht das finstre feurig seyn / Swefelklumpen / Strahlenlicht / Rauch und Dampf herein mit bricht. 4 Drauf der Donner brummt und kracht / Rasselt / rollet hin mit Macht / Prallet / knallet grausamlich / Puffet / sumsend endigt sich. 5 Bald das Blitzen wieder kommt / und der Donner rollend brummt: Bald hereilt ein Windesbraus / und dem Wetter macht garaus. 8 Source: Leitner, Anton G.: Feuer, Wasser, Luft & Erde. Die Poesie der Elemente, Philipp Reclam jun., Stuttgart 2003, 106.

9 MUSIC 9 Glenn Miller Orchestra Moonlight Serenade http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQseFAcWvtE&feature=rellist&playnext=1&list=P L47BF432FFC566767 2012-10-31

10 FILM Jonathan Renouf Der Klimakrieg _ Teil 2/3 _ Kampf um die Wahrheit Earth: The Climate Wars England 2008 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZcTtRKuw7Y&feature=relmfu 2012-10-31 10

11 Discussions plan: Climatic change – Can morality be a question of survival? 11 Is it fair that future generations must suffer what previous generations have caused? Should we claim threshold countries to slow down their emerging markets? Is there an individual responsibility? May one still carry on as always if one knows that these attitudes contribute to the climatic change? Can all people be made discharged their duties morally because of the climate change and are they encouraged to reassess their behavior and to change their behavior if necessary? How far does responsibility go?

12 ARTICLE Climatic change – how do we heat up the climate Klimawandel – wie wir das Klima aufheizen Booklet of the Austrian environmental organization Global 2000 Here you can find the article : http://global2000.at/module/media/data/global2000.at_de/content/klimabr schueren09/08_KLIMAWANDELthemenbroschrerz1_themenbroschre.pdf_me 08_KLIMAWANDELthemenbroschrerz1_themenbroschre.pdf 2012-10-31 12

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