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Willkommen!  ?: Hallo! Wie heißt du?  A: Ich heiße ……..

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2 Willkommen!  ?: Hallo! Wie heißt du?  A: Ich heiße ……..

3 Welches Land ist das? Deutschland

4 Städte in Deutschland Wo gehören diese Städte hin? Berlin Düsseldorf München Stuttgart

5 Wo ist Deutschland? In Europa

6 Deutschlands Nachbarländer Wo gehören diese Länder hin? Polen Luxemburg Schweiz Österreich Frankreich Belgien Niederlande Tschechei Dänemark S.1-3üb1

7 AB: Deutschlands Nachbarländer

8 How much do you know about Germany?

9 Question 1 If someone said to you “Guten Tag” what would they be saying? a) Goodbye b) How are you c) What is your name d) Hello

10 Question 2 As well as in Germany, in which two other countries in German spoken? a) Austria and Denmark b) Austria and Switzerland c) Austria and Poland d) Austria and Holland

11 Question 3 What is the capital of Germany? a) München b) Dresden c) Berlin d) Hamburg

12 Question 4 What do German pupils wear to school? a) a school uniform b) German national costume c) a suit d) whatever they like

13 Question 5 What do German people call their country? a) Germansk b) Germania c) Deutschland d) wunderbar

14 Question 6 What divided Berlin between the years 1961 and 1989? a) a wall b) a bridge c) a motorway d) a railway line

15 Question 7 Which of these foods is commonly eaten in Germany? a) Pizza b) Sausages c) Frogs legs d) Meatballs

16 Question 8 Lufthansa is what in Germany? a) The name of a shop b) A city c) The German National Airline d) A river

17 Question 9 “Auf Wiedersehen” means what in English? a) Goodbye b) Hi c) See ya d) My name is

18 Question 10 The typical school day in Germany runs from: a) 8am till 2pm b) 9am till 3:30pm c) 10am till 1pm d) 11am till 4pm

19 Question 11 Germany is made up of 16 “Länder”. What are “Länder”? a) Islands b) Smaller countries c) States d) Cities

20 Question 12 What money does Germany use? a) Dollars b) Euros c) Marks d) Pounds

21 Question 13 This is a photo of what? a) The German Parliament c) A Royal Palace b) An Airport Terminal c) Berlin University

22 Question 14 Which 3 colours appear on the German Flag? a) Red, black and green b) Black, red and yellow c) Yellow, red and white d) Green, black and yellow

23 Swap your answer papers with a neighbour


25 Famous German People Berühmte Leute S.4-5 Hausaufgaben: Find the names of 5 famous German people that you would like to research. Use this information to write 1 paragrah about them. Include: Name Birthplace What he/she is famous for


27 How the German alphabet sounds to an English speaker.

28 ah beh tseh

29 deh eh eff

30 geh haah ee

31 yot car ell

32 emm enn oh

33 peh kooh air

34 ess teh ooh

35 fow veh iks

36 oopsilon tsett

37 ß esstsett ö ü ä

38 ABCD E F GHIJKL MNOPQR STUVWX YZÄÖÜ ß oh ah behtsehdeheh eff gehhaheeyotcarell emmenn pehkooair esstehoofowvehiks oopsilon tsett esstsett

39 S.6 üb2-3

40 AB: Look in a dictionary to find these words.

41 Wie heißt du? S.7üb4a-b S.7üb6 Er heißt …… Sie heißt …….

42 Im Klassenzimmer

43 ?: Was ist das? A: Das ist der » Die » Das

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