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Meine Schulfächer.

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Präsentation zum Thema: "Meine Schulfächer."—  Präsentation transkript:

1 Meine Schulfächer

2 Englisch

3 Deutsch

4 Französisch

5 Biologie

6 Chemie

7 Physik

8 Geschichte

9 Erdkunde/Geographie

10 Kunst

11 Latein

12 Sport

13 Werken

14 Mathe

15 Kochen

16 Theater

17 Religion

18 Informatik

19 Wirtschaftslehre

20 Ich lerne This means (surprisingly enough) I learn
You would not use ich studiere as this implies that you are a university student

21 Ich lerne gern… This means that you like learning a subject.
Make a list of the subjects you like, using these three words to begin your sentences.

22 Ich lerne nicht gern… As I’m sure you can guess, these words at the beginning of a sentence indicate that you don’t like learning a subject. Make another list.

23 Aber wann? You will need to be able to say when you have these subjects In German, you use the word am to mean on Write down the days of the working week in German

24 Am Montag, am Dienstag… If you begin the sentence with this time phrase, the following word MUST be your verb Therefore, the sentence should look as such: Am Montag lerne ich Deutsch und Mathe

25 Mein Stundenplan Write out your timetable in German
Underneath, write what subjects you like and which you don’t. As extension, you could try to write what you like and don’t like learning on different days Am Montag lerne ich gern Deutsch, aber ich lerne nicht gern Mathe

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