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What do you think this is? Draw a picture of a plug that Would fit this outlet.

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3 What do you think this is?


5 Draw a picture of a plug that Would fit this outlet.



8 What type of information is given?

9 What is different about these bank hours than in the US?

10 What time is 15:00?

11 Matching http://www.quia.com/mc/2270609.html?AP_rand=1209494710 http://www.oswego.org/ocsd-web/games/StopTheClock/sthec5.html

12 What do you think this is? What clues are there?

13 What difference is there between programming times in Germany and the U.S.?

14 Who is going faster? AB

15 What is the speed limit on this German road?

16 What is the conversion from km/h to m/h?

17 1 Kilometer per Hour = 0.621371192237334 Miles per Hour Convert to miles per hour http://www.calculateme.com/Speed/KilometersperHour/ToMilesperHour.htm http://www.calculateme.com/Speed/KilometersperHour/ToMilesperHour.htm Convert all metric measurements http://www.webmath.com/k8metric.html

18 Besides speed, what other measurements vary between Germany and the U.S.?

19 What is the conversion from °C to °F?

20 0°C = 32°F Convert to Fahrenheit http://www.metric-conversions.org/temperature/celsius-to-fahrenheit.htm

21 How do you hold your silverware?

22 How do you count to 5 with your fingers?

23 How is this different?

24 Which of today’s topics do you think is most important for a traveler to know? Which of today’s topics do you think is the most different from what you’re used to?

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