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7 Album Covers starter: – What type of music is each one? 1234 567.

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1 7 Album Covers starter: – What type of music is each one? 1234 567

2 All Some Most

3 7 Album Covers starter: – What type of music is each one? 1234 567 Rap-Musik Klassische Musik Dance-Musik Techno-Musik Opernmusik Popmusik Heavymetal- Musik Ich höre gern… Ich höre nicht gern …

4 Strip Bingo

5 Reading task – Levels 3-4 – to reinforce new phrases and vocab You have 5 minutes to complete which ever tasks you want on the sheet.

6 What tense is each sentence? 1.Ich höre gern Rock-Musik. 2.Ich habe eine neue CD gekauft. 3.Ich liebe Rhianna, sie ist total cool. 4.Ich werde Eminem in Konzert sehen. 5.Ich mag Maroon 5 nicht. 6.Ich bin letzte Woche ins Konzert gegangen. 7.Ich werde nächste Woche Singstar spielen. 1.Present 2.Past 3.Present 4.Future 5.Present 6.Past 7.Future

7 Learning outcomes Pupils can: Language-specific key structures GermanEnglish STAGE 1 Exchanging and responding to basic likes & dislikes state simple likes & dislikes Das ist (gut) Ich mag Ich liebe Ich hasse Ich mag nicht Its (good) I like l love I hate I dont like ask a friend if he/she likes something Und du? Magst du… ? Wie findest du …? And you? (Do)You like +.......? What do you think of…? express simple (dis)agreement Ja, ich auch Nein, ich nicht Ich stimme (nicht) dazu Yes, me also No, not me I (dont) agree STAGE 2 Introducing and responding to simple opinions use hesitations and time fillers Also, hmm, tja, na So, hmm, ok, well introduce simple opinions Ich denke Ich schätze Ich glaube Meine Meinung nach I think that I suppose that I believe that In my opinion say what they like or dislike doing (formulation of questions using different verbs) Ich mag (Tennis spielen). Ich mag nicht (Musik hören). I like (to play tennis) I dont like (listening to music) ask a friend whether he/she likes doing an activity Magst du Tennis spielen? Spielst du gern Tennis ? Do you like playing tennis ? express varying degrees of (dis)agreement Du hast Unrecht Du hast Recht Aber ja! Aber nein ! Du spinnst ! / Wahnsinn Das ist egal Das ist Blödsinn! Youre wrong Youre right But yes! But no Youre crazy/ youre daft! That doesnt matter Youre talking rubbish

8 Reading Tasks Objective: * Recognise the key information that you are being asked for * Respond to the questions * Create questions for other students to answer

9 Groups for Group Work GRAHAM JackCREED Jasmine FRANKLIN RebeccaGODDARD Liam GRANT CallumJONES Leah ELAWURE ElishaSIMS Amber DELAHUNTY Faye GRATTON Jackson HIGHGATE RyanMILLARD JackTHOMPSON Harry BRADLEY AlexPERCY ThomasBOYLE Josh BURNS JackWEST Kayley CRAKER LiamVERLANDER Becky BAILEY Stephanie DOWER SamWATSON Jake PEGLER HarrySALGADO Nathaniel SMITH DominiqueHEATON TashaBOOTH Jordan FOSTER Rachel KING Abbi ODELL Caitlin Level 4 - aiming to include a 2nd tense, opinions, linking words Level 5c - aiming to secure a 2nd tense and longer sentences Level 5b - aiming to include 3 tenses Level 6 - aiming to include 3 tenses, opinion and reason

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