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SPS General Assembly 2013 Andreas Schopper 1 SPS General Assembly 2013.

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1 SPS General Assembly 2013 Andreas Schopper 1 SPS General Assembly 2013

2 Andreas Schopper 2 1. Protokoll der Generalversammlung vom 12. Juni 2012  SPG Mitteilungen Nr.40, S.5+6

3 SPS General Assembly 2013 Andreas Schopper 3 The society Profile: >100 years of existence Collective member of: - Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT) part of A + - Swiss Academy of Technical Sciences (SATW) - European Physical Society (EPS) ~1250 individual members, 18 associates (Univ., Research Centers, Industries) Young Physicist Forum (YPF) became a Commission of SPS in 2012 10 sections: 1. Condensed matter physics 2. Applied physics 3. Astrophysics, Nuclear and Particles physics 4. Theoretical Physics 5. Atomic physics and Quantum optics 6. Physics in Industry 7. Education and Promotion of Physics 8. History of physics 9. Earth, Atmosphere and Environmental Physics 10. Biophysics and Medicine (to come…) Activities: Annual meeting, workshops, publications, awards, public outreach … 2. Brief Report by the President (See also: SPG Mitteilungen Nr.40, p.5)

4 SPS General Assembly 2013 A) Firms F. Hoffmann-La-Roche AG, 4070 Basel Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum Schweiz AG, 8050 Zürich B) Universities & Institutes Département de Physique, Uni. de Fribourg,1700 Fribourg Departement Physik, Uni. Basel, 4056 Basel Departement Physik, ETH Zürich, 8093 Zürich Lab. de Physique des Hautes Energies (LPHE), EPFL,1015 Lausanne Physik-Institut, Uni. Zürich, 8057 Zürich Section de Physique, Uni. Genève, 1211 Genève 4 PSI Paul Scherrer Institut, 5332 Villigen PSI EMPA, 8600 Dübendorf Albert-Einstein-Center for Fundamental Physics, Universität Bern, 3012 Bern CERN (new) Andreas Schopper 4 List of Associate Members (1)

5 SPS General Assembly 2013 C) Studentenfachvereine AEP - Association des Etudiant(e)s en Physique, Université Genève, 1211 Genève 4 Fachschaft Physik und Astronomie, Universität Bern,3012 Bern Fachschaft Physique, Université de Fribourg, 1700 Fribourg Fachverein Physik der Universität Zurich (FPU), 8057 Zurich FG 14 (Fachgruppe fur Physik-, Mathematik- und Versicherungswissenschaft), Universität Basel, 4056 Basel Les Irrotationnels, EPFL, 1015 Lausanne Verein der Mathematik- und Physikstudierenden an der ETH Zurich (VMP), 8092 Zurich List of Associate Members (2) Andreas Schopper 5

6 SPS General Assembly 2013 Andreas Schopper 6 SPS Activities and Projects over last year (non exhaustive) SPS Annual Meeting: –Jointly with Austrian Physical Society (OePG) or NCCRs & CHIPP –Important platform for promoting young physicists –In 2012 at ETHZ: >550 participants, 6 plenary talks, 237 parallel talks in 14 sessions, 170 posters and 21 commercial exhibitors (detailed report in “Mitteilungen” Nr.38, p.3) Organisation and/or sponsoring of events, e.g.: –Sponsoring of the Swiss Young Physics Tournament (SYPT) –Joint symposium with “Physikalische Gesellschaft Zürich” (PGZ) –First workshop by Young Physicists Forum (YPF) on “physics and sports” in Magglingen, YPF now a commission of SPS –Promoting “Lehrerfortbildung” in modern physics (this year in collaboration with teilchenphysik.ch and CERN), next year in a different domain… (also collaborating with VSMP)

7 SPS General Assembly 2013 Andreas Schopper 7  SPG Mitteilungen Nr.40, p.46 17 & 18 May, ~40 students from Swiss Universities meet in Magglingen for a workshop on “Physics and Society” in collaboration with YPF (Young Physicists Forum), SPS (Swiss Physical Society), and OFSPO (Federal Office of Sport)

