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Topic 2 - Werbung Objective: To understand and evaluate advertising language through individual and group work Ex1. Find the meaning of the following words wunderbar toll klasse erstaunlich preiswert besonders fröhlich lecker gratis Online dictionary to help find words

2 Werbung Adjectives: Ex 2:
What type of language is used in advertising? Why? What effect does this have? Adjectives: An adjective describes a noun and can make a sentence more interesting. Ex 3: Where are the adjectives? The big red bus sped through the vast countryside New Crackles Cereal brightens up your early morning Our anti-ageing cream has dramatic effects The new, luxurious taste of our milk chocolate

3 Werbung Ex 4: Was zeigt diese Werbung an? Für wen ist die Werbung?
Ist es eine gute Werbung? warum/warum nicht? Wo kann man weitere Information finden? Was gefällt dir/ gefällt dir nicht in diese Werbung?

4 Every lesson you use thinking skills and today we are going to see how well our thinking skills are working, whether we can identify how they work and whether we can improve them.

5 COLLECTIVE MEMORY Ex 5: You are going to work in a group to reproduce an advert I am going to show you. Each person in the group will take it in turns to look at the picture and return to tell their group about it (in German!) Useful vocabulary: Es gibt… neben Das Karree unter Wörter zwischen Das Rechteck oben Der Kreis auf der linken Seite Pünkte auf der rechten Seite Groß geschrieben klein geschrieben Auf Kursivschrift auf Fettdruck


7 Evaluation What was your strategy for this task?
Did you change your strategy during the task? What worked well in your group? What did you find difficult about this task? Why? How did you try to remember the information? Did it work? Did you all work in the same way? Why do you think this is? How would you do this differently another time? Why? How would this way of thinking help you in another subject?


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