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Grenzen Kerzen 2004.

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1 Grenzen Kerzen 2004

2 Where was the wall anyway? The one feature
that shaped Berlin more than any other, has all but disappeared from the face of Berlin. The wall is a tragedy that must not be forgotten, and yet it is already almost impossible to re-imagine. Practically a symbol for Berlin, and graphic evidence of the second German dictatorship, yet today it is difficult to find even a trace of where the wall once stood. The Berlin Wall is also a potential source of hope for people all over the world#who face similar divisions now, and for those facing ideological divides as effective as any fortified wall To provide a space to reflect upon the fall of the wall and consider peoples everywhere who live restricted lives and hope for a similar turn of events, thousands of people took part in writing, lighting, and setting Grenzen Kerzen where the wall used to be.


4 Wo und Wann… Auf dem ehemaligen Mauerstreifen Berlin. Vom Brandenburger Tor aus in beide Richtungen. Am 3. Oktober, Tag der Deutschen Einheit. Mitmachen… ·Indem Sie schon heute hier in der Kapelle Ihre Grenzen Kerze beschriften. ·Oder/und wenn Sie am 3. Oktober vor Ort Ihre eigene Kerze anzünden ·Wir freuen uns auch über jede aktive Hilfe am 3. Oktober zum Kerzen verteilen und Windlichter aufstellen. ·Diese Aktion ist komplett auf Spenden angewiesen. Sie können in der Kapelle spenden. Grenzen Kerzen wird ehrenamtlich organisiert in Verbindung mit der Versöhnungsgemeinde und dem Dokumentationszentrum Berliner Mauer. Info - Kontakt - Production House - Postfach Berlin Where and When From the Brandenburg Gate outwards left and Right along the former site of the wall On the 3rd of October The Day of German Unification. Take Part Write a message which will be attached to a Grenzen Kerzen on the 3rd October on your behalf. Come along on October the 3rd and write your message and attach it to a candle on the day Volunteer your assistance on October the 3rd in helping distributing and setting candles Make a donation in the chapel and help us to cover costs and grow this event. Grenzen Kerzen is organised and executed by international volunteers on conjunction with the Chapel of Reconciliation and the Berlin Wall Documentation centre. Contact Production House-Postfach – Berlin


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