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Hausaufgaben (HAG): Go to our class website:

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1 Hausaufgaben (HAG): Go to our class website: fraursdeutschseite.weebly.com * Find your class (Stufe 1): -Read Syllabus -Both You and a Parent must sign the Syllabus Agreement -Answer the Information Sheet * Teach someone in your family/Friends to say: -Hello -My name is -Goodbye * Practice: -Numbers, ABCs, Hellos, Goodbys, commands, My name is and I am_____ years old.

2 Participation, Bathroom/Hall Passes and Expectations
Participation/Preparation *It is MANDATORY! If caught doing something you are not supposed to do (Like talking when I am, no book, etc.): -First Offense: Warning -Second Offense: A check by your name -Third Offense: Last Check by your name and loss of your participation points for the day -Fourth Offense: Stay after class and pick up the floor, clean the board and/or organize the books -Fifth Offense: A visit to the discipline office Bathroom/Hall Passes You get 4 a semester (MAKE THEM COUNT!) -Bring a water bottle. Bathroom/ Hall pass will not be given for water fountain -Sign out on clipboard near me -Bathroom break is 5min long! Any longer will result in an immediate loss of participation points Expectations: Strebsamkeit (Ambition): Have an open mind and put the language skills learned in our class to use. Try to correctly pronounce the words, use the vocabulary/ sentence structures we are practicing and speak in German as much as possible. Pünktlichkeit (Punctuality): Be on time to class and turn everything in on time. Late work will not be accepted. Major assignments will be penalized 10% per day late and will not be accepted more than a week late. Ordentlichkeit (Organization) : Bring all of your supplies to class everyday. Develop an organization system for yourself that can allow you to find all assignments and resources easier. Keep our classroom neat! Höflichkeit (Politeness/Courtesy): Respect each other, me and other school personnel at all times. Do not make fun of or put down anyone for any reason, even as a joke. Crude speech and cursing, in any language, is not appropriate and will not be tolerated. Leitung ( Leadership): A leader is someone that helps others inside or outside of the classroom. If you see someone struggling with something, step in and help them out.

3 Die Nummer Null Eins Zwei Drei Vier Fünf Sechs Sieben Acht Neun Zehn Elf Zwölf Dreizehn Vierzehn Fünfzehn Sechzehn Siebzehn Achtzehn Neunzehn Zwanzig Talk about the differences in how the numbers look: one with the long tail, seven with the cross over and the nine that looks like a G

4 Begrüβung und Verabschiedung
Begrüβungen im gesamten Deutschland: Hallo! Guten Tag! Tag! Guten Morgen! Morgen Begrüβungen im Nord/Süd Deutschland: Moin! (Nord) Grüβ Dich! (Süd) Grüβ Gott! (Süd) Verabschiedungen im gesamten Deutschland: Auf Wiedersehen! Wiedersehen! Auf Wiederhören! Tschüss! Bis bald! Bis später!

5 Ich bin ___________ Jahre alt.
How do you ask for someone's name in German? Wie heiβt du? How do you answer it? Ich heiβe_________. How do you ask someone’s age? Wie alt bist du? How do you answer it? Ich bin ___________ Jahre alt. Leute Intervew Interview 3 people around you. Write down the answers. Say/Ask: Greeting Ask for their name Ask how old they are Say good bye

6 Commands: Befehlen Öffnet euere Bücher auf Seite… Schlieβt das Buch! Nehmt ein Stück Papier! Nehmt einen Bleistift! Nehmt einen Kuli (Kulgerscreiber)! Steht auf! Setzt euch! Hört zu! Schreibt euren Namen! Passt auf! Geht an die Tafel! Schaut an dier Tafel Gebt mir die Hausaufgaben! Geht aus das Zimmer! Kommt ins Zimmer! Lauft!

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