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Kölner Karneval By Logan Mack

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1 Kölner Karneval By Logan Mack
Eine Reise nach Köln Kölner Karneval By Logan Mack

2 Introduction Students from a sister school in Cologne Germany have been studying your area for some time and thought you would like to know more about their home. They have invited your class to visit them for one week in February during Carnival. A local German Heritage Club has offered to sponsor the trip, but they are afraid that you will make a bad impression if you don't know about Cologne and Carnival. Rosenmontagzug

3 Task Can you show them that their money would be well spent by making a presentation on Cologne and what you will see and do there? Kölner Dom mit Brücke

4 Process Using your resources gather information to answer the guiding questions (don’t forget to record your answers. Use the answers to the guiding questions to prepare a presentation on Cologne and Carnival according to the guidelines listed at your level on the rubric under Evaluation.

5 Guiding Questions Questions about Cologne Questions about Carnival
Heidi Klum beim Karneval

6 Questions about Cologne
Where is Cologne? How did Cologne get it's name? What is Cologne known for? Attractions/What is there to see in Cologne? What do you want to see when you are there? Why?

7 Questions about Carnival
What is Carnival? When is Carnival and what are the important dates? Who celebrates Carnival? What happens during Carnival? Is this similar to anything you know? How? Carnival isn't celebrated only in Cologne, where else is it celebrated?

8 Resources Cologne/Köln Carnival/Karneval die Dreigestirn:
die Jungfrau, Seine Tollität u. der Bauer

9 Cologne/Köln Karte Cologne Köln Bilder aus dem alten Köln
Colonia Agrippina Köln 360 (click on thumbnails to see 360˚ views of areas of Köln)

10 Karneval About Karneval Karneval Slideshow Viva Colonia
Kölner Karneval Interview Das Fliegerlied/Heut ist so ein schoener Tag Carnival or Karneval Die närrischen Deutschen Der Kölner Mummenschanz by Goethe Karneval in Deutschland

11 Evaluation

12 Conclusion Your report will be presented the local German Heritage Club (your classmates).

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