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COST working group 2 – EMM Erreichbarkeitsatlas

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1 COST working group 2 – EMM Erreichbarkeitsatlas
Edinburgh - October 13th, 2011 Johannes Keller, TU München

2 Development of project
Start 2008 EMM e.V. = European Metropolitan Area Munich  Marketing and debating platform with different thematic working groups: education, culture, economy, environment, mobility Pilot project „Accessibiliy Atlas“ First step: regional database, published 2010 Currently: cooperation on county level to develop the local level and applications in strategic land-use and transport planning „Stress-tests“ for sustainable mobility

3 Stand heute - Ergebnisse

4 Stand heute - Ergebnisse
Spatial resolution: municipalities  consistent data availability Development of submodels for local analyses OpenStreetMap network data CORINE Land Cover Land Use Data disaggregation of structural data speeds in built-up areas Public Transport timetables from authorities or publications Webtool version (should be launched one of these days…)

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10 Stress-test for sustainable mobility
Two interesting study regions: - European Metropolitan Region of Munich - Metropolitan Region Lyon Two teams: Department of urban structure and transport planning / TUM Laboratory of Transport Economics / LET Opportunities of collaboration: - PhD Summer school 2009 (Frauenchiemsee) with BFHZ - Joint proposal to WCTR … NECTAR …  PREDIT

11 Stress tests - Research questions
Which locations (e.g. in terms of economics) and which groups of society are mostly in danger to suffer from social exclusion in the face of the scenarios? How are different transport modes affected? Are existing public transport systems able to step into the breach? If not, which investments are necessary to prepare public transport for possible new challenges? Which new opportunities and challenges will arise for electric mobility as well as neighbourhood mobility? How can land-use patterns (jobs, shops, homes ...) be relocated to avoid severe accessibility drops?

12 Three dimensions of vulnerability
Exposure is the contact between system and stress Sensitivity is the degree to which sth./so. is affected by exposure to stress Resilience is the ability of sth./so. to absorb stresses wo. changes in its fundamental structure or function (Kaspersons et al. 2006) → Need to be transferred to our stress scenarios. → Indicators need to be found to measure different levels of E/S/R.

13 Suggestions for indicators
Exposure: Vehicle-km / household (Commuting distances) Cars per household Sensitivity: Unemployment rate Income/taxes Resilience: Accessibility Age Family situation

14 Exposure: Car ownership

15 Sensitivity: Unemployment rate

16 Sensitivity: Monthly income

17 Resilience: Accessibility for public transport

18 Resilience: Accessibility for PC/PT

19 Schnittstelle Raum - IV

20 Schnittstelle Raum - ÖV

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