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KfW Entwicklungsbank German Financial Cooperation with Mongolia

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1 KfW Entwicklungsbank German Financial Cooperation with Mongolia
Berlin, April 22nd 2013

2 60 years of KfW Financing with a public mission
Promotional bank of the Federal Republic of Germany Founded in 1948 as Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau Shareholders: 80% Federal Republic, Headquarters: Frankfurt am Main Branches: Berlin, Bonn and Cologne Representative offices: around 70 offices and representations worldwide Balance sheet total at end 2011: EUR billion Financing volume 2011: EUR 70.4 billion Around 4,763 employees (2011) Best rating: AAA/Aaa/AAA

3 A bank with a wide array of functions
Domestic promotion International business We promote Germany We ensure internationalisation We promote development Promotion SMEs, business founders, start-ups Business Area Mittelstandsbank Promotion construction of new housing and modernisation as well as education Business Area Privatkundenbank Financing municipal infrastructure projects and global loans Germany agency business for Federal Government Business Area Kommunalbank International project and export finance Business Area Export and Project Finance Business Area KfW Development Bank/DEG Promotion of developing and transition countries Promotion of environmental and climate protection

4 Some key figures (2011) Development Bank DEG
Staff (without local staff) 650 2,680 in 134 countries Ongoing projects Commitments of which KfW‘s own funds EUR billion EUR billion Development Bank Disbursements 2011 of which KfW‘s own funds EUR billion EUR billion Portfolio of which KfW‘s own funds EUR 28.2 billion EUR 13.1 billion Staff 450 Ongoing projects 549 in 85 countries DEG Commitments 2011 EUR 1.2 billion Disbursement 2011 EUR 1.1 billion Portfolio 2011 EUR 5.6 billion

5 KfW Development Bank and DEG Worldwide presence - over 70 representative offices
Bonn Köln Moskau London Berlin Brüssel Kiew Frankfurt Belgrad Sarajevo Priština Tiflis Ulan Bator New York Podgorica Istanbul Taschkent Baku Bishkek Dushanbe Beijing Tirana Skopje Ankara Jerewan Rabat Al-Bireh Damaskus Kabul Amman Islamabad Neu-Delhi Kathmandu Kairo Abu Dhabi Dhaka Hanoi Mexiko-Stadt Mumbai Guatemala-Stadt Tegucigalpa Dakar Bamako Niamey Sanaa Bangkok Manila San Salvador Managua Ouagadougou Phnom Phen Accra Cotonou Addis Abeba Juba Bogotá Jaunde Kampala Quito Kigali Nairobi Kinshasa Daressalam Jakarta Lima La Paz Brasilia Lusaka Antananarivo Windhoek Lilongwe São Paulo Pretoria Maputo Johannesburg

6 German Financial Cooperation Products and their source of funds
Financial Cooperation (FC) Budget funds (subsidies) KfW market funds KfW Regular FC grants & loans Grants Concessional Loans (IDA, Standard) FC Development Loans Mixed Financing Composite Loans Reduced Interest Loans FC Promotional Loans Flexible terms near market rates

7 German Financial Cooperation Products and their source of funds
commercial terms Development Loans Mixed Financing Composite Loan Reduced- Interest Loan Interest rate Promotional Loan Grant IDA - Loan Standard Condition German Government is able to offer through KfW Development Bank a broad range the of tailor-made loans depending on the type of purpose, project and the conditions in the respective sector. We are able to accompany different project or program types with financing solutions that suit its capacity and needs. Concessional Terms (all except Promotional Loans) are subject to provision of subsidies from German Government. 7

8 FC development loans – brief overview
Reduced interest loans Guarantee of German government Budget funds KfW funds Hedging of credit risk through German government guarantee lowers the interest rate for the partner considerably Partner country Risk coverage KfW Grant Loan Grant reduces the interest rate for the partner country i 8

9 ECA / German government
FC development loans – involved parties guarantee ECA / German government Capital market KfW funds KS, PV,VA, BE, AK, SP BMZ KfW Intergovernmental agreement BMZ Payment guarantee Budget funds Foreign government Loan agreement Disbursement Foreign debtor Debt service 9 9

10 German Cooperation with Mongolia

11 Energy Efficiency in Grid-Based Power Supply under way
Priority Area Energy Efficiency Energy Efficiency in Grid-Based Power Supply under way Renewable Energy I (Bogdyn Hydropowerplant) FC 6.1 Mio. EUR under way Energy Efficiency I (TPP Darkhan) FC 10.5 Mio. EUR under way Energy Efficiency II (TPP IV UB) FC 8.5 Mio. EUR under way New Program Energy Efficiency III (Transmission and Substitution) planned for 2014 New Program Energy and Environment Darkhan (Energy efficiency in TPPs) planned for 2014

12 Priority Area Biodiversity
Climate Change Adaptation and Preservation of Biodiversity ongoing Program Biodiversity and Adoption to Climate Change 11.5 Mio. EUR planned for 2013