8 SPS General Assembly 2013 Andreas Schopper 8  SPG Mitteilungen Nr.40, p.58 9 Mars teachers training and 7 & 8 June CERN visit

9 SPS General Assembly 2013 General Physics (ABB): Titus Neupert  “Fractional quantum Hall states at zero magnetic field” Applied Physics (Oerlikon): Iris Crassee  “Giant Faraday rotation in single- and multilayer graphene” Condensed Matter Physics (IBM): Jelena Klinovaja  “Transition from fractional to Majorana fermions in Rashba nanowires”  “Giant spin orbit interaction due to rotating magnetic fields in graphene nanoribbons” Andreas Schopper 9 SPS Awards in 2013

10 SPS General Assembly 2013 Andreas Schopper 10 Awards: –SPS awards for young Post Doc: General Physics (ABB), condensed matter (IBM), applied physics (OC Oerlikon), new in 2014  METAS –SPS awards for Swiss Physics Olympiads (SPhO) –EPL best poster prize (at every annual meeting, first in 2012 ) Publications: –SPS Web page (www.sps.ch) (disseminate & archive information about activities)www.sps.ch –“SPS Communications” (www.sps.ch/en/articles/communications) with reviews on scientific progress, specific rubrics on Progress in Physics, Physics Anecdotes, Physics and Society, History of Physicswww.sps.ch/en/articles/communications Some other activities & topics under discussion: –Impact and relevance in CH of “Karlsruher Physics Course ” (KPC) –“Impact of physics on economy” in CH (based on brochure by EPS for Europe) –Proposals for Swiss “EPS historic sites” (this year: Einsteinhaus) –Proposals for nominations for various physics related awards and distinctions –Further improve profile of our society and in particular attract more individual members SPS Activities and Projects over last year (non exhaustive)

11 SPS General Assembly 2013 Andreas Schopper 11  encourage your students to join SPS  encourage your colleagues to become SPS individual member  participate to activities & projects  attend workshops and annual meetings Strength and effectiveness of our society relies on the support of its members!

12 SPS General Assembly 2013 Andreas Schopper 12 5. Projekte in 2014  SPG Tagung 2014 Uni. Fribourg, 30.6.-2.7. jointly with NCCRs & CHIPP  Zusammenarbeit mit PGZ Symposium  Schweizer Physik-Olympiaden 2014  Swiss Young Physicists' Tournament 2014  Beitragsgesuch 2014 bei der SCNAT- 30. August 2010 Young Physicists Forum: weitere workshops und Firmenbesuche mit Studenten Fachschaften (z.B. AKW Mühleberg, „Physik und Mobilität“) Lehrerfortbildungsevent mit Thema Kondensierte Materie und PSI Besuch Modernisierung des SPG Kommunikationssystems  Beitragsgesuch 2013 bei der SATW - 30. Sept. 2010  Vorschläge?!  Beitrag zu: - 200 Jahre SCNAT 2015 - International Year of Light 2015

13 SPS General Assembly 2013 Andreas Schopper 13 3. Rechnung 2012 und Revisorenbericht  Publiziert in SPG Mitteilungen Nr.40, S.7+8  Jahresrechnung von Kassier Pascal Ruffieux  Revisorenbericht von Philipp Aebi & Pierangelo Groening

14 SPS Jahresrechnung 2012 – Bilan Annuel 2012 Generalversammlung SPG – assemblée générale SSP Linz, 5. 9. 2013 Kassier: Pascal Ruffieux

15 Generalversammlung SPG – assemblée générale SSP / 5.9.2012 / Linz / P. Ruffieux / Kassier 15 Jahresrechnung 2012 – Bilan Annuel 2012

16 16 Generalversammlung SPG – assemblée générale SSP / 5.9.2012 / Linz / P. Ruffieux / Kassier

17 17 Revisorenbericht zur Jahresrechnung 2012 Generalversammlung SPG – assemblée générale SSP / 5.9.2012 / Linz / P. Ruffieux / Kassier

