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Are there benchmarks in public real estate? DI Werner Erhart-Schippek, MSc MRICS.

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1 Are there benchmarks in public real estate? DI Werner Erhart-Schippek, MSc MRICS

2 Tasks and services

3 LIG Portfolio

4 Characteristics of Public Real Estate Management Public real estate management focuses on: Reducing costs for running a building Improveing efficiency of building managment Increaseing sustainability of a building and running this building Compared with investors in real estate: They don´t aim at increasing yields Problems in the field of public real estate benchmarking: Reference values (eg areas are not known or incorrect A different point of view considering costs: they have a budget for every year …

5 Why benchmarking to compare with the best participants in the domain of public real estate management to learn from the best to find out weak points and to improve to find out inefficient processes to achive economical management of buildings to get to know best practice examples to prepare key indicators for decisions to survey the effects of measures

6 Why benchmarking?



9 Benchmark: Term Definition “Benchmarking is the process of comparing one's business processes and performance metrics to industry bests and/or best practices from other industries. Dimensions typically measured are quality, time and cost.” (Wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benchmarking, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benchmarking 18 th October 2011)

10 Kinds of Benchmarking Internal – external benchmarking Following the vertical model: –processes –location –company Following the horizontal model: –Life cycle phases of a building

11 Various Points of View Investors annual rate of return Owners low costs for constructing and running buildings Lessee low workplace costs

12 Key Indicators Costs (€) Measurement of consumption (KWh, m³) Productivity Economic key indicator for buildings Quality assurance Balance sheet …..

13 Importance and use of KPI in REM

14 Some Benchmarking Datapools in Austria and Germany CREIS Real Estate Monitor (http://www.creis.net/index.html)http://www.creis.net/index.html GEFMA (http://www.gefma.de/)http://www.gefma.de/ KGst (http://www.kgst.de/)http://www.kgst.de/ ATGA (http://www.atga.com/joomla/index.php)http://www.atga.com/joomla/index.php

15 KGSt Benchmark Pool


17 Austrian FM Monitor 2009

18 Realis Bench 2009 costs for electricity

19 CREIS: Office Buildings – Survey of Heating, Water, Electricity Consumption Example: Survey of heating, water and electricity consumption of all LIG office buildings (public administration). Clicking the button „analyse“ the following view is available

20 CREIS: all Office Buildings and their Level of Heating, Water and Electricity Consumption

21 Reports FM Monitor by TU Graz FM Benchmarking Bericht by GEFMA Benchmarks für die Emergieeffizienz von Nichtwohngebäuden by ARGE Benchmark und BM Verkehr, Bau und Stadtentwicklung FM Monitor by pom+ Consultung RealisBench Immibilien-Benchmarking für die öffentliche Hand by BayerFM OSCAR by Jones Lang Lasalle /CREIS

22 LIG: Benchmarking of the Homes for the Elderly LIG owns four homes for the elderly (Knittelfeld, Kindberg, Mautern, Bad Radkersburg) During a pilot project 2009 key indicators of 21 homes in Tyrol and four ones in Styria were analysed.

23 Net floor ratio (m²)/bed

24 Water consumption/m²

25 Heat energy consumption/m²

26 Electricity consumption/m²

27 Evaluation cost savings Keine Reinigungskosten bei LFS, da Schüler den Reinigungsdienst übernehmen Reinigungskosten bei AG verhältnismäßig gering, da in Verantwortung der A2 (teilweise Eigenreinigung, teilweise Fremdreinigung) Soweit Daten vorhanden, liegen Ist- Daten der LIG/ Land deutlich über den marktüblichen Kosten Potenziale bei LPZ, AG und LBS werden in der Hochrechnung berücksichtigt Kostenstruktur Reinigung (in €/ m² p.a.)* Datenbestand: 100 % Datenbestand:96,4 % (keine D.: Landhausgasse) Datenbestand: 21,4 % (vorh. D.: 228, 221, 216) Datenbestand: 0 % 48,40 12,10 10,56 * Objekte ohne Daten wurden nicht im Benchmark berücksichtigt

28 Summary Public real estate managers do not often use benchmarks Reference values are mostly not available There exist datapools for external benchmarking Definition of reference values Different legal framework has to be considered Helpfull in detecting cost saving potential

29 Thank you for your attention! For further questions please contact: werner.erhart-schippek@lig-stmk.at

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