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CC-Rail GmbH – a swiss company

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1 CC-Rail GmbH – a swiss company
Andreas Heinzmann Chairman & CEO Company Code: CH DUNS Number:

2 International Competence Centre Rail GmbH
About us | our Services | iCC-Rail GmbH: born in September 2009 Our Vision To become the global market leader in the niche of the International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) Consultancy, Coaching and Training. Our Mission As Centre of Competence we will invest a significant portion of our time in the development, improvement and dissemination of the IRIS standard and the IRIS Certification Scheme as a whole. Our global training- and coaching services complement the existing portfolio of the IRIS Group, consisting of standardization and certification, by two important building blocks for the Rail Industry. International Competence Centre Rail GmbH 2

3 International Competence Centre Rail GmbH
About us | our Services | First and last name Andreas Heinzmann Citizenship Germany Special strength / knowledge in the area of quality, certification, IRIS etc. one of three initiators of the IRIS standard and 1st Chairman of the IRIS Steering Committee (2005/2006), member of the IRIS Steering Committee and the IRIS Advisory Board more than 20 years of project experience in the rail industry, more than 1000 managers of the rail sector were successfully trained, witness auditor for IRIS approved certification bodies. final editor of the IRIS Standard Revision 02. Professional career Masters degree (Dipl.-Ing.) in Electrical Engineering. 1990 AEG-Westinghouse Berlin > AEG in Hennigsdorf, (Shanghai Metro, BR12X, VT 611/612). 1998 head of QHSE in Adranz’s “Light Rail Vehicles” Business Unit in Nuremberg. 2000 Bombardier (DWA) as General Manager for Quality & Customer Service. 2002 Senior Director Quality at Bombardier Transportation’s headquarters 32 years professional experience > network of suppliers, operators, approval authorities and registrars, also in the automotive, aerospace and food industries. I have been working in a second capacity as lead auditor, trainer and consultant as far back as 1995. 2009 foundation of the International Competence Centre Rail GmbH. Lead Auditor for BVQI for all scopes, International Competence Centre Rail GmbH

4 CC-Rail’s Senior Consultants
About us | our Services | CC-Rail’s Senior Consultants Our Credo: Customer-oriented, efficient, goal-oriented, and knowledgeable! Andre Hasler Ulf Kjellsson Dr. Horst König International Competence Centre Rail GmbH

5 CC-Rail’s Competencies
About us | our Services | CC-Rail’s Competencies Please take a Page 5 of IRIS We are directly involved, since we are members of: We speak your language: English,German, Italian, Chinese, Polish, Swedish, Bulgarian, Russian, Mexican and Spanish. Our partners: The IRIS Working Groups for Revision 02  The IRIS Steering Committee, The IRIS Auditor Validation Committee, The IRIS Technical Forum for Improvement IRIS Witness Auditor Ulf Kjellsson Luca Tuci Marcin Pasterski 刘芸 (Vera) Никола Гюров (Nikola) Victor Zepeda International Competence Centre Rail GmbH

6 CC-Rail’s success factors
About us | our Services | CC-Rail’s success factors Experiences: More than 60 railway sites around the world were successfully coached in order achieve IRIS Certification without any problems - reliable and with 100% Customer Satisfaction. Each project is a recommendation for the next one! Efficiency: From the UNIFE statistic: The average lead time for IRIS preparation is months. Our average lead time is 7 months. So clients save 12 months time, plus a lot of internal cost! Competency: UNIFE statistics: In average 90% of all companies fail the first time and need a re- certification-audit. All our Clients have passed the first time with excellent results! Proven Solutions: With us, all your improvements will sustain since we tailor all measures in a way that they exactly fit into your existing Business Management System. Guarantee: If you followed all our recommendations and you did your best, we promise to work until all objectives are fulfilled. Your warranty: We stay with our clients until the IRIS Certification is achieved. If necessary, “Rework” is for free! Learning: More than 1000 rail business managers visited one of our IRIS Academy programs. They scored our courses in average on 9,8 on a scale of 10 (98% satisfaction). International Competence Centre Rail GmbH

7 Our international Clients
About us | our Services | Our international Clients Please download the Customer list with more then 170 clients: (click on icon or on the table to open the Excel file) Customer list International Competence Centre Rail GmbH

