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Nord-Süd Ressourcenflüsse: Entwicklungshilfe, Handel,

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1 Nord-Süd Ressourcenflüsse: Entwicklungshilfe, Handel,
Kunibert Raffer Folien zur Vorlesung: Nord-Süd Ressourcenflüsse: Entwicklungshilfe, Handel, Verschuldung © K. Raffer 2015




5 Definition Official Development Assistance (ODA):
"those flows to developing countries and multilateral institutions provided by official agencies, including state and local governments, or by their exe­cutive agencies, each tran­saction of which meets the following tests: a) it is administered with the promotion of the economic development and welfare of de­veloping countries as its main objective, and b) it is concessional in character and contains a grant element of at least 25 per cent."  DAC (Development Assistance Committee) der OECD Zuschußelement (grant element): Unterschied OEH-Kredit und Kredit mit 10% Zinsen (gemessen in Kapitalwerten) Beispiele, gerade >25% (OECD 1985, p.172): - 4 %, 7 Jahre Laufzeit, 3 Jahre tilgungsfrei - 5 %, 11 Jahre Laufzeit, 4 Jahre tilgungsfrei - 5 %, 15 Jahre Laufzeit, keine tilgungsfreie Zeit

6 DAC -ODA (%) Source: DAC


8 Broadened and Deflated Totals
ODA by DAC Members Broadened and Deflated Totals (% of GSP)   DAC-value *) minus admin. costs refugees emerg.& dis.relief emergency food aid debt forgiveness capital subscr contrib. to NGOs students (imputed) former Commun. C ODA-Inflator Sources: Raffer (1998), based on OECD-data (various publications)

9 Broadened and Deflated Totals
ODA by DAC Members Broadened and Deflated Totals (% of GSP)    Official DAC-value Deflated ODA ODA-Inflator Source: Raffer 1998a Table 6.2: Corrected ODA and OA by DAC Members (% of GSP) Deflated ODA OA Total Quelle: Raffer & Singer 2001/2004, p.89

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