13 Priority Area Energy Efficiency

14 Energy Sector Programme I (2004 – 2013)
Total Funding Volume million IDA-Loan Programme Objectives Contribution to reliable DC supply in power plants and in substations during normal and emergency conditions; Contribution to reliable automatic transfer of meter data from substations and power plants into the control centre Programme Measures Rehabilitation of DC supply systems in substations including supply of spare parts and corresponding staff training; Establishment of new AMR system in CES including data collection equipment and interfacing, spare parts supply and corresponding staff training Target Area Central Energy System of Mongolia Project Executing Agency National Dispatching Center; National Transmission Company

15 Renewable Energy Programme I (2006 – 2014)
Total Funding Volume million EUR Grant Programme Objective Improvement of DC supply system in Uliastai based on hydropower Programme Measures Rehabilitation of hydropowerplant Bogdyn; Rehabilitation of distribution grid Uliastai Target Area Uliastai, Zavkhan Aimag Project Executing Agency Ministry of Energy of Mongolia

16 Energy Efficiency Programme I (2010 – 2014)
Total Funding Volume million EUR IDA-Loan Programme Objective Contribution to more efficient power supply in the city of Darkhan Programme Measures Modernization of TPP Darkhan including expansion of turbine house, supply and installation of new 35MW steam turbine and corresponding facilities; consultancy services Target Area Darkhan, Selenge Aimag Project Executing Agency Darkhan Thermal Power Plant Joint Stock Company

17 Energy Efficiency Programme II (2012 – 2015)
Total Funding Volume million EUR IDA-Loan Programme Objective Improvement of energy efficiency and reliabilty of TPP IV; Reduction of specific coal consumption and specific emissions Programme Measures Modernization of TPP IV including supply and installation of new water treatment plant, RPM-regulated power unit, pipe cleaning systems, and consultancy services Target Area City of Ulaanbaatar Project Executing Agency Thermal Power Plant IV

18 Outlook – Focal Area Energy Efficiency
The Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) is planning further commitments for investments in the Mongolian energy sector in 2013 and 2014 to be implemented through KfW. 2013: up to 30 million EUR Development Loan (special funds from IKLU-facility) 2014: up to 10 million EUR Standard Loan (regular country quota) New projects are being developed based on investment planning of Ministry of Energy of Mongolia and on focal area Energy Efficiency strategy of German BMZ. Use of funds envisaged for Energy efficiency and environmental measures in Combined Heating Plants (esp. Darkhan) Energy efficiency and supply security measures in power networks Close cooperation between Ministry of Energy and German implementing agencies GIZ and KfW in project identification and preparation.

19 Priority Area Biodiversity

20 Biodiversity and Adoption to Climate Change
Total Funding Volume million EUR grant Programme Objective Strenghtening of Mongolian protected area system with special regard to climate change Improvement of living conditions of local population Programme Measures Implementation of a competition based application mechanism for Development of key protected area infrastructure; Procurement of equipment for protected areas and regional training centres; Establishment of buffer zone funds; Support in preparation of related management plans Target Area Mongolian Protected Areas Project Executing Agency Ministry of Environment and Green Development

21 Outlook – Focal Area Biodiversity
Steps already taken / yet to be taken: 2012 March: 11.5 million EUR commitment from German Government through KfW 2012 November: KfW appraisal mission to Mongolia 2013 April: Appraisal report submitted to German Government Next steps Approval to be received from German Government Draft Financing Agreement to be submitted to MED for review Approval procedure on Mongolian side according to Mongolian regulations Signing of Financing Agreement between Mongolia and KfW

22 Programmes outside Priority Areas

23 Regional Transport Infrastructure Development To Improve Food Supply to Ulaanbaatar
Total Funding Volume million EUR IDA loan Programme Objective Improvement of living conditions and income situation of local population through improved acccess to key markets, health and social facilities; Improvement of local food supply to the capital city. Programme Measures Construction of feeder roads from SoumCentres Bornuur, Jargalant and Batsumber to National Highway towards UB. Target Area Mainly Tuv and Selenge Aimags Project Executing Agency Ministry of Roads and Transport

24 Environmentally Sound City Development Ulaanbaatar Waste Water Treatment Plant in Nisekh/ Yarmag
Funds for the project committed by German Government since Government Negotiations 2008. Project preparation currently on hold due to outstanding decision from Mongolian Government regarding financing source. Alternative use of funds within the agreed areal framework („reprogramming“) is possible. Respective application needs to be submitted to German side. Final decision from Mongolian Government is expected latest during upcoming Intergovernmental Consultations.

25 Future Mongolian German Financial Cooperation
Introducing of Promotional Loan Financing – also possible outside priority areas Promotional loans are a financial instrument of German Development Cooperation to close the gap between concessionary and pure commercial lending. Financing of infrastructure or equipment in the fields of transport, energy, mineral resources, etc. Not bound to the priority areas of cooperation; more flexible. But all projects shall have a development impact. Borrower can be the Government, a sub-sovereign, like a municipality or a province, or a fully or partly state owned enterprise providing a state guarantee. Promotional loans are entirely refinanced by KfW market funds. Pricing on the basis of KfW’s low funding costs (AAA rating).

26 Thank you for your attention
KfW Bankengruppe KfW Office Ulaanbaatar Eva Schneider, Country Manager Sascha Stadtler, Director Tel Tel Mob Mob

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