8 References (extract: only from Switzerland)
About us | our Services | References (extract: only from Switzerland) PIXY AG in Turgi: Herr Heinzmann hat uns bei der Überarbeitung unseres Businessmanagementsystems in der Analyse als auch in der Umsetzung hervorragend unterstützt. Sein strukturiertes Vorgehen und sein exzellentes Fachwissen haben entscheidend zur erfolgreichen IRIS-Zertifizierung beigetragen. QM ist keine lästige Bürokratie sondern schafft Struktur, Sicherheit und Entwicklungspotential in allen Praxisbelangen - dies wurde uns durch die freundliche, geduldige und professionelle Unterstützung durch Herrn Heinzmann eindrucksvoll vermittelt. Wir danken Herrn Heinzmann für die wertvolle Arbeit und sind uns sicher, mit CC-Rail auch in Zukunft einen kompetenten Partner an unserer Seite zu haben. Mark Meier von Streng (CEO) und Kristina Theuer (QMB) ABB Wettingen: We thank Mr. Heinzmann from CC-Rail GmbH for his support during the preparation of our Business Unit for the IRIS Certification in accordance with Revision 02. He gave us many idea to improve our business processes systematically. Today after six months of counseling we see noticeable positive changes. He was capable to transfer his huge expertise and coached us in a canny and effective manner. We like to wish him good luck for further growing his business. Antje Schmidt - Quality Manager HASLER RAIL in Bern: Mr. Heinzmann has helped us to systematically identify and progressively eliminate our weaknesses. This has resulted in more than 1,000 improvement projects in the last 4 years, which amongst other things has led to the improvement of our risk management and project controlling, but also the introduction of a system to reduce and prevent quality deficiency costs. Mr. Heinzmann has guided us in a highly competent and professional manner to a very practical solution that fully satisfies all our needs. We are convinced that without his support we would have spent much longer dealing with such complex issues and that the cost will amortize in the near future." CCS in Lyss: has successfully passed its upgrade to IRIS Rev.02 without any Corrective Action Request. Thomas Flühmann and Peter Suter (CEO) said: “We thank Andreas Heinzmann from CC-Rail for the competent and effective support in implementing the requirements of the IRIS Rev. 02 standard and our preparation for the audit.”  CC-Rail conducted its second IRIS Internal Auditor Training in Switzerland. We especially thank the Selectron AG in Lyss which was kindly providing the training location in this year. Participants from Selectron AG, Railtec AG and Bombardier Transportation enjoyed the course pretty much. Franz Keller from Selectron AG stated, that the course was very valuable for him since he can now proceed to further develop its Business Management System. You may find further references at our webpage International Competence Centre Rail GmbH

9 8 Wettbewerbsvorteile von CC-Rail
About us | our Services | 8 Wettbewerbsvorteile von CC-Rail IRIS Kompetenz: Der Gründer von CC-Rail gehört zu den 3 Initiatoren des IRIS Standards. Er war der 1. Chairman der IRIS Gruppe und hat die Entwicklung und Einführung des IRIS Standards geleitet. Er ist außerdem durch die UNIFE zugelassener IRIS Lead Auditor und IRIS Witness Auditor (hiervon gibt es weltweit nur 3 Experten, die die IRIS Zertifizierungsstellen im Auftrag der UNIFE überwachen). Allein im Vorwort der aktuellen IRIS Broschüre taucht der Name Heinzmann 3 mal (in allen Arbeitsgruppen) auf. Außerdem hat er zahlreiche Veröffentlichungen vorzuweisen und wird auch immer wieder als Gastredner zu internationalen Fachkongressen gebeten (zuletzt bei der SwissRail Veranstaltung im Mai in Bern). Er hat die fachliche Prüfung und Freigabe sowohl des Standards als auch des Audit-Fragebogens erteilt. CC-Rail verfügt insgesamt über 3 weitere IRIS Fachberater (Dr. Horst König, Dr. Udo Kullmann und Andre Hasler), wovon jeder seit Markteinführung des IRIS Standards auf diesem Gebiet tätig ist. Mit CC-Rail ist garantiert, dass man Informationen aus erster Hand erhält und Fehlinterpretationen des Standards ausgeschlossen sind. IRIS Erfahrungen: Alle Berater von CC-Rail haben mehr als 40 Werke zur IRIS Zertifizierung geführt, darunter die Branchenführer (Bombardier Transportation, ABB Wettingen, Tyco Kabel und Steckverbinder, etc.). Zum Kundenstamm zählen mehr als 80 weltweit bekannte Unternehmen der Eisenbahnindustrie. Insgesamt wurden durch CC-Rail mehr als 250 IRIS Experten in Europa, Nah-Ost, Asien und Amerika ausgebildet. IRIS Praxis: Das CC-Rail Team zusammen hat mehr als 140 Jahre Berufserfahrungen in leitenden Funktionen bei Herstellern von öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln. Für jede der 259 IRIS Anforderungen hat CC-Rail mindesten eine „best practices“, die bereits in der Praxis erprobt ist. Kontakte: CC-Rail ist bestens mit allen Mitgliedern der IRIS Gruppe sowie sämtlichen 13 zugelassenen Zertifizierungsstellen vernetzt. International Competence Centre Rail GmbH

