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2 21.03.2017 CERIM – Project Presentation
1. Short facts CERIM is financed by the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Programme of the European Union 10 partners operating in 7 European countries Total budget: 3.6 million euros Project duration: 36 months Objective: to develop a tech transfer model for the Central Europe area

3 2. Background 21.03.2017 Präsentationstitel
Innovation and technological development are important competitive advantages in an increasingly globalised setting. The contribution of public research organisations to innovation and the welfare of the Central European economy is a key concern, However most regions and states lack well-functioning technology transfer organisations capable of supporting academic-based innovations and their transition to the markets. In particular problems are typically related to: Unclear policy and legal frameworks Lack of motivation of research institutions and of researchers Lack of qualified personnel managing the technology transfer process Lack of networks to regional, national and international resources, industrial partners and venture capital

4 3. Objectives 21.03.2017 CERIM – Project Presentation
Overall objective is to unleash the innovation potential of the higher education and research institutions of CE through the development and validation of a technology transfer model, adapted to the situation of the partners and characterised by transnational co-operation. The specific objectives can best be achieved through trans-national co-operation because it helps in Achieving a critical mass of innovations Bundling competences, resources and networks CERIM links 10 organisations in 7 different Central European regions with interest in technology transfer – universities, consulting companies and private, public or semi public technology transfer institutions.

5 4. Partnership 21.03.2017 Präsentationstitel PVA-MV (Rostock)
inno AG (Karlsruhe) Chemnitz University of Technology ITG Innovation and Technology transfer (Salzburg) Slovak Academy of Sciences (Bratislava) University of Zilina Foundation Forum GRYF (Szczecin) ValDeal Innovation Services (Budaörs) Institute for Innovation and Development of University of Ljubljana Eurogroup Consulting (Milano)

6 5. Target groups 21.03.2017 CERIM – Project Presentation
Technology Transfer Institutions (TTIs) TTIs support academic based innovation. TTIs in Central Europe need to develop more effective models and networks. Total target group size is ca. 300. Research institutions and researchers Are the source of innovations and need support in valorising their research. Here close co-operation of TTIs and researchers is crucial. Roughly estimated researchers conduct market relevant research in Central Europe - the project addresses ca and shall involve ca actively. Policy makers A favorable policy framework is key to successful technology transfer. Policy makers often lack insight in innovation processes. The project will enhance mutual learning by connecting policy makers, researchers and TTIs. Indirectly also SMEs/industry is a target group but outside of project actions.

7 Operative implementation of the model with researchers
CERIM – Project Presentation 6. Methology Analysis of the TT context in CE Elaboration of a TT model Operative implementation of the model with researchers Development of a CE TT-model Transnational co-operation among partners

8 7. Summary 21.03.2017 CERIM – Project Presentation
CERIM links 10 organisations in 7 different Central European regions with interest in technology transfer. Through this wide trans-national co-operation will CERIM bundle competences, resources and networks as well as reach the critical mass of innovations. The overall objective is to develop a tech transfer model for the Central Europe area, and to valorise this model with concrete cases coming from regional researchers.

9 21.03.2017 CERIM – Project Presentation


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