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Graffiti: an Alternative Communication Media Claudia Weiss, Anita Mettler.

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1 Graffiti: an Alternative Communication Media Claudia Weiss, Anita Mettler

2 Graffiti: an Alternative Communication Media Definition History Negative and Positive Aspects Creative Process Place > Spots Public Reception Themes -> Zeitgeist Medial Aspects Conclusion

3 Definition markings, as initials, slogans, or drawings, written, spray-painted, or sketched on a sidewalk, wall of a building or public restroom, or the like (Online Dictionary) Graffiti ist ein Oberbegriff für viele thematisch und gestalterisch unterschiedliche Erscheinungsformen. Die Gemeinsamkeit besteht darin, dass es sich um visuell wahrnehmbare Elemente handelt, welche ungefragt und meist anonym, von Einzelpersonen oder Gruppen auf fremden oder in öffentlicher Verwaltung befindlichen Oberflächen angebracht werden (Siegl 60)

4 Origin Italian graffiare = scratch used to describe a specific technique of facade decoration (Sgraffito) (Siegl 11)

5 History belongs to our cultural history : as Northoff says Schrift-Kultur(en)konstante or ancient as human communication (179) Before the invention of clay tablets and papyrus Pompeii: 15,000 wall messages Victor Hugo->The Hunchback of Notre Dame WWII – The White Rose Movement – Jewish shops: Star of David – Hafelekar: swastika (Hakenkreuz)

6 Contemporary History colour spray can -> writers Cultural Phenomenon 70s (NY) Hip Hop graffiti hunter (Siegl 13-14)

7 Why drawing graffiti?

8 POSITIVE ASPECTS: to come out from the big cities' anonymity and isolation – To show they have something to say. They want the others to know about them/ kind of self expression – To show their art (prospect of fame and recognition of one's talent) to beautify the place

9 Why drawing graffiti? NEGATIVE ASPECTS: to deface property Gang related marking territory

10 Creative Process scratched and carved Walk of fame Graffiti stencils/pochoirs unique piece of work

11 Creative Process painted (Wildstyle) I.Tagging (Tag: abbreviation of a signature) II.throw-ups (quickly painted pictures/graffiti > a quickpiece) III.pieces Aim > becoming a respected member of a crew (from toy to master) - innovative style - to be present Creating competition (overspraying is offensive)

12 Place > Spots Motive : a message to be seen!! Legal and illegal places – Legal places for graffiti writers Südrings and Olympia world subways: Reichenau, Höttingen Au

13 Legal Graffitis

14 Illegal Graffitis

15 Public Reception Traditionally negative > vandalism, gangs Positive changes: – Educative aspect > team-work skills, respect, bring a job to an end, apprenticeship in a crew – Workshop > Slurry tanker

16 Zeitgeist: Political Themes

17 Zeitgeist: Sex, Love, Relationship

18 Zeitgeist: Artistic Productions

19 Zeitgeist: Sport

20 Medial aspects alternative media voice of the average people independent from the mainstream horizontal communication vertical

21 Conclusion Two levels of communication: 1.Encoded > for the members of the crew or for other writers 2.For the normal recipient/the passing by person The goal is the same > wanting to communicate: either with the aim to be understood by few or many OR just for the matter of expressing oneself

22 Works Cited Bezirks Blätter Scheiße im und auf dem alten Jauchewagen. Stadtblatt Innsbruck vol.33. 16 August 2012. Web. 27 June 2013 Brauer, Robert. History-Die Anfänge des Hip-Hop: Graffiti. 2010. Web. 27 June 2013 Christen, Richard S. Hip Hop Learning: Graffiti as an Ecuador of Urban teenagers. Fall 2003. Web. 27 June 2013 Northoff, Thomas. Graffiti: Die Sprache an den Wänden. Wien: Löcker, 2005.Print. Siegl, Norbert. Graffiti Enzyklopädie: Von Kyselak bis HipHop-Jam. Wien: Österreich. Kunst- und Kulturverlag, 2001.Print. Online Dictionary – http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/graffiti

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