10 Wettbewerbsvorteile von CC-Rail
About us | our Services | Wettbewerbsvorteile von CC-Rail Erfolgsrate: Laut UNIFE Statistik fallen etwa 90% aller Firmen beim ersten Zertifizierungsaudit durch und müssen wegen Auflagen ein Nachaudit durchstehen. Bisher hat noch nie ein Kunde von CC-Rail je ein Nachaudit durchlaufen müssen. Alle Kunden haben es gleich im ersten Anlauf mit guten Punktzahlen geschafft. Dies ist ein deutliches Zeichen, dass es keinerlei Schwachstellen gab und die Beratung gut war. Gewinn fürs Unternehmen: Nur wenn man IRIS richtig und nachhaltig einführt, werden sich die Investitionen (interne Stunden, Zertifizierungskosten, Beratungskosten) amortisieren. Durch die Einführung von IRIS sollen die Fehlerkosten sinken, Geschäftsabläufe transparenter, schlanker und effizienter werden. Dieses Know-How haben lokale Berater in der Regel nicht. Im Gegenteil: normalerweise nimmt durch sie die sinnlose Papierflut zu (mehr Anforderungen = mehr Papier) und sie werden guten Unternehmen kaum eigenen Ideen und Anregungen für Prozessverbesserungen besteuern können. Vertrauenswürdigkeit des Angebotes: Das Angebot von CC-Rail beruht auf Zahlen, Daten und Fakten, die in der Praxis mehrfach erprobt sind. Bei lokalen Beratern muss mit mindestens der doppelten Tageszahl gerechnet werden. Das bindet somit auch zusätzliche Mitarbeiter und bedeutet auch höhere interne Aufwände. Renommeé: CC-Rail ist weltweiter Marktführer im Nischensegment der IRIS Zertifizierungen. Die Tagessätze liegen zwar deutlich über denen von lokalen Beratern, verglichen mit international agierenden Beratungsunternehmen jedoch in einem sehr moderaten Bereich. Es gibt bereits von zertifizierten Schweizer unternehmen Berichte, dass ein lokaler Berater einen erheblichen Schaden verursacht hat. International Competence Centre Rail GmbH

11 International Competence Centre Rail GmbH
About us | our Services | IRIS basic Training IRIS SYSTEM & AUDITOR Suitable for: Professional Experts from all functions. Deliverables: 4 days training course developed for the Rail Industry, Written and oral examination, Certificate Our training standard sets the benchmark since it provides a lot information from 1st hand, practical exercises, interpretation and best practices how to implement the IRIS standard, Rev02. link to the course fact sheet  link to the course table  International Competence Centre Rail GmbH

12 IRIS advanced Training
About us | our Services | IRIS advanced Training INTERNAL IRIS LEAD AUDITOR – 1st RE-VALIDATION Suitable for: Professional IRIS Experts from all functions. Deliverables: 3 days training course Certificate as IRIS LEAD AUDITOR This training continues the basic training and refreshes your IRIS knowledge. It also introduced more ambitious topics such as KPI-systems and project management principles. link to the course fact sheet  link to the course table  International Competence Centre Rail GmbH

