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Ich heiße Frau Tarrant Ich bin eure Deutschlehrerin

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1 Ich heiße Frau Tarrant Ich bin eure Deutschlehrerin
Willkommen Klasse 2A Ich heiße Frau Tarrant Ich bin eure Deutschlehrerin

2 Introductions Name: Wie heisst du? Origin: Woher kommst du?
Countries where you have lived. Wo hast du schon gewohnt?

3 Class Expectations Be on time.
Be prepared: pencils, red workbook, Planet 1 book and activity book. Be respectful: raise your hand if you which to speak. Don’t call out- this disturbs all in the classroom. Don’t swing on chairs- this endangers all in the room Don’t chew gum Complete you homework when due Always try your hardest! Don’t be afraid to make mistakes!

4 What will we do this year?
Please look at course description for an overview. The aim is to learn the basics of German in a fun and creative way and give you the confidence to use the language! Every week or so there will be a quiz on the section you have just done. At the end of every unit there is a unit test.

5 Planet 2 Main text book = Planet 2
Workbook Planet 2 = homework assignments Glossary – colour code words according to gender Let’s take a look inside our book!

6 Portfolios You will need a 40 page display book (if you do not have one from last year) In this you will keep samples of your best work, to show the improvements that you have made during the year

7 You’re binders Divided into 4 section:
Information handouts (there will be a lot of these) Class notes/class work Homework Graded work Keep the binder neat and organized!

8 Welcome Handout Any Questions? Hausaufgaben:
Willkommensblatt unterschrieben zurück bringen.

9 Das Alphabet

10 How the German alphabet sounds to an English speaker.

11 ah beh tseh

12 deh eh eff

13 geh haah ee

14 yot car ell

15 emm enn oh

16 peh kooh air

17 ess teh ooh

18 fow veh iks

19 oopsilon tsett

20 ö ä ü ß esstsett

21 A B C D F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Ä Ö Ü
E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Ä Ö Ü  ß eff beh tseh deh eh ah geh hah ee yot car ell peh koo air emm enn oh ess teh oo fow veh iks tsett oopsilon esstsett

22 Arbeitsblätter ergänzen

23 ä ü ch ö z au j ei v ie w eu 1. __a 2. sp__t 3. h__ren 4. schmut__ig
5. __ater 6. Fr__ __ 7. __arm 8. ma__ __en 9. __unge 10. G__ __ge 11. fl__ __gen 12. Fr__ __nd 13. Br__der 14. Her__ 15. __ __ __lf ä ü ch ö z au j ei v ie w eu Quick test to allow pupils to show what they have grasped so far – hopefully this will give them confidence!

24 1. ja 2. spät 3. hören 4. schmutzig 5. Vater 6. Frau 7. warm 8. machen
9. Zunge 10. Geige 11. fliegen 12. Freund 13. Brüder 14. Herz 15. zwölf For teacher only to view! Give each pupil a strip of paper from next slide so that they can fill in the blanks. Then pronounce these words for pupils as a way of testing their grasp of what you have covered so far.

25 Hallo!

26 Guten Tag!

27 Wie heißt du?

28 Wie heißt du? Ich heiße Annette. Ich heiße Stefan

29 Wie heißt du? Ich heiße....

30 Wo wohnst du? Ich wohne in...

31 Wie geht's? Mir geht es

32 Wie geht‘s? Einfach Klasse! Prima! Gut! Es geht! Schlecht! Furchtbar!

33 8 Was sind die Zahlen? 7 1 3 2 12 5 4 6 11 10 9

34 Wie alt bist du? Wie alt bist du? Ich bin 12 Jahre alt.

35 Personalpronomen Ich wohne in Cobham. What is the underlined word?
= personal pronoun

36 German personal pronouns
ich I du you er/sie/es he/she/it wir we ihr you sie they

37 Verb endings Ich wohn + e Du wohn + st Er/sie/es wohn + t
Wir wohn + en Ihr wohn + t Sie wohn + en

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