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„Steca Electronics – Services and products for an ecological future.“

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1 „Steca Electronics – Services and products for an ecological future.“

2 Regional and international
For your on-site Memmingen 520 employees Factory I Research and development, marketing and sales as well as logistics and production of electronic devices, complete electronic systems for solar electronics Factory II Complete electronic systems for home appliances, industry, solar electronics and battery charging systems Bulgaria 145 employees Production of cable technology, electronic devices and complete electronic systems Factory Memmingen Factory Bulgaria 2

3 1976 1980 1990 2000 2011 A road full of ideas History and development
Steca was founded by Karl Steinle and Manfred Casper as a company assembling, developing and producing battery charging systems. 1980 Dietmar Voigtsberger took the company with 3 employees over. Extension of the production facilities into a professional supplier of electronics. 1990 New production lines Cable Technology and Solar electronics were added. Gradual expansion to a full service electronic sub-supplier. 2000 Steca extends its building site up to 10,000 sqm. Introduction of integrative information systems. Update of Quality Assurance Certification Procedure. 2011 Today Steca produces on 22,000 sqm: services and products for an ecological future Realisation of a new building with 7,000 sqm 3

4 Experience the diversity
Only at Steca Number of component group types produced per year: 3,000 Number of component groups supplied daily: 18,000

5 The Steca Brand Solar Electronics Battery Charging Systems 5

6 Solar Electronics Solar Thermal: Solar controllers
Temperature differential controllers: – from 2 inputs - 1 output up to 24 inputs - 12 outputs – from family homes to applications in hotels

7 Solar Electronics Solar Thermal: Heating- and Domestic Hot Water Controllers Heating- and Domestic Hot Water Controllers: – up to 4 heating circuits, DHC Stations – for private and industrial use TPC 1 Bus

8 Solar Electronics Solar Thermal: System controllers TPC 1 Bus

9 Solar Electronics Solar Thermal: Solar controllers
Steca TR A501 T, Steca TR A502 TT and Steca TR A503 TTR: – 5 Inputs and 1, 2 or 3 Outputs – Installation versions: Solar pump station, wall installation, mounting rail – Wave packet (Triac) and pulse width modulation (PWM) ensure electronic RPM control – Low power consumption thanks to universal and widerange switched-mode power supply – Electronic overloading control and protection

10 Solar Electronics Solar Thermal: Remote Displays Monitoring:
– IFA router for online visualisation: Steca TK RW2 – Permanent monitoring and performance analysis of solar energy systems – Visualising solar energy systems and the changes in temperature over time – Displaying energy balances and CO2 savings – The raw data archived can be downloaded for analysis with Steca TS Analyzer 2

11 Solar Electronics PV Grid Connected Smal systems
StecaGrid 300 and StecaGrid 300 300 W up to W Specialist in difficult roofs StecaGrid 1900, StecaGrid 2000+, StecaGrid 2010+, 2.000 W, W and W Spezialist für Gewerbliche Anlagen StecaGrid 8000 and StecaGrid 10000 8.000 W and W 8.000 W und W

12 Solar Electronics PV Grid Connected: Residential systems
3.000 W and W For single-family houses and apartment buildings: – Peak efficiency 98.6 %, European efficiency up to 98.2 % – Suitable for all crystalline solar modules – Very long service life – The markets lightweights – Environmentally-friendly, low-cost and high-efficient – Protective insulation according to protection class II

13 Solar Electronics PV Off Grid: Solar Home Systems
Solar charge controllers, energy saving lamps, fridges and freezers: – Power ranges from 3 A up to 30 A, from 12 V up to 24 V – for supply of living spaces and cottages

14 Solar Electronics PV Off Grid: Inverter systems
Solar charge controllers, sine wave inverters: – Power ranges from 100 W up to 5,000 W – for supply of living spaces and small trade

15 Battery Charging Systems
Mobile usage – Charging for mobile applications – Storing position supply systems for bus depots and fire departments – Mobile charging units and safetey trailers – driverless transport systems 15

16 Battery Charging Systems
Stationary usage – charging for stationary applications – Charging rooms – Charging cabinets – Charging containers 16

17 Sales Distribution according to fields
Battery Charging Systems 3 % Cable Technology 5 % Electronic Manufacturing Services 54 % Solar Electronics 38 % Home Appliances- and Consumer Electronics Medical Technology Information Technology Automotive and Maritime Industrial Electronics 17

18 Total Development of Sales
90 85 Plan 2011: 82 80 78 70 65 60 55 50 45 40 Turnover in Mio. € 37,5 35 30 26,4 25 20 16,6 15 8,7 10 5 2,9 0,4 Year: 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015 18

19 Foreign distributors In Poland we are looking for…
… reliable resellers for our products. Companies doing so, ideally fabricate and sell solar thermal products and offer market knowledge and necessary contacts. – For example: Collector and storage manufacturers as well as wholesale dealers for heating systems and sanitary. – We would like to establish long-term relationships and cooperations with such companies in Poland. – German and english skills are required.

20 Thank you for your attention!
Steca Elektronik GmbH Mr. Werner Gut Sales director solar thermal Fon +49 (0)

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