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Veterinary Services in Austria

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1 Veterinary Services in Austria
Federal Ministry of Health, Family and Youth Dr. Johann Damoser Deputy Chief Veterinary Officer

2 Nine Provinces, 99 Districts App. 8 Mill. inhabitants, app. 84,000 km2
FEDERAL REPUBLIC Nine Provinces, 99 Districts App. 8 Mill. inhabitants, app. 84,000 km2 Federal Government, represented by Federal Chancellor, 13 Federal Ministers Nine Provincial Governments, represented by Provincial Governor and Councillors 99 local administrative units (Districts), represented by Head of District and local administration

3 Administrative Structure
Austria: - 9 Provinces - 99 Districts Communities

4 in the Ministry of Health, Family and Youth
Central Veterinary Administration in the Ministry of Health, Family and Youth 3 departments, co-ordination by Chief Veterinary Officer (CVO) 9 regional veterinary administrations in the provinces, 1 dept., co-ordination by Provincial Veterinary Officer (PVO) 99 local veterinary administrations, management and co-ordination by District Veterinary Officer, (DVO) executive organ, subordinate to PVO

5 Landesveterinärdirektor/PVO
REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH Sektion /Division I Personal, zentrale Organisation/ staff and central organisation Sektion /Division IV Leiter: Prof. Dr. SCHLÖGEL Verbraucherges. und Gesundheitsprävention/ consumer health and health prevention AGES = laboratories Bereich /Sector B Leiter: Mag. Ulrich HERZOG, CVO Verbrauchergesundheit/consumer health Dr. W. REISENHOFER Fachexperte/technical expert Alpenweideviehverkehr, Veterinärvereinba- rungen/ temp. grazing, vet. agreements, WTO Abteilung/department 7 Leiter: Dr. Peter KRANNER Lebensmittelangelegenheiten/food control Abteilung/department 4 Leiter: Dr. Peter-Vitus STANGL Lebensmittelsicherheit bei der Fleischerz., der Primärprod. u. tier. Nebenprodukte/ food safety in meat and primary production, and animal by-products Abteilung/department 6 Leiter: Dr. Elisabeth REISP Tierschutz, Tierseuchen- u. Zoonosen- Bekämpfung/ animal welfare, control of diseases and zoonoses Abteilung/department 5 Leiter: Dr. J. DAMOSER Deputy - CVO Tiergesundheit, Handel mit leb.Tieren und Veterinärrecht/ animal health, trade in live animals and vet. legislation Dr. Anton BARTL Leiter d. grenztierärztl. Dienstes/vet. border control Abteilung/department 8 Leiter: Dr. ZILBERSZAC Neue Lebensmittel/ novel food, Codex LANDESHAUPTMANN Landesveterinärdirektor/PVO BEZIRKSVERWALTUNGSBEHÖRDE Amtstierarzt/DVO BÜRGERMEISTER beauftragtes Organ für Veterinärwesen Abteilung/department 9 Leiter: Dr. Michael HAAS Biotechnologien/bioengineering grenztierärztlicher Dienst grenztierärztlicher Dienst veterinary border control Stand

6 Enacting veterinary regulations and execution
in federal responsibility Execution via „indirect federal administration“ by the Provincial Governor (PG) Minister has Right of Order towards the Provincial Governor Organisation of administration in the provinces lies with Provincial Governor Obligation for the provinces to report on demand of the Minister Execution via „direct federal administration“ by the Federal Minister (FM) Right of Direct Order with regard to veterinary border inspection (5 BIPs at present)

7 Animal Health Services Self-control-system for farmers and vets
controlled by accredited private control organisations and the State Objectives: Promotion of animal health and animal welfare by competent supervision and further education Reduction and surveillance of the use of veterinary drugs Guarantee safety and quality of food from animal origin at the highest possible level 14 programmes for specific animal species: set up in working groups agreed upon in advisory board official notification in AVN (official veterinary bulletin) legally binding

8 Number of Animals and Premises
Type of animals Number of premises cattle app. 2 mill. app. 89,000 pigs app. 3.2 mill. app. 63,000 sheep app. 325,000 app. 16,000 goats app. 54,000 app. 11,000 chicken app. 12 mill. app. 71,000 horses app. 87,000 app. 18,000 dogs app. 600,000

9 Status regarding Notifiable Animal Diseases
Free from Diseases of (former) List A of OIE Official Freedom / Additional Guarantees: Bovine Tuberculosis Bovine Brucellosis Enzootic Bovine Leucosis IBR / IPV Scrapie Brucella melitensis Aujeszky´s Disease National programmes for BVD and Paratuberculosis eradication

10 Number of Veterinarians
Total number of veterinarians: App. 2,500 Central veterinary administration: BIP Provincial vet. administrations: App. 75 District Veterinary Officers : App. 150 „Official Veterinarians“: App. 260

11 Persons appointed to carry out official tasks
->with regard to their official activities: subject to directions rules on bias apply officer within the meaning of the penal act (official delicts: abuse of position, improper acceptance of gifts, malversatory certification,…) public liability/officer‘s liability

12 Private Veterinarians
Animal Disease Act (ADA) possibility to make use of freelance veterinarians, preferably those resident in the administrative district in case of outbreak of a disease (§ 2a (1) ADA) as veterinarians with special responsibility for the disease preventing the spread or introduction of animal diseases - carrying out officially required protective vaccination (§ 2a (3) ADA) e.g.: Bluetongue

13 Private veterinarians
Examination activities Animal Health Act (§ 2 (6) AHA) Unless official veterinarians are available in sufficient numbers for measures falling under this federal act, the provincial governor shall appoint free-lance veterinarians. Preferably, he shall make use of veterinarians resident in the respective political district … example: Poultry Hygiene Regulation (attending veterinarian), BVD-Regulation IBR/IPV-Act (IBR/IPV-ExaminationReg.) Brucellosis Act (Brucellosis-ExaminationReg.) Bovine Leukosis Act (Bovine Leukosis-ExaminationReg. 2008)

14 Private Veterinarians
Animal Health Issue of Certificates (§ 45 (8) EBVO) Any freelance veterinarian who legitimately practices his profession and has his practice in Austria, as well as the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna is entitled to issue a Pet Pass in accordance with Reg (EC) No. 998/2003 in connection with Decision 2003/803/EC. More than 100,000 Pet Passes delivered

15 Para-Professionals: Milk sampling by qualified persons
§ 2 (6) Animal Health Act -> § 3 BVD-Regulation § 2 (3) Bovine Leukosis Act -> § 2 (2) Bovine Leukosis Examination Reg. § 2b Animal Disease Act: Disinfection assisstants § 2b (1) The Provincial Governor shall provide for a supply of specially trained persons and suitable equipment .

16 Meat Inspection (2006) 279 public official vets (central administration, provinces, districts) 1 099 official vets (meat inspection) 29 meat inspectors 151 official inspectors for Trichinella 40 company staff workers for inspection of poultry meat trained persons for game meat inspection

17 Structure of establishments
501 large scale establishments (slaughtering/year over 1000 LStU or 250 t meat cutting/year) 132 slaughterhouses 279 cutting plants 159 cold stores 236 meat processing plants small scale establishments 4800 slaughterhouses

18 Number of inspected carcases in 2006
chicken pigs turkeys cattle sheep calves other poultry (ducks, geese) 3 283 goats 2 850 farmed game ruminats 915 horses 574 farmed game boars

19 Number of inspected wild game carcases in 2006
deer wild poultry hares red deer boars chamois

20 Zentralveterinär- behörde
VETERINÄRINFORMATIONSSYSTEM (VIS) Veterinärdaten EU Zentralveterinär- behörde Ldw. Betrieb oder x/y Koordinate Labor (z.B. AGES) Berichtswesen Probe Probenergebnis Betreuungs- und Kontrollbesuch Untersuchung und Probe sowie Untersuchungsergebnis Programmteilnahmen und Programmergebnisse Veterinärmaßnahmen (z.B. Sperren) Sperre Veterinär Betreuungs- und Kontrollbesuch - TKZVO Schwein, Schaf, Ziege - Tiergesundheit - Tierkrankheit aufgrund Monitoring - Tierkrankheit aufgrund Verdacht - Rückstandsverdacht - Rückstandsmonitoring Tierkrankheit - Untersuchung - Probe - Probenergebnis - Untersuchungsergebnis Programm /2002 (CC) - EU Programme - Tiergesundheitsprogramme - TGD Programme Programmteilnahmen Programmergebnisse (Gesundheitsstatus) Untersuchung Probe Schlachtbetrieb

21 Links for further information:
Bundesministerium für Gesundheit, Familie und Jugend Ministry of Health, Family and Youth Österreichische Tierärztekammer/ Austrian Veterinary Chamber Information about the Austrian Animal Health Service or

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