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Exchanging experiences on Innovation in Metropolitan Regions

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1 Exchanging experiences on Innovation in Metropolitan Regions
METROPOLIS Exchanging experiences on Innovation in Metropolitan Regions Thematic Group Development of Incubators within Research Institutions: Support for New Technology Based Firms Incubators in Berlin – Structure, development and success The example Applied Center for Transport Telematics Dipl.-Phys. Wolfgang H. Steinicke/ Dipl.-Geogr. Lars Holstein, FAV Berlin Vienna, January 2003

2 Network Manager for BerlinBrandenburg
Transport Technology Systems Network (FAV) Berlin Am Borsigturm 48 D Berlin phone fax Support: TSB TU Berlin Senate of Berlin FAV Vision Reliable partner for science, industry, SMEs, users and politics Network management of research institutions, enterprises, users and customers Initiates innovative projects, integrates partner and promotes system level cooperative programmes Corporate Office for the Strategy Council Transport and Mobility BerlinBrandenburg

3 FAV Member of BMBF FAV-Network and Strategic Alliances regional
national international FORVERTS Nürnberg Institut of Transport Studies Leeds (ITS); Universidad Politechnica de Madrid (UPM); Transportes Inovacao e Sistemas Lissabon (TIS); Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Rotterdam (OBR) Université de Valenciennes et du Hainaut Cambresis (UVHC); Hong Kong University of Science Technology (HKUST); Eidgenös-sische Technische Hochschule Zürich (ETH); Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT); Eno Transportation Foundation, Inc. (Washington DC) Further Partners (selection): Instituto Nacional de Engenharia e Technologia Lissabon (INETI); MIT-IST Cambridge USA National Technical University of Athen (NTUA); Narwick Institute of Technology (NIT) Company-Network GZVB Braunschweig FAV Member of BMBF S u p p o r t i n g A s s o c i a t i o n ZIV Darmstadt IVM Münster Research-Network Thanks to its Alliances beyond the European borders, the FAV has a worldwide standing ... more than 100 research institutions ... more than 400 enterprises ... about jobs in enterprises

4 Incubators in Berlin and Brandenburg
Statistics Almost 30 public-financed incubators in the Region BerlinBrandenburg 16 incubators in Berlin -> most of them are located in technology parks m² office space (Berlin in total: 17,2 mio. m²) 620 enterprises, employees in incubators Incubators are popular policy for the encouragement of the co-operation of science and economy (Berlin‘s first incubator was established in 1983), especially when the incubaor is located in a technology park or near a university (campus). Most of the incubators have no sharply focused thematic/technology field: Example (1): TGZ Spreeknie Microsystems, solar technology & environmental eng enterprises with over 300 employees since 1997 Other are linked to a specific thematic field like Bio- or ICT-technology: Example (2): Biomedical IGZ Berlin-Buch 23 start-ups with over 320 employees since 1998 Example (3): Applied Center for Transport Telematics in preparation virtual campus with 80 SMEs and 20 research institutions with over employees Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Technologie- und Gründerzentren e.V und „Inno-Kolleg“ (Berlin) FOCUS Teleport GmbH, Gesellschaft für Immobilienmanagement und Standortberatung (Berlin) Fachhochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft (FHTW), Steinbeis-Transferzentrum und Technologietransferstelle, Existenzgründerzentrum, Technische Dienstleistungen (EGZ) an der FHTW (Berlin) Phönix Gründerzentrum Gewerbepark Am Borsigturm (Berlin) Technologie- und Gründerzentrum Spreeknie (TGS) GmbH (Berlin) Technologiezentrum Innovationspark Wuhlheide GmbH, Gründerzentrum (Berlin) Technologiezentrum Teltow TZT (Teltow) InnovationsZentrum Berlin Management GmbH (Berlin-Adlershof) IGZ Innovations- und GründerZentrum auf dem WISTA (Berlin-Adlershof) Biotechnologiepark Luckenwalde GmbH (Luckenwalde) STIC GmbH, Strausberger Technologie- und Innovations-Centrum (Strausberg) InnoZent GmbH Innovations- und Gründerzentrum (Eberswalde) BBB Management GmbH Campus Berlin-Buch Gründerzentrum Go Panke GmbH (Berlin) Havelland GmbH (Rathenow) Technologie- und Gewerbezentrum Prignitz (Wittenberge) Ostprignitz-Ruppin GmbH (Neuruppin) TechnologieZentrum Verkehrstechnik Hennigsdorf GmbH (Hennigsdorf) TIF GmbH, Technologie- und Innovationszentrum Fürstenwalde (Fürstenwalde) Gründerinnenzentrum WeiberWirtschaft (Berlin) Gründerzentrum im FOCUS Mediaport (Berlin) Gründerzentrum Hohenschönhausen (Berlin) Gründerzentrum Marzahn (Berlin) MINERVA - Gründerzentrum im Mode Center Ullsteinhaus (Berlin) Technologie Coaching Center (Berlin) Berliner Innovations- und Gründerzentrum (BIG) im Technologie- und Innovationspark Berlin TIB (Berlin) Local Consultant

