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Formative Assessment in Adult Basic Education Literature Review German-Language Areas Paris, October 2006.

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1 Formative Assessment in Adult Basic Education Literature Review German-Language Areas
Paris, October 2006

2 Key debates Key debates are centered around a new learning culture with an active and self-directed learner (Pragmatism, Subject-Scientific Theory, Constructivism, Situated Cognition) Self-directed Learning (incl. Informal learning) has to be learned (Schiersmann 2006, Barz/Tippelt 2004, Grotlüschen/Brauchle 2004 / 2006)

3 Dyslexia & Brain Research
Dyslexia is defined as a substantial impairment of reading and writing which can not be explained by lack of intelligence, social background or inadequate schooling (ICD-10) Neuropsychology suggests that Dyslexia can not be explained by the findings of brain research so far, i.e. problems of Cerebellum or symmetric Planum Temporale (Rüsseler 2006)

4 Formative Assessment The term is hardly known in Adult Education, but
…well known in School Research, esp. Laboratory School in Bielefeld / Progressive School (F. Winter 2004) …Assessment is discussed in Special Education for selective and remedial purposes (Kretschmann 2005)

5 ABE Research about Assessment
ABE research reports fear of being tested (Egloff 1997, Genuneit 2004, Linde in preparation) but Entrance/ initial talks are well accepted (56%, n=147 out of 300, Schladebach in press)

6 Assessment: Portfolio Approach
ProfilPASS: Validation of informally acquired skills intense consultation (2-3 talks with instructor) Evaluation of pilot phase reports improved learning motivation and reflection (27% realised formerly unconscious competences, n=1178) Workplace Instruments: Job Navigator, Analysis of competences (see Handbook)

7 Qualitative and Quantitative Diagnostics
Hamburger Schreibprobe (normed test, Cronbachs Alpha >.92, correlation with exams>.78), usable for formative purposes AFRA (qualitative observation of the type of mistakes somebody makes) and others, but No kowledge about the impact onto learning process, learning outcomes, self-esteem…

8 E-Learning in ABE Evaluation of an EQUAL project (n=45 & n=110)
Adults find themselves stuck in the middle of a chapter – not knowing what went wrong, but bored and angry (lack of reflection on goals) Learners like to co-operate in their row while using learning software (no individual pathway) Learners prefer a tutor to explain and show a task instead of learning from the software

9 E-Learning and Assessment
Qualitative Study (n=10) MC self-assessment is used (but no impact onto learning results!) Open questions are not used (lack of feedback, fear of being controlled by invisible turor) Portfolio / small projects are appreciated very much (tipps, advice by competent tutor on real-life project)

10 ABE and E-Learning Practice
Ich-will-schreiben-lernen.de Used in LLN classes at Volkshochschulen (ca learners and 400 teachers) plus anonymous learners Three diagnostic questions, followed by some tasks >> tailor-made modules Computerlinguistic background

11 Conclusion Formative Assessment improves ABE because of more intense reflection. FA improves ABE because of more tailor-made teaching. Both quantitative and qualitative instruments can be used for this purpose. E-Learning is used best for heterogenous groups in a class. Assessment of levels and results should include feedback.

12 Key Gaps Knowledge about the relation of FA and learning process, learning outcomes, learning motivation… Knowledge about how to improve reflection and long-term interest in a subject Reliability and Validity of ABE Assessment instruments incl. E-Assessment?

13 Fields / Milieus in Germany


15 Thank you for your attention
Anke Grotlüschen Centre for Research on Adult Education Faculty of Educational Sciences Universität Bremen

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