18 SPS General Assembly 2013 Andreas Schopper 18 4. Wahlen Wahlen in den Vorstand (in dieser GV):  Vizepräsident: Prof. Dr. Minh Quang Tran (EPFL)  Angewandte Physik: Dr. Stephan Brunner (EPFL)  Physikausbildung und -förderung: Dr. Hans Peter Beck (Univ. Bern) in co-operation weiterhin mit: Dr. Tybor Gyalog (Univ. Basel) Zurücktretende Mitglieder des SPG Vorstandes:  bisheriger Vizepräsident: Dr. Christophe Rossel (IBM ZH)  bisheriger Sektionsleiter Angewandte Physik: Dr. Ivo Furno (EPFL) Ernennung durch den Vorstand:  Abgeordneter SCNAT: Dr. Christophe Rossel (IBM ZH)  Protokollführerin: Edith Grüter (EPFL) Zurücktretende Ex-officio Mitglieder:  bisheriger Abgeordneter SCNAT: Prof. Dr. Thomas A. Jung (Univ. Basel)  bisherige Protokollführerin: Susanne Johner (IBM ZH)

19 SPS General Assembly 2013 Andreas Schopper 19 Neue Vorstandsmitglieder 2013/2014 Hans Peter Beck (Univ. Bern) Senior Lecturer at Uni of Bern, promoting “Lehrerfortbildung” at “Pedagogische Hochschule” Particle Physicist & member of ATLAS Collaboration at CERN Swiss representative to IPPOG (International Particle Physics Outreach Group) Stephan Brunner (EPFL) Lecturer at EPFL (Plasma Physics) Analytical and computational modelling of physical processes in plasmas Principal investigator of high performance computing projects Collaboration in plasma research with Germany, India, US Minh Quang Tran (EPFL) Professor of Plasma Physics at EPFL-CRPP General Director of the CRPP Director of the Institute of Physics of Particle and Energy (IPEP) of the School of basic Sciences Leadin position in European Fusion Programme (“EFDA Leader”)

20  Präsident Dr. Andreas Schopper, CERN  Vize-Präsident Prof. Dr. Minh Quang Tran, EPFL-CRPP  Sekretär Dr. MER Antoine Pochelon, EPFL-CRPP  Kassier Dr. Pascal Ruffieux, EMPA  Kondensierte Materie (KOND)Prof. Christian Ruegg, PSI & Uni Geneve  Angewandte Physik (ANDO)Dr. Stephan Brunner, EPFL-CRPP  Astrophysik, Kern- und Teilchenphysik (TASK)Prof. Martin Pohl, Uni Geneve  Theoretische Physik (THEO)Prof. Gian Michele Graf, ETH Zurich  Physik in der Industrie Dr. Kai Hencken, ABB Dattwil  Atomphysik und Quantenoptik Prof. Antoine Weis, Uni Fribourg  Physikausbildung und -förderung Dr. Tibor Gyalog, Uni Basel Dr. Hans Peter Beck, Uni Bern  Geschichte der Physik Prof. Jan Lacki, Uni Genève  Physik der Erde, Atmosphäre und Umwelt Dr. Stéphane Goyette, Uni Genève  Repräsentanten Kommission YPFDamian Goeldi & Silvan Etter  Abgeordneter SCNATDr. Christophe Rossel, IBM Ruschlikon  Wissenschaftlicher RedakteurDr. Bernhard Braunecker, Braunecker Eng. GmbH  Protokollführerin Edith Grüter (EPFL)  Allgemeines Sekretariat Stefan Albietz, SPG Sekretariat  Buchhaltung Francois Erkadoo, SPG Sekretariat  Rechnungsrevisoren Pierangelo Gröning & Philipp Aebi Vorstand 2013/2014 SPS General Assembly 2013 Andreas Schopper 20

21 SPS General Assembly 2013 Andreas Schopper 21 6. Diverses Anregungen, Vorschläge, Fragen, …?

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