5 Relevance of Transport Telematics
in BerlinBrandenburg Transport Telematics is a highly relevant research field: SMEs must co-operate to a critical mass and take their chances in future-oriented partnerships with research institutions -> development of system capabilities Growth potential of the transport telematics market development in Germany [+ 2 Bill. Euro, +19% p.a.] Over 160 national projects are currently supported in initiatives/programs of the European Commission, national or regional government Mayor companies & SMEs are active in the market penetration for telematics solutions (DaimlerChrysler AG, Volkswagen AG; IVU Traffic Technologies) Local Consultant

6 Wachstumskern „Applied Center for Intermodal Transport Telematics“
Strategic Approach Innovative Alliance Innovative Projects Industry Operators mid-term Innovative Management FAV Politics/ Administration Banks/ VC-Companies SMEs Science Campus for Transport Telematics long-term

7 Applied Center for Intermodal Transport Telematics
Prototyping workshop / Small batch series Conferences/seminars Offices Laboratory equipments Teaching System integration/ test preparation Invest approximately 8 Mio. Euro approximately m² first time use 1. Quarter 2004 professorship pending running projects, approximately 7 Mio. Euro Campus for transport telematics – Location Berlin-Charlottenburg Bundling of competencies Science – Economy – User Region‘s participation in the growing market transport telematics Improvement of the intermodal transport situation with developments from the applicants centre

8 Conclusions Achievement of the political objectives of the Region Berlin- Brandenburg: “Contribution to Economic Growth” & “Reduction of Unemployment” Established & successful FAV-network of science & economy Clear profile of an incubator for the external representation; internal mix of complementary customers/operators, service providers & manufacturers -> system capabilities Support of SMEs (start-ups, spin-offs) by offering incubator- oriented management & networking (innovation management) Favourable rental fees for flexible rooms & joint equipment

9 Results from an International Survey on Success Factors of Incubators & Technology Parks (1)
dynamic of growth, employment, innovative and profitable enterprises, involvement of science, international charisma. image, technology profile, park portfolio, networking/ cooperation internal, networking/ cooperation external, marketing/ communication, park management, infrastructure/ service, start-up climate, regional environment, quality of site. Steps of the survey: Definition of success, Interview of Start-ups and Spin-offs, Evaluation of the results Local Consultant Source: TUB 2000

10 – Requirements on Incubators (2) –
International Survey – Requirements on Incubators (2) – Image: Important, especially for the acquisition of venture capital Technology profile & portfolio: Medium importance, defines the degree of co-operation & competition within the incubator (involvement of research institutions) Networking or cooperation (intern/extern): Growing importance in accordance with the growth of the start-ups, establishment of co-operations along the value chain Marketing/communication: Low importance, is one core competence of each company -> other experiences from AZVT (very important) Incubator management: Low importance, except for consultancy services Infrastructure/service: Important, especially low rental fee and flexible, adaptable rooms & joint equipment Start-up climate: Very important (Supply of VC, tax breaks, investment support, development programs) Regional environment & Quality of Site: Growing importance in accordance with the growth of the Start-ups Local Consultant Source: TUB 2000

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