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Dont leave your G & T on the rocks! Extending learning in the modern languages classroom chicos bien dotados.

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1 Dont leave your G & T on the rocks! Extending learning in the modern languages classroom chicos bien dotados

2 Generic qualities – A G & T pupil is motivated is creative is reflective and critical shows conceptual awareness makes cross-curricular connections applies learning to new contexts can work independently produces original work

3 A Gifted and Talented linguist is creative can work independently uses language spontaneously makes language connections recognises and applies patterns can learn, retain and apply knowledge and skills

4 Setting learning objectives and linking with plenaries To say what hobbies you do or dont do To say that you do or dont do an activity To build positive and negative sentence types Plenary: Spontaneous What Im not To use complex structures to say which places in town you like/dislike

5 Ofsted Guidance Inspectors should evaluate how well teachers identify precise linguistic learning objectives, as opposed to teaching activities, for the lesson. They should evaluate whether presenting the objectives to pupils helps them to understand what they will be doing in the lesson and why this work is important, and so helps them to learn. Inspectors should take care not to judge lessons on the use or absence of such a presentation of objectives. A lesson may promote learning effectively without this formal structure.

6 PPP = Presentation-Practice- Production Miss out/minimise the presentation phase with G & T pupils. Pupils identify the key learning structures and associated rules from examples at the start of the lesson. Pupils demonstrate that they can independently apply this pattern by the end.

7 Teaching by outcome Pupils work collaboratively using a given stimulus which can evolve into many different end products. Particularly important for G&T pupils within mixed-ability classes. Create a sense of discovery. http://www.xtranormal.com/watch/5898261/

8 eins zwei drei vier fünf sechs sieben acht neun zehn elf zwölf Phonic patterns – the early must

9 Language awareness Teach dictionary skills at an early stage Use activities which allow pupils to explore how language is assembled Compare across languages

10 Creative writing Blaukäppchen ist ein kleiner Junge. Er wohnt mit seinem Onkel in einem groβen Haus in Österreich. Heute hat Blaukäppchens Katze Geburtstag und der Onkel sagt zu Blaukäppchen: Hier ist ein Geburtstagsgeschenk für deine Katze. In der Nike Tasche ist eine Flasche Bier und Schokoladenkuchen. www.ausmalbilder.info/malbuch/ www.storybird.com

11 Collaborative, creative and spontaneous talk

12 Picture tasks Das Mädchen … Der Junge … Auf dem Tisch … Es gibt …. ist hat isst trinkt trägt Was denkt der Junge? Was denkt das Mädchen? Was denkst du? Wie findest du das Essen?

13 Exploring grammar actively A focus on grammar does not mean more writing Human word / sentence / narrative chains Verbs and tenses Short translations (topical / cultural / whacky) Word prompts

14 Building word power A G & T pupil can learn, retain and apply knowledge and skills. Awareness of preferred learning style Quickly build knowledge of high frequency transferable vocabulary Encourage personalised vocabulary Practise the application of vocabulary within a (grammatical) context

15 To express undying love in German

16 1) Ich liebe dich 2) Ich finde dich so sexy 3) Deine Augen sind so schön 4) Du machst mich geil 5) Dein Arsch ist perfekt 6) Du hast ein süsses Lächeln 7) Du bist meine Welt 8) Ich denke die ganze Zeit an dich 1) I love you 2) I think you are so sexy 3) Your eyes are so nice 4) You turn me on 5) Your bottom is perfect 6) You have a sweet smile 7) Youre my world 8) I think about you all the time

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