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Gregor Graf Oracle Portal (Part of the Oracle Application Server 9i) Gregor Graf (2001,2002)

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1 Gregor Graf Oracle Portal (Part of the Oracle Application Server 9i) Gregor Graf (2001,2002)

2 Gregor Graf „Oracle9i Application Server Portal (Oracle9iAS Portal) is a browser-based software environment for building and deploying company portals“ First of all: What is Oracle Portal? How powerful is Oracle Portal? PL/SQL Java ServerPages (JSPs) Enhance the possibilities by:

3 Gregor Graf The Portlet Technology A Portlet is a reuseable interface component that provides access to web-based resources. What is a provider in connection with Portlets? Applications (Portlets) communicate with the portal and the database through the Provider

4 Gregor Graf Creating Portlets The declarative approach Wizards assist your work. With this approach there is no coding needed (respectively possible) The programmatic approach You can code your own procedures and functions (using PL/SQL or JSPs) to enhance the possibilities.

5 Gregor Graf Portal Pages & The Layout These steps are required to build up a page Give the page a name (which is used internally and also for the page-title) Select the layout & style you would like to use Define the regions and add the wanted portlets to them. Set the appropriate user-privileges (e.g. who has access to the site?)

6 Gregor Graf


8 Content Areas It can be best described as a storage place for all your content you want to publish Key components of a content area are: Folders – they contain the content The content itself (also called the “items”) Styles which define how the content should look like The security system. It let´s you define privileges for the whole content area, for folders and also for single items.

9 Gregor Graf


11 Publishing Services - Components Component Types Form Component (Single Form, Master-Detail-Form) Report Component Chart Component Dynamic Page Component List of Values - LOVs JavaSript Further Possibilities (Calendar, Hierarchy, Menu)

12 Gregor Graf Portal Architecture, Deployment and Administration All operations are done via a Web browser Portal service Major components of Oracle9iAS Portal Architecture Login Server HTTP-Server Database Request Flow => see image on next slide...

13 Gregor Graf Portal Architecture / Request flow

14 Gregor Graf Projekt eSV – elektronische Sozialversicherung Insgesamt 28 Träger Implementierungsbeginn Mitte August 2001 In der 1. Ausbaustufe (Start 1. Mai 2002) sind 4 Träger vertreten

15 Gregor Graf eSV Komponenten Eine öffentliche Seite pro Träger mit Publikationen und (trägerspezifischen) Applikationen Eine Wartungsseite pro Träger mit Portlets für die Stammdatenwartung und die Dokument - Einpflege Eine Content - Area zur Strukturierung der Dokumente und für die Zugriffsteuerung im Workflow Mediendatenbank: –zentral für alle Träger –realisiert als Content Area

16 Gregor Graf Allgemeines Dokument Zusätzliches Dokument Basisdokument Glossarbegriff Formulare Links Ansprechpartner Medienelement Information bei... Betrag Metadaten eSV – Aufbau eines Dokuments

17 Gregor Graf eSV – Dokumenteinpflege 1

18 Gregor Graf eSV – Dokumenteinpflege 2

19 Gregor Graf eSV – Dokumenteinpflege 3

20 Gregor Graf Header Menü Anzeige: Dokumente Applikationen (z.b. Terminkalender, Bestellungen, Shop, etc.) eSV – Aufbau der öffentlichen Seite

21 Gregor Graf




25 Danke für die Aufmerksamkeit 5. April 2002

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