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An extraordinary supporting presentation by Stefan Steinhauser to help you to organize your life at university 000011.

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Präsentation zum Thema: "An extraordinary supporting presentation by Stefan Steinhauser to help you to organize your life at university 000011."—  Präsentation transkript:

1 An extraordinary supporting presentation by Stefan Steinhauser to help you to organize your life at university 000011

2 TUMonline How to use my mytum e-mail address? moodle 24/7 - Access How to use a computer in an IT-Room? How to print? How to find a room? Additional Activities FAQ  Your Part 000100

3 www.campus.tum.de 000101

4 It’s German – change the language 000110

5 It’s German – change the language 000111

6 www.campus.tum.de 001000

7 001001

8 001010

9 This has been a short overall view of TUMonline http://portal.mytum.de/iuk/cm/studierende/anleitun gen_studierende/document_view? 001011

10 To use your mytum e-mail address you have to register on www.mytum.de 001100

11 001101

12 001110

13 001111

14 010000

15 https://www.moodle.tum.de/ 010001

16 010010

17 010011

18 010100

19 To enter the IT-Rooms 24/7 (at night, at weekends, …) you have to register your StudentCard online http://www.wzw.tum.de/itw/24h_zugang/ 010101

20 To use a printer in any of the IT-Rooms, you have to charge money on your account by buying a yellow card at the “HELP DESK”. One card costs 10€ A page printed out in black/white is 0.03€ A page printed out in colour is 0.15€ Every time you print you will get an e-mail telling you how much money is still on your account If you have any problems with computers in an IT- Room, you can contact the ITW “HELP DESK” http://www.wzw.tum.de/itw/ 010110

21 You have to log on Username: e.g. ga69ceq Two letters Two numbers Three letters Password: Your password for TUMonline 010111

22 011000

23 011001

24 011010

25 011011

26 011100

27 Domberg 10 Fischergasse 18 011101

28 011110

29 Dhamma learning and discussion Medidation course every Sunday 10 a.m. Buddhist Library at Domberg 10 011111

30 Monthly meeting every first Tuesday a month from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Fischergasse 18 100000

31 Participating to buddhist festivals at Bodhi Vihara 100001

32 City center TUM Fischergasse 18 Domberg 10 Train station 100010

33 Post address: Domberg 10 D– 85354 Freising Telephone: 0176 – 64619237 E- Mail: buddhismus.uni@gmail.com Web: www.bodhi-vihara.org 100011


35 Herzlich Willkommen ! 100101

36 Unser Haus in der Hohenbachernstraße 9 100110

37 Internationaler Campus-Stammtisch Studierende aus aller Welt treffen sich zum Reden und Diskutieren bei einem landestypischen Essen. Students from all over the world meet for talks, discussions, and typical dishes from different countries. 100111

38 Interkultureller Austausch Ich komme aus … und du? Studierende aus aller Welt entdecken Gemeinsamkeiten und Verschiedenheiten und lernen sich dabei (besser kennen) I come from … you you? Students from all over the world discover common grounds and differences and get to know each other (better). 101000

39 Place: Hohenbachernstraße 9 http://www.hsg-freising.de/calendar/index_calendar.htm 101001

40 101010

41 http://www.dercaw.de/index.htm The "Club Ausländischer Weihenstephaner" is a club for foreign (and German) students who study at Weihenstephan. The focus of the club is on social interaction between students from around the world. Although German is the official language, an ever-increasing number of the club's members are still learning German. Everyone is welcome at the CAW, regardless of their language abilities! 101011

42 Every Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. (winter term) At 8:00 p.m. (summer term) Place: Schneiders Freising, Vöttinger Straße 2a 101100 © Kriskamol Na Jom

43 101101 © Kriskamol Na Jom, Daniel Ross

44 101110 a)Hohenbachernstraße 9  HSG Freising b)Vöttinger Straße 2a  CAW c)Domberg 10  Bodhi Vihara d)Fischergasse 18  Buddhist Student Community of Munich and Freising

45 Language Center http://www.sprachenzentrum.tum. de/en/startseite/ http://www.zhs-muenchen.de/ Sekretariat Hochschulsport, Room 103, 1 st floor ZHS 101111

46 http://www.aok.de/portale/bayern/parco urs/html/parcours_routen/parcours_frei singer/start.php © Yuki Yokoyama 110000

47 © Ka Nok Kev Chan 110001

48 Ende der Bildschirmpräsentation. Zum Beenden klicken. To be continued … … now

49 If there are any questions left, please ask Normally there are a lot of people having the same question If you are overwhelmed by all the information and have a question later, contact me Stefan Helmut Steinhauser Stefan.steinhauser@mytum.de www.lemibrau.de 110011

50 Wissenschaftszentrum Weihenstephan für Ernährung, Landnutzung und Umwelt The international student adviser is responsible for the internationalization of our faculty. It is his responsibility to counsel and mentor our international students and any students who are planning a stay abroad. Central Student Adviser: Professor Dr. Dieter Langosch Tel.: (+49) 08161 71-3500 Fax: (+49) 08161 71-3900 E-Mail: international@wzw.tum.de international@wzw.tum.de 110100

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