13 International Competence Centre Rail GmbH
About us | our Services | RAM / LCC Training How to fulfill RAM/LCC commitments Suitable for: for marketing / sales, development, project management, maintenance, quality management. Deliverables: You will get familiar with the various concepts and procedures of the RAM / LCC requirements of IEC (EN 50126). The model includes criteria and conditions, and failure categories, failure scenarios for RAM and for LCC considerations as well as RAM / LCC data collection and data analysis in order to validate RAM/LCC commitments. link to the course fact sheet  link to the course table  International Competence Centre Rail GmbH

14 IRIS Project Management Quality (iapm) Training
About us | our Services | IRIS Project Management Quality (iapm) Training How to manage rail projects with focus on Quality Suitable for: for Project Manager and project core team members from the fields of development, purchasing, production, quality assurance, customer service and controlling, work package leader, quality planners, Change- or Configuration Manager. Deliverables: This practical course aims to explain to you the basic roles, processes and tools of Project Managers in the rail industry. We specialize and expand your knowledge specifically to these project topics where they often fail in practice: the lack of professional quality management. link to the course fact sheet  link to the course table  International Competence Centre Rail GmbH

15 IRIS Coaching & Mentoring
About us | our Services | IRIS Coaching & Mentoring Support for IRIS implementation activities Suitable for: Sites aiming for IRIS implementation, Deliverables: Awareness Session, Gap analysis, including macro & micro action plans, Preparation and support during gap closure (e.g. workshops, etc.) Readiness Review Severe pre-audit in order to minimize the risk of failure during the certification audit. Guidance for the administration issues. International Competence Centre Rail GmbH

16 Opportunities for cost savings during IRIS introduction
About us | our Services | Opportunities for cost savings during IRIS introduction 2 options, different in: guidance/direction, distance, pace … …due to different planning, experiences, competencies and efficiency. With us: no detours ! With CC-Rails best practices and proven solutions you may reduce your investments by 60% due to much better efficiency. So you have a huge potential for saving your internal cost, which will become only partly compensated by our consultancy fee. International Competence Centre Rail GmbH

17 International Competence Centre Rail GmbH
About us | our Services | Business Development How to ensure a rapid start-up and the product quality right from the beginning in a new built factory Suitable for: New built plants To keep the learning phase of a new factory as short as possible, measures for implementation of best business practices must be taken fairly quickly. The transfer of Western knowledge can quickly remedy the situation. Deliverables: Business Plan Development & Quality Culture Process & Project Management Configuration Management RAMS. International Competence Centre Rail GmbH

18 International Competence Centre Rail GmbH
About us | our Services | Business Improvement How to improve your TARGETED FINANCIAL RESULTS in a pragmatic manner Suitable for: any Company The program aims to prevent deficiency costs, and ultimately to secure not only your profits but also to satisfy your customers. The following three themes alone include a potential 5%-10% margin enhancement that you should not carelessly give away. Most companies sense this, but see only the tip of the iceberg. Deliverables: Monetary weighted risk analysis Process Management, Capture and Reduction of Quality Deficiency Cost, Customer Satisfaction Studies. International Competence Centre Rail GmbH

19 International Competence Centre Rail GmbH
About us | our Services | Auditing Supplier Evaluation Audit Services on behalf of Customer, intended for supplier without a valid IRIS Certificate, paid by the delinquents in order to qualify for quotations, Internal Audits at clients premises + auditor pool sharing, Witness Auditing on behalf of IRIS Management Center (Brussels) at approved Certification Bodies. International Competence Centre Rail GmbH

20 International Competence Centre Rail GmbH
CC-Rails Services LEAN Manufacturing How to reduce the waste Suitable for: any Company The program aims to improve your business performance and to optimize your manufacturing processes. The program will focus on 5 LEAN principles: Built-in Quality, Short Lead Time, Standardization, People Involvement and Continuous Improvement. Deliverables: LEAN Training, LEAN Assessment, Best Practices Sharing. International Competence Centre Rail GmbH

21 International Competence Centre Rail GmbH
Your contact: Andreas Heinzmann International Competence Centre Rail GmbH Mitteldorfstrasse 17 CH – 6315 Oberaegeri Switzerland Mobil CH: Mobil D: Post Address: Hofmattstrasse CH-4900 Langenthal We would be delighted to hear from you directly. In case you have to leave a message, we will aim to return your call within 24 hours. International Competence Centre Rail GmbH

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