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Regional Support in the context of LCG/EGEE

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1 Regional Support in the context of LCG/EGEE
Helmut Dres on behalf of GGUS

2 History Global Grid User Support – GGUS - starts building a prototype support system for LCG after decision of the GDB in 2003 Plan of covering 24x7 by 3 teams in different time zones GGUS as single point of contact Strictly hierarchical structure in LCG (tier model)

3 New support model with EGEE
Transition to EGEE means migration to a different model: federative approach - 11 ROCs instead of one GOC Different approach in user support needed also Decision within EGEE end of 2004: “GGUS application is the central integration platform for support requests” EGEE-recommendation: All VOs are supposed to provide first level support (it’s the only model that scales)

4 The support model in EGEE Central Application (GGUS)
RC 1 RC X RC 1 RC X RC 1 RC X Castor ROC 1 ROC… ROC 11 VOMS Operations Support Deployment Support Central Application (GGUS) DATA Mgmt TPM Middleware Support VO Support Workload Mgmt Network Support Interface Webportal ALICE BIOMED ESR

5 Advantage of a central integration platform
Single point of information and documentation for users and supporters Central workflow and escalation management Central ticket data management Building a central knowledge base (medium-term) Providing a single interface for all support groups Central synchronization with ROC specific helpdesk systems

6 Mail to <VO>-user-support@ggus.org
For VO users and VO specific problems Mail to - Solves - Classifies - Monitors Automatic Ticket Creation First line support TPM: Grid+VO experts VO-specific Central Application (GGUS) VO Support Units Middleware Support Units Deployment Operations Support ROC Network

7 Central GGUS Application
TPM - Solves - Classifies - Monitors Central GGUS Application VO Support Units Middleware Support Units Deployment Operations Support ROC Network

8 Names/Lists behind VO support (global)
ATLAS Guido Negri Dario Barberis  automatically notification ALICE Patricia Mendez Federico Carminati Latchezar Betev  automatically notification CMS  automatically notification LHCb >>> Joel Closier

9 How to connect to GGUS RC 1 … RC X ROC 1 Local Helpdesk
Central Application (GGUS) Problem

10 Regional User Support Application
Regional Support Regional Operations Center (ROC) ROC DECH DECH Support Portal: Regional User Support Application

11 DECH-Support Current status:
Local Helpdesk for DECH-Region in place - connected to the EGEE/LCG Support Infrastructure Regional first line support - biweekly rotation between SCAI, DESY, GSI, FZK Training events for new supporters provided by GGUS Planned: Create regional VO support units Involve VOs in first line support to avoid misclassification VO specific views in support-portals

12 Names/Lists behind VO support (GridKa)
ATLAS Duckeck Kennedy Koepke ALICE Malzacher Schwarz CMS Kress Duda Quast Rabbertz LHCb Blow Schmelling

13 <VO>-DECH-experts
GGUS GGUS Classifies Monitors Solves Rotating ROC support (+ VO experts ?) Rotating ROC support VO-specific DECH-Support <VO>-DECH-experts @XXX.YY ? GSI DESY FhG CSCS GridKA To be discussed now!

14 Discussion How can we establish/improve the regional VO-support? How can we obtain VO-members for first line support? to avoid misclassification to prevent the expert-lists from getting overwhelmed with “stupid” questions - to provide appropriate support What is the appropriate ticket management system to use? use of the central application use of a VO